August 13, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Rare White Giraffe alert: I saw a photo circulating on social media this week, of a beautiful, oh-so-rare white giraffe. As beautiful as s/he was to lay eyes on, I was really disturbed that this photo is being shared. Sharing it makes this beautiful creature a TARGET, because the post discloses his/her location. So I thought long and hard about it, and then I "reported" the post to Facebook. I told them that I don't want to contribute to his/her possible untimely death...just sayin'.

In honour of World Elephant Day on August 12th, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust posted a video in which Robert Brandford explains that they have begun decoding elephant language, and now there's a LIBRARY of vocalizations that are available! The video on Facebook this week had recordings of an elephant communicating a) HELLO! b) we're under threat c) we need help. All distinctly different sounds, used regularly across elephant herds. Isn't that amazing? Go to this site www.helloinelephant.comYou can type in, for example, "I love you" and it plays a recording of the vocalization that elephants use when they are greeting another with affection! Absolutely mind-blowing.

Check it out. Share. Help educate others. The more people know, the more they'll be engaged and inspired to preserve each precious species...


Sobering, insightful analysis of Banff She-Bear #148: experts weigh in on a she-bear's only options in 2017, thanks to human stupidity and selfishness...She's being exiled (read: ripped away from her home territory) for her own safety.

Africa taking a leadership position in animal welfare strategy... AMEN! 

Great News!  The Town of Georgina has passed a 2 year pilot TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return & Vaccinate) program. Congratulations to  Eva McDowell, the City Council, and all the volunteers for your (years and years of) hard work & dedication to make this happen! 

Aleppo zoo animals are all safe in Jordan ...this is just so moving, so beautiful! Holy smokes what an effort! What a team! Talk about role models! You will not want to miss these smiles...People around the world have been watching with baited breath for the last 3 weeks while these zoo animals made their incredible journey to safety and peace. Personally, I've been riveted. In my wildest dreams, I'd be on that team.  Our very own (Canadian) Dana and Eric Margolis were hugely instrumental in facilitating this rescue. Bless their beautiful hearts. And the rescue team... such dedication! The best part was, in all of their video updates, they spoke about compassion, collaboration and communion...They've showcased the best in human values, in the worst of times. (Note to self: internalize!)



Pumba is a 3 year old male, Boston Terrier/Mastiff mix, being fostered in Perth, ON (1 hour from Ottawa). As an overgrown 40-pound puppy inside the buff body of a 3-year-old adult, Pumba thrives on attention and LOVES being with people.  Saved from a shelter environment, thereby missing out on that precious puppy phase, this bright beauty, so eager to learn and to please, has been putting his best paw forward at a doggy training centre as he absorbs and excels at his canine ABC's.  Once new to the company of other dogs, he now spends time socializing with them, and accepts gentle human pets and strokes while he eats.  After discovering the sheer joy of toys, he happily brings them over to his trainer when she asks, and often trots off on his own to play with them while he basks in the sun or chills in the shade. Having honed his leash walking skills in the peace of the country, he's begun work on walking paw-litely in town where distractions abound. But as Pumba progresses by leaps and bounds, what remains fixed is the amount of love he has to give.   Now, to ensure his ultimate success, this passionate pup needs a home (without children, cats or other small animals), with a large, securely fenced yard, perhaps a calm, balanced lower energy medium-to-large breed dog for company and guidance, and patient, experienced adopters firmly committed to his continued training.  Please contact  for further information.


Is anyone using CBD in their treatment plans for their pets? Would love to hear any feedback on this... It's next on my list...



Not a huge stretch to say that we've all grown accustomed to being keyboard warriors. Which, let's face it, has changed the face of animal rescue, in ways we could never have imagined a decade or two ago. 

However... I think we're all glaringly hip to the fact that much more is required. Showing up online is one thing. Showing up in person, is quite another. Of course, you need to pick your battles -- most of us know by now that we cannot be all things to everyone -- that just leads to burn-out. Commenting, sharing, and pushing back on-line is critically important, and absolutely necessary. But only advocating online is just.not.enough. 

We need every able-bodied advocate/rescuer/activist out there to stand up and be counted in person, on the front lines, standing side by side with their brothers and sisters in rescue, at demonstrations, vigils, community events, etc.  We need to show up in droves at as many events as we can get to. We need to support each other, and promote each other's causes (Ed Note: which is why there's always an "events" section in this newsletter - hoping more people will be interested in building community, and participating...) 

The call to advocate is more dire than ever. We cannot be passive. Nothing is going to change in this world, unless WE change it. It's not going to happen "top down" -- the Marineland outcome was a horribly disappointing example of this, this week. But it will happen "bottom up", if you take part!   It requires presence. We need to walk our own talk. The resistance movement is calling my name, and yours.

For the Allepo lions, tigers, bears, hyenas and dogs, with tremendous love, m&s.