August 20, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

First, Boston STRONG! A-ma-zing! Resistance does work, if you work it...(oh my god, thank you for working it...!)

Next up, wrote this, this week, on reflection re: Allepo zoo animals and Four Paws International's incredible efforts to bring them to safety...  With all the hatred being spewed globally, is it not wonderful to see the thousands of people across the WORLD coming together, united in their want of peace and the dignity of life? Virtual strangers, united by common values, each playing their part in these animals' rescue. Manifesting/celebrating love, respect, collaboration and shared experience... Advocates, supporters, well-wishers, funders, admin folk, not to mention the team on the ground and the team of caregivers back home, the armed guards, the governments and industry stakeholders, the airport and border handlers, the internet supporters -- every last person, committed to proud momma Dana, and daddy lion, and precious little Hajar, and their bear, hyena, dog, and tiger cousins... So very grateful for every success to date; grateful to each and every player. So happy the animals are rallying and thriving after their ordeal. I am overcome with happiness, respect, and gratitude for all of the efforts of so many, in ensuring the Allepo zoo animals finally got to safety, to species-specific sanctuary settings, with enrichment programs and experienced caregivers. Welcome to the world Hajar! Rest Momma-Dana (x2), rest! :) Your work is done! 

I looked up the meaning of the name Hajar. Several definitions: a) amazing/beautiful b) emigrant c) flight (to flee). I love in this photograph, she's just born, and vocalizing like there's no tomorrow! I don't know what she's yelling, but she's definitely yelling it for all she's worth! Several days in, Four Paws reports she is nursing well... so nothing but good news. For those following the story, Four Paws did advise that the second cub did not make it, sadly (but naturally...)  For whatever reasons, we will never know. 

Photo credit: Four Paws International: Four Paws has committed to a LIFETIME of care for these animals -- which will require sustainable support. Pease consider donating/supporting. 


Celebrating our rescue colleagues at the Georgina Feral Cat Committee, for their foresight, civic action, determination, and perseverance:

Kitchener/Waterlook non-profit vet clinic offers care to pets of low-income owners... because it's 2017!

BC bans grizzly bear trophy hunting due to public opinion! YES! 

Animal Justice and Zoocheck file intervention in Vancouver Aquarium court case! 

Deadly fungal problem that kills dogs -- never heard of it, but now that I have...  (Thanks Dianne Aldan for posting!):

Wayne Lotter, elephant conservationist, was shot to death this week in Tanzania, bless his beautiful soul (thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting):


Friends, please share this. We really need to remind people that this affects animals too...


Eli above is at Durham Humane Society... 

As at end of week, Mikee is still missing. Please share this image on social media, thanks folks...

People PLEASE stop buying wild blueberries and huckleberries! The bears need them more than you do...


A beautiful example of interspecies bonding:
DERMagic anti-dandruff scrub. So cool!

(Thanks Andrea Vannater for posting)

Get to know your ocean fish...a good read on exactly WHO ocean laws are trying to protect...


Win for Wildlife! 


This week, Carrie McInnis from Home Free Farm  in Harrowsmith, had a truly remarkable experience. Two goats and a pig from a neighbouring (ahem) "agri-business farm" broke through their fence and made their way onto Home Free property. Carrie was delighted, awe-struck, but also mindful... the animals came to her for a reason, and she knew it. Carrie went to the wall to secure custody of these dear, oh-so-young animals, as she knew they were destined for slaughter -- in pretty short order. She was determined ... and they got lucky. The owners of the animals, on reflection, decided to grant Carrie custody. So Rooty Pig, Peter Goat and Heidi Goat came to stay. Peter was neutered this week, and is doing well. Please consider donating even a few dollars. Three more (life-long) animals is a huge undertaking for any farm. Carrie is amazing and does beautiful work. These precious animals need support: 
This is PeterGoat, telling his new momma Carrie, "I'm feeling better momma..." after his neuter. 

Our darling rescue friend and colleague Ariel Lang lost her beautiful Annie-Dog this last week. We knew her time was coming, and it's never easy. I'm happy to say I got to see her and her wonderful house-mates earlier this season. The good news is, while Annie-Dog lived, she had the BEST.DOG.MOM ever! For those of you who have not met Ariel, I can assure you she is a tour-de-force in rescue and advocacy.

We all, do indeed, have to go sometime. When my time comes, I wouldn't be unhappy to go at the hands (paws) of an animal (as in reverse the tables). Seriously. Best and only genuine laugh my father and I ever had together:  "Someday you're going to get killed doing this..." No problem daddy-o...As long as someone documents/reports it, for the benefit of others...

Onward. See you again on the bridge, precious Annie. mitch and stella