January 8, 2017 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Well here we are, it's 2017! I'm not exactly giddy with excitement, but I will say I am rested, and happy to have 2016 done with, and ready to press on...

As most of you know by now, dear Tilikum Orca died at New Years'. Tilikum will go down in history as, literally, the "subject" who finally and irrevocably brought a laser focus to the plight of marine mammals in captivity, showcased in the film Blackfish.

So what now?  First, if you are reading editorials about him, please do not neglect to contact the editors of the published pieces, commenting, praising or critiquing, as you see fit. The longer the story stays alive, the more peoples' views can and will be shaped. So please comment, share, and build on Tilikum's legacy. Second, don't let his death be in vain. Remember his name, and keep him and marine mammal issues alive on social media. Third, for heaven's sakes, don't put your dollars behind marine parks. But more... you absolutely must challenge friends/colleagues/neighbours/family -- anyone you see supporting these organizations, you must be vocal. You must challenge, question, create dialogue, and ultimately, you must PUSH BACK. You must weigh in. Guaranteed by mid-March, we'll be hearing "everyone loves Marineland" again (altho of course, this "everyone" does not).  When you do start to hear the jingle again, I hope you remember my plea today, and pick up the phone or shoot an email, or voice in any way you can, your continued non-support of marine mammals in captivity. Laziness and "slacktivism" will get us nowhere. 2017 is going to demand action of you. So, are you in or are you out? Where do YOU really stand? What are you REALLY prepared to do for animals this year? 

Remember that it was the fans of the "Barenaked Ladies", who conscientiously objected to the band's playing SeaWorld. And the band refusing to play, started a domino effect with Willy Nelson, and so many other world-class performers who took the opportunity to vote with their feet and refuse to perform at SeaWorld. That's was 2013 -- only three short years ago. And look at what's happened since.  So be a REAL FAN, won't you? We need you to be informed, committed, and active.

Personally, I've committed to spending time on Facebook in 2017, only, if it serves to advocate for causes I believe in.  Yes, I'll still watch and enjoy my friends' threads. But I'm getting WAY more serious about, and active on, social media,  and I sincerely hope that you will too. Sustained activism, at every opportunity -- that's my plan.

And I'll do it in Tilikum's name. He changed history. Let's not let his story die with him. See that colapsed dorsal fin? He was 30 years old. He should have, and would have, lived to 60-80 years in the wild.  Shame on any/everyone who supported this, and/or neglected to push back.

I repeat:  are you in or out for 2017?


Thomas Cook unveils new animal welfare crackdown for travellers seeking "animal entertainment". OK. Nice thought, good message.  Now, let's see if they walk their own talk, going forward (thanks Juli Kaiss for posting): 

Scientists decoding bat language! 

Ontario bans wolf and coyote trapping in 40 municipalities:

No more ear cropping or tail docking in Quebec in 2017! 

Incredibly important: get the Wildlife Photographers' Judges' Panel to ban baited images:


Sheena, German Shepherd X, female, 6 yrs,  has been in our program for almost 2 years, one year of it in a vet kennel. Sheena was a stray and almost had a break down from the stress of being in the pound. We were able to pull her and place her in a foster home. Unfortunately due to life changes for the foster, she was moved to a vet clinic for boarding. Sheena had to be walked at least two times a day and this started to take its toll on the volunteers and Sheena was getting more fussy about not wanting to go back into the run. We were panic stricken as Sheena could not go back into any type of kennel system we rented a hotel room for Sheena after exhausting pleas, offering to pay someone to foster her, looking at renting a barn for her - nothing panned out.  After 3 months of living in a hotel room we found a foster home but now only 1 month after moving into a home, the house is being sold and foster is unable to take Sheena with her.  Please share Sheena's story she is in URGENT need. The best environment for her would be a home in a quiet neighborhood or rural area with a semi-or retired individual or couple. This girl just cannot seem to catch a break.   Sheena is a gorgeous girl with a smile that will light up any room! She is obedient and loves to please. She knows all basic commands and is housebroken. She is good meeting all people, but not good with other animals -- exhibits high prey drive and will chase small animals. She walks like an angel on leash but will pull and bark if she sees another dog. This is something that is being worked on and with proper handling and positive rewards, she is responding well. Sheena would be the perfect companion for an experienced owner who is looking for a smart, cheeky and obedient dog. She likes to get giddy and run around you giving play bows for fun and will cozy up on the sofa to watch a movie with you during down time. No cats, kids, dogs, apartments. Fenced in backyard required. Brenda Dobranski, RescueDogsMatch: info@rescuedogsmatch.com or call 519.574.1743  

