August 6, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

We're all worried about the environment, right? And we're all feeling panicky about climate change effects and ongoing weather events that threaten our homes, our pets, our families -- remember the DREAD you felt as recently as Friday, when news reported potential for torrential rains, hail, tornadoes in golden horseshoe? Not to mention crushing heat waves that humans, let alone animals will not survive...  Think about this: If you made this ONE change, the US could reach 74% of their climate change goals by 2020. Go buy some beans! BTW, this doesn't just apply to the US...


Aleppo zoo animals are still "on hold" in Turkey; latest news says they're due to be moved out this coming Wednesday (four more days in cages, poor dears), to start their journeys to (respectively) Jordanian and Dutch sanctuaries...bless these poor animals...they've been through so much! Bless Dana and Eric too, for their behind the scenes support...REAL citizens of the world, those two... Let's pray the pregnant lioness (carrying two babies, one male, one unidentified) will hold tight for next week or so, and deliver her babies in sanctuary... touch and go! 

Compassionate, quick-thinking police rescue Barrie area bear cub -- 

Milk can now be advertised as "inhumane" in the UK! 

In case you missed it, CBC interviews Dr. Amil Khalil from Four Paws, as he gives us an update on the Aleppo animals (thanks Dana Margolis for posting): 
Bali bans the dog meat trade: YAY!

Mexico City ends marine mammal captivity! MORE YAY! 

More information on bears, and habituation to humans and food. Sad, fascinating, and so fixable! Don't feed them!



...honestly...JUST DON'T DO IT!


Take a moment, and take action on upcoming Canadian Food Agency guidelines -- do it for your kids/grandkids! (Thanks Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals for sending.)


Birds & camouflage - ingenious! How birds decide where to blend in... 

Telepathic animal communication! Are you new to telepathic animal communication or would you like to know more?  Have some or all of your questions answered in this just released download  Introduction (to Telepathic Animal Communication). Find out what is an animal communicator, how do we actually communicate with animals... W hat is telepathy and how does it work, who has this ability and who can talk with animals... Claudia Hehr will use her personal story to show how she developed this ability. No matter how much you know about animal communication, this download will have something new for you.. For more information about telepathic animal communication, please visit     (Ed note: I recently listened to Claudia's podcast and was quite moved by the simple answers she offered me re: animal communication. I've wondered about this all of my life, and found some serious answers, just listening to her introductory podcast. Well worth the download!)

C4P Special Needs Animal Boarding:  happy to work with your special needs pet, making them card-carrying members of the family, providing for all their needs, while owners are away... This is MIA-Cat. She's a regular! We love her dearly; we make sure she has vital meds administered, and her safety here is ensured. She's a delight, not a problem! Stella and I love her, like no tomorrow...Call us re: your special needs pet -- we're so happy to accommodate! 


It's way too early to promote and we don't have ticket details YET, but I had to share! I'm so excited by this! You KNOW I'm going to be there... Mark your calendars! 


I think I'm just a born rescuer. Postscript to the garage sale craziness this summer, was so proud of all the community building and recycling we collectively pulled off, not to mention so grateful re: funds we raised for animals. Every last bit of metal and plastic was recycled, a new Syrian family and a new Iranian family went home with bags full (gratis) of treasures for their new Canadian homes... It was all so rewarding! Last but not least, I found a box with an Amaryllis bulb in it; poor friggin' bulb was trying SO hard to live -- all crunched over and turned in on itself, drawing every ounce of anything it could from the dry soil it was packed in ...SO glad I found it, took it out, parked it in the garden, gave it some water and sunshine, and lo and behold, look who's gracing my desk! Does anyone know anything about these plants? Like, after it blooms, will it live to do so again? We'll find out! In any event, so glad this gorgeous plant got a second shot at life! 

It's the little things, right? Keep the faith, m&s...