April 23, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Happy Earth Day peeps! What did you DO today, to support???

Want to start your week off right? Watch this (thanks Heather Babin for posting):

Am planning a large garage sale to fundraise for C4P Animal Rescue on June 4th. We are accepting donations of gently-used everything! If you're spring cleaning mode, please, keep us in mind. All you have to do is call and let me know when you're in area, we can make arrangements to get your stuff. 905.726.2011 / 63 Victoria Street, Aurora, ON L4G 1R3 (Yonge/Wellington). Can also do pick ups in GTA area. Seriously would LOVE to meet more people from our network ... please don't be shy ... later this year (when weather turns colder, will be hosting "rescue get-togethers" to same end.) Meanwhile, anyone able to donate at this time, would be truly helpful. 

As many of you know, Stella, my beautiful 10 year old GSD, has recently injured both left and right ACLs (small tears). On much reflection and considerable, ongoing research, I have decided -- with the collaboration of my western/traditional vet, and my holistic vet in Newmarket, coupled with the incredible support and knowledge from Tania at http://www.caninewellness.com -- to go with non-traditional treatments for the time being. Stella has received her first stem-cell treatments (both legs); is "cycled up" on a variety of nutritional supports (holy Hannah the costs!), and we're beginning low-level red light treatments, hoping to graduate to stronger laser therapies based on available $$ in the coming weeks. Hard to believe after so many years doing geriatric and palliative rescue, that it's my first go-round with cruciate. No accidents in universe, friends!  

Any donations at this time from gas to supermarket cards, to small donations to outstanding vet bill at http://www.holistic-vet.ca (file name Stella Nadon) are intensely appreciated. It's been a tough, tough year, and Stella and I needed this like a hole in the head. 

I also would LOVE to hear from anyone who's had successes with alternative treatments on ACLs. My girl is in the prime of her life. This is a truly unfortunate turn of events. I am hopeful, and am trusting my instincts on this one. ALL knowledge, experience, support, "can-do!" info is most welcome.

The "cruciate industry" sucks $8 billion annually out of pet owners. Not to say that that cruciate surgery is not viable -- au contraire, it's been the methodology of choice for the last decade. But I do believe there is room for new thinking here. 

Stella is in moderate discomfort, but not raging pain. Both legs are weight-bearing, her affect is good, her blood is perfect (optimum immune), and she has an incredible team, and supports, behind her. 

BTW, I purchased an LED photon therapy pad to up-regulate blood/collagen/elastin creation, to help increase scar tissue formation in ligament, recommended by http://www.holistic-vet.ca. 

Onward. Talk to me, people! 

Anyone medicating their pets with Phenobarbital? Read this now:
Pope Francis decries killing of lambs at Easter! ... and he's right...violence begets violence. We must all turn to each other, and more compassionate lives... 

Guatamala bans circuses! YAY! 

China Southern Airlines taking a stand on shark fin cargo! Double YAY!



Calling all Beagle lovers!  Have you met Suzie? Suzie is 10 years young and one of the sweetest gals you will ever meet! She loves to cuddle and she has the cutest quirks that will make you smile all day!   To learn more about Suzie got to  http://www.guelph-humane.on.ca/adoption_gallery.php  or If you would like to meet Suzie, you can call us today at 519-824-3091 to arrange an appointment!

Cat-man of Aleppo needs help saving Aleppo zoo animals. To support, go to end of article. They recommend you contact his Facebook page privately.   PLEASE SHARE. This man is doing incredible work. Please encourage your friends/family to send even the smallest amount of money... (thanks Jules for posting):


SPCA Montréal is working SO hard these days! Click here to support their campaign "Say No To Rodeos": http://www.notorodeo.com/?g=c1#action


Is everyone familiar with the term "trigger stacking"?  If not, you should be!
Remember the giraffe who gave birth in a zoo last week, that was broadcast over the internet? Grrrrr....  check this out: Are zoo animals happy?  
The case against eating fish -- eyeopener!!! (thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting via Captain Paul Watson):



Beautiful Matriarch Wolf euthanized in Yellowstone this week at 12 yrs, due to injuries. Rest in peace gorgeous one. She was exceptionally well known for her unique white coat, and innate beauty, presence, and strength.

Young rescuer, Kristen, contacted me today, re: two Dobermans and a Chihuahua, living in egregious circumstances, in abandoned ON tenement setting. So grateful to get these calls. Had several recommends to offer.  

Everyone, please note: ALL of our experiences (past), strength (present) and hope (future), benefit others. The operant word of the day is SHARE. Reach out. Be pro-active. We're all learning together. Drop the pride, and any self-righteousness. There is clearly strength in numbers. Don't work in isolation. We're all learning from each other.  The animals need our best. Lets' do them proud. 

Love, mitch and stella