April 9, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

A quick, and oh-so-sincere shout out to the nearly 100 of you, who shared Fiona dog's story last week. THIS is how the magic happens.  Thank you so much! (If anyone heard back from SPCA, would be delighted to hear results...)

Extra special mention: Candy McGowan wrote in this week to advise "H appy to report that my spay female dog initiative in Serbia has resulted in 112 dogs being fixed in 6 months (there were a couple of cats done, too). Super pleased with this.". And so you should be woman! Well done! 

Honestly... additional shout out to this network. You all ROCK. Amazing to pick up the phone, connect with rescue friends/colleagues, feel HEARD, share experiences, intel... so heartening to see how we're all working (with each other) behind the scenes in service to animals.  

Judy Hoey, special thanks, sister, for the cadeau that arrived in the mail this week...


Lula Bear and Simba Lion have been removed safely from Mosul -- Four Paws International will need your ongoing support:

Orangeville beware - BE AWARE! Share! 

Nothing but good news here: 

Waterloo gets new "animal positive" by-laws: 


"Individually you all have to take a stand.  You're going to have to put some serious thought into putting yourself on the line." Michael Moore 


...Lots of special needs animals this week...

Jasper & Vito are two very sweet and friendly dogs, surrendered by a shelter in Northern Ontario. They greet everyone with wagging tails! They are bonded to each other and need a home together. They are beautiful hound mixes, 11 yrs old, 50 and 40 lbs respectively. This is the perfect age for hounds - they are still active and love to go for walks, but are just as happy cuddling on the couch after an outing! Their fosters told us they settled in quickly, and are affectionate, and full of personality. Jasper takes the lead; Vito is quieter; both equally loving. Excellent health; both neutered, chipped, UTD. As with all hounds, must be walked on leash - good smells are just too tempting! Well mannered at home and not vocal. Would do well in a home with a fenced yard, or an apartment, with good amount of exercise.  If you feel you can open your heart and your home to these boys, information and application can be found here:   www.adoptadogsavealife.com, or call us at 416.787.3862

...dear little souls...

Our sweet Lucky is looking for a forever home. This poor cat has been through so much. He was not even feral, just a former pet who had been abandoned and was struggling to survive without the necessary skills. We are happy that we have been able to help him. Now, he just needs a permanent home. He is FIV, but a very easy going boy and gets along very well with other cats. He loves to be petted and will purr up a storm. Please consider adopting this deserving boy - if not, please share!
Contact georginaferals@gmail.com

Sweet, gentle  good-natured Oscar is an approximately 4-year-old beagle mix. He loves walking and does several kms a day with his active foster family. He meets people and other dogs in a quiet, polite manner. He enjoys wrestling with playmates (human or furry) and engaging in a game of tug. He also enjoys playing with his fur-brother who is less than half his size but he plays fairly and respects when it's time to take a break. He happily shares toys and we   have not seen any resource guarding behaviours. Oscar is housetrained, crate-trained and is learning basic commands. He can be a bit of a character when he hides the family's slippers and shoes behind the curtains! Funny boy! Oscar has met a neighbour's cat and approached him with gentle and calm sniffing and then carried on with exploring the neighbour's house.  Oscar likes to be around his people and will lie directly behind you when you are at the kitchen sink, wait for you outside the bathroom and lay at your feet when you are eating or watching TV. Although he's not much of a lap dog he likes affection and cuddle time on the couch. After reading all this it might surprise you to know he's vision impaired - he has mature cataracts (his eyes do respond to light) but is clearly able to carry on with all aspects of life as well as a sighted dog! We took Oscar to the eye specialist but unfortunately there is not a lot that can be done for his vision other than daily eye drops. He quickly finds his way around a house and runs around the yard and up/down the stairs like any other dog. Oscar needs nothing special from his future family to help him cope with his condition. He is an inspiration, he lives life to the fullest and would be a great companion for an active family. Contact: lorraine@speakingofdogs.com 

Help for Henry Cat: Henry was abandoned and has frostbite damage to his ears. His gums and an ear are infected from severe neglect. He has 3 broken canines and an ulcerated eye due to an oder injury. Henry has been abused. Someone tried to burn him. This poor boy deserves to know a pain-free life with a loving home. He is 5-8 years old and has a long happy life to look forward to after he's healed. All proceeds go to Animalert for Henry's care.   The rescue is Animalert in London, Ontario. Henry is currently at Central Cat Hospital in London, Ontario. Contact info:  
  Donate here  https://www.canadahelps.org/dn/3463

Shelter Dogs In Need Of Forever Homes --  Suitable for rescue only:  
This is an urgent request for any rescue that can help Leo, an 11 month old German Shepherd. He is currently at the Oshawa Animal Shel
ter and has been there for the last two months. He was surrendered to the shelter by his past owner and they were told that he was always left outside with no shelter. Therefore, Leo needs a very experienced home/foster to help with training and a home that has no other animals or young kids (he is very mouthy, has prey drive and a past bite).  If you can help Leo, please contact the Oshawa Animal Shelter at 905 436 3311 or email animal@oshawa.ca  


Call for action for Korean dogs destined for dog meat trade - please don't shy away, we need every last person we can get to sign and share (thanks to Colette for sending): http://bit.ly/2nwWei3


Cougars/Mountain lions ... who knew? So beautiful!  http://bit.ly/2nBOOJz

Has everyone seen this new contraption for blind dogs? Pretty brilliant! (thanks Andrea Kisser-Quig for sending!)   http://bit.ly/2ncu9Rd

How old is that kitten?  -- Amazing guide for kittens... (Thanks Community Cats Toronto for posting):
Oy ve!!! So much to do; so little time... please network animals in need this week... without your help/sharing they can't "go it alone".... 

Stella still on lock-down from knee injury. In capable Bathust/Dupont hands... We'll see what x-rays tell us later this week... meanwhile, TLC/bedrest ...

Best to all, m.