April 16, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Shout out to every last one of you helping out on Stella cruciate research and support this week. We've got a ways to go. We're so grateful to you all. This is what this network is all about - sharing best practices for animals. Love it...appreciate it... living it in real time! 


BRILLANT! shout out to animaljustice.ca for stepping up, stepping in, and succeeding in getting the PEI pig scramble cancelled:

Thunder Bay Humane Society needs support in a big way! 

Best news in a long time! Taiwan bans dog and cat meat:

CNN says "Go Vegan, Save the Planet" (thanks Juli Kaiss for posting):


Please share, a/o consider adding this image to your email signature this weekend...Until it's a done-deal, people need to be reminded...

And this...20 years later, I cannot believe I still have to post this.


His owner had a stoke. Wi rehaired fox terrier dog, seemingly with no name!   He is 14 years old, blind. Needs meds  on daily basis. Loves people , other dogs, amiable. L ooking for a caring home. Someone's  selling this darling little one for 35 bucks online -- kudos to Montreal SPCA for intervening, and trying to help. (Ed note: if anyone's interested in adopting this little man, please contact C4P Animal Rescue OR Tammie at SPCA Montreal):  http://bit.ly/2okF6gH 


Please sign the Facebook petition to stop them from showing dog fighting videos (thanks Dana Margolis for posting): http://bit.ly/2pgb8NR


NY Times publishes story of Lula & Simba -- positions the rescues as a "symbol of humanity": 
Why we need to stop saying "I'm sorry for your loss"... (thanks Cameron O'Sheen for posting): 
Nice story here re: Master/Miss Beaver saved on a busy Ontario highway -- please post your comments (I did!) to encourage dialogue/different perspectives:

Fabulous information on donkeys! Wow! So much I didn't know! Please share with donkey owner/guardians, just in case... (Thanks Primrose Donkey Sanctuary for sharing!)


Rescue Updates

Readers will remember little Fiona, the backyard dog , seized by SPCA last month...Most exciting news, she's landed a fantastic forever home! New permanent foster mom states "... Hi Michelle ... f irst off I would like to tell you how much I personally appreciate all the hard work you put into your newsletter. I read it from cover to cover ever week.   I have been approved to adopt Fiona and I will be picking her up Monday at 10 am.  I always have a palliative care pet in my home at all times. Hard on the heart, but the joy they bring out weighs the loss when they go.  Christina K. (Ed note: thank for your very kind words Christina, and thanks for your uber kindness, making room for Fiona in your heart and in your home. Yes, it's hell on the heart, but we wouldn't have it any other way, would we??? Keep us posted on her progress, and bless you for your generosity of spirit...)

I'm sure by now, you've all heard me reference a/o quote my dearest-darlingest Ma. She had, as all those who knew her would attest, a MOST particular way of using language. Even us kids often turned to each other in amazement, wondering, where in heaven's name did THAT expression come from?... One of her best, 'old reliables' was "Sloppy Easter". We will never know the origins of that expression, but believe me, she wore it out during her lifetime. So I'm wishing everyone (and my Ma) a "Sloppy Easter", whatever the heck it may mean. Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you! m.