Blake, an approximately 9 yr old retriever X came to us from a northern Quebec shelter in November.  The sweetest-ever boy was malnourished and tested positive for heartworm.  Now in a caring foster home he's enjoying his regular meals and the continual flow of love and attention; he's under the watchful eye of our veterinarians while he is being treated for heartworm. Speaking of Dogs Rescue had an incredibly busy year offering quality care to the many dogs who came to need us and in particular, a great many senior dogs.  Our December newsletter gives more details at https://www.speakingofdogs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/DogsDec16.pdf; to donate (and get a 2016 tax receipt) to our cause and help us continue to help dogs like Blake please visit our giving page today at https://www.speakingofdogs.com/donate/



Moko Crow gets to remain with his Quebec owner! 

Remember when you brush your pets, keep the hair and peg it to your washing line or tree branches. It'll help keep the little birds extra warm when they make their nests...

Climate change impact on migratory birds... not good! 

Bees have feelings too! 

How to tell the difference between faux-fur and real fur here:  (p.s. imho faux fur is as bad as real fur in that it still promotes an "animal product" as fashion, but here's how to tell them apart...)(thanks Dana Margolis for posting):

Calming signals for rounding up a stray dog:

Winter vacation season is upon us. If you or someone you know has a "special needs pet" who requires qualitative in-home boarding, please be sure to keep this flyer on your desktop and forward to anyone or any pet who might benefit. Over the holidays, we had a really fun "puppy-jam" here in Aurora, with 5 special needs animals hunkering down here, while their families were away. Two, of which, incid., benefitted in truly tangible ways upon returning to their families with (subsequently actioned) recommends for supports that has already increased their quality of lives... 

Check out Facebook's C4P Animal Rescue for some of our Puppy-Jam photos... darling dogs!... Harley, Princess, Tino, Charlie, Cesare, and Stella partying down with each other over Christmas:



RescueDiaries will begin publishing on YouTube again next week. Watch for new videos showcasing The Social Petwork's excellent work at the municipal level banning the retail sale of dogs and cats. Also, coming up, Tracking Lost Pets and Holistic Vets:   https://www.youtube.com/c/rescuediaries

...Sincere thanks to many more who contributed to C4P Animal Rescue through the holiday season...Lilian McGrath, Irene Denver, Norma Cockwell, Calvin Neufeld, Rob and Andrea Quig, Darlene, Paul & Clover Pelman... Your messages, cards and support were truly inspiring and humbling, and served to remind me once again why I love and respect the rescue/advocacy community so much, and why this work is so vital. 

A shout out to C4P Animal Rescue activists and gold-stars: Donna Fleming, Paige Marie, Furry Mutts, Rachel Valier, Barbara Selkirk, and L. Wichert for long-standing activism and support of C4P.

Also, Denise Angus, Lorraine Alderman, Dr. Faith Banks DVM, Gene Bauer, Sarah Lux,  Kara Burrow,  Carolyn Benson, Crista Bazos, Hannah Booth, Cathy Chambers, Jan Clare, Tammie Benoit, Sue Corsairs, Sue Coules, LuAnne DaCosta, Kimberley Ford, Wendy Forrest, Christine Ford, Cassandra Jackson, Carol Hroncek, Ash and Cammie Grindrod, Mary Guiffre, Lorraine Houston and team, Roz Gelade love you sister, Marie-Lynn Hammond, Mano Kruger, Dalton at Regal Beagle in Belleville, Ariel Lang, Camille Labchuk, Dr. Doug Legallais and team, Dana Margolis, Mark Marren, Carrie McInnis at Home Free Farms, James McLean, Cara Melbye, Eva McDowell, Judith Murray, Charlene Myers, Richard Patterson, Lawrence Pinsky, Linda Power, Nancy Penrose, Sharron Purdy, Andy Parent, Beata Szablowska at Leaping Wolf Communications, Dora Sesler, Andrea & Ed Vannatter at FrogHollow, Jana Kelton, Joanne Tasse, Reggie Tika of LUSH Cosmetics,  Heather Thomas, Gervais Vignola, Jane Weslowsky, Kerry Vinson. And LESLIE COCKWELL for her friendship, and all the beautiful working mounts at Toronto Police Services who inspire me constantly...
The list is actually endless, and I'm sure I've neglected a few names... pls know that I love you all dearly... 

Rescue/advocacy is a two-way street. Mind the traffic, stay vigilant, play by the rules. But for gods' sakes, PLAY. You know they are counting on us. Let's do them prouder still this year. Louder. Harder. Smarter.