April 2, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Sunday morning again? How did that happen?

Lovely to see April once more...the kinder seasons are upon us... so heartening!


Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CMVA) opposing cat declawing ... because it's 2017???

Canadian Coalition For Farm Animals (CCFA)  puts transport regs under the spotlight ...   We've learned that CFIA has received about 12,500 comments in response to the proposed transportation amendments. It's not too late to have your voice heard! Write or call your MP and Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay at 
lawrence.macaulay@parl.gc.ca  or 613-995-9325.



Fiona needs a new home - please share / post her story widely. She's had a rotten deal and really needs a soft place to fall...(thanks ML Hammond for posting): 


Please do these little bunnies and chicks a favour, and place a call to aurora.ca and ask them not to use live animals as props...This kind of stuff will never stop, unless WE STOP IT.

Get Home Depot to stop selling glue-traps! 

Help cancel the 375th Montreal landfill! 


Great food for thought: 

For the love of Ratties! (thanks Kimberly Carroll for posting): 

Reward based training for dogs! YAY! Everyone read this! Share with friends, especially anyone getting a dog for the first time! (Thanks Lorraine Houston for sending): 

Debunking the alpha-dog myth (thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting): 

Quokka alert! ... Your smile for the day...


Animal activist and Body/Mind/Spirit Coach Kimberly Carroll is leading a " Soul Journey to Egypt" in January 2018 in benefit of  Canada's Animal Justice and the  Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals This 10-day growth odyssey in the land of the Pharaohs will be a rare, small group journey for women and men of discovery, enlivening, and renewal among the most awe-inspiring ancient sites in the world. From the exotic markets of Cairo to hot-ballooning over the monuments of Luxor to sailing the Nile like Cleopatra, mystical Egypt (with a little help from Kimberly) will awaken your most powerful and alive self.  Go on an adventure of a lifetime, help the animals! http://www.kimberlycarroll.com/egypt



Stopped in to visit my friend Jacques Montpetit's handler today while on road back to Toronto. Jacques is doing very well -- mixing with multiple dogs daily, working on his commands and training. Seems to be very much enjoying his time at the kennel, with lots of outdoor exercise, socialization, good nutrition, good guidance (not to mention the kind and generous support of our network for his costs!) Next week we'll have some video and stills to offer re: Jacques' rehab. Meanwhile, pls keep our boy in mind -- we are looking for funds to support his veterinary at the end of April and we are looking for a permanent placement. Jacques is a real "dog's dog". A big, affable sweetheart. At 8-9 years of age, his next stop will be his last. We're looking for YOU, forever home. Please find us!  Contact mitch, c4p@mediaintelligence.ca


Thanks to our network for keeping in mind / sharing the fact that we have a short-term one bed apartment available for rent periodically in Aurora. I really don't want a permanent tenant, but sometimes rescue folks are in need temporarily, and animals are more than welcome here! contact c4p@mediaintelligence.ca 

Have a good week all. Keep the faith. Together, we're making a staggering difference. m.