August 27, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

C4P is taking the long weekend off publishing, and well, everything! Stella and I have wheels again (yay, friggin' yay!) and we're hitting the road. Extra special thanks to Norma & Leslie Cockwell, and Tammie Di Piettro for such amazing support! Also, serious thanks to my dealership dude Joseph at Fiesta Motors, Woodbridge, and my amazing mechanic Vince Sisca at Sisca's Auto Repair, 490 Dupont Street, Toronto. Damn fine gents!

 Stell loves being on the road again, and it's extra-roomy so she can get in and out a lot more easily! That's Charlie-girl in the back seat, which is actually Stella's spot. I was just introducing Stell to the new ride...She figuring out here, that it's not the same truck...Have we discussed Stella's utter distaste and disdain for foreign objects?? She KILLS me. Discernment's her name, and communicating discernment's her game... As for Charlie-girl, she knows a joy ride when she sees one! 


Saving bees! Check it out! 

Judge ORDERS PitBulls out of Montreal - owner/guardians have four weeks to re-home their pets. Good luck with that. Shelters will fill. Euth is the name of the game.



I'm putting Camille Labchuk's latest editorial here, under "animals in need", because zoo animals really ARE in need. I'm hoping by calling extra attention to it, you'll take the opportunity to share w/all your peeps and REALLY help get the message out that it's time for zoos to go.

Similarly, and as you know,  Four Paws International has recently acquired the remaining 13 Aleppo zoo animals, and will be responsible for their care in perpetuity. If you have a few extra dollars, no matter how large or small, please contribute. Little Hajar's got a whole lot of growing to do and his momma-Dana has to keep up her strength. Check out their Facebook page to see the progress they are all making in rehab. It's very beautiful to witness; even better to be a part of! Donate if you can! 

We rescued Almond and Pistachio from a high-volume shelter in Quebec this week!  Almond and Pistachio were surrendered to the shelter when their owner didn't have time for them any longer. Thank you  Freedom Drivers: Animal Rescue Transports  volunteers for getting Almond and Pistachio safely to us all the way from Quebec!  Almond and Pistachio are shy, but sweet rats and they are very bonded to each other. They must be adopted as a pair when they're ready to find their forever home.   For those wondering, Almond isn't bald because of any health issue or disease. He's just a particular breed of rat that is hairless. Anyone wanna knit him some little sweaters? Almond and Pistachio will be available for adoption soon!  Welcome sweet ratties! We're so glad you are here... 


Montreal SPCA starts round 2 of fight against rodeos -- there are concrete actions here we can all take at the provincial level, and help show the Montreal SPCA some love!

In honour of Harambe Gorilla, please sign and share:


From friend and advocate, Christian Cotroneo, lending some badly needed perspective to the racoon v. human connundrum: 


Today! Dog Tales Festival:

 Fall Fairs are coming! Please be sure to send along info on your Fall animal advocacy activities!  Spread the word and let us help you and your organization build community and engagement! If you 'd like some company at an event, don't be shy to get in touch. It's m y favourite time of year, animal-wise ...I get out to as many events as I can...


Peace y'all, Spearhead.

I wish I could be in Texas. I would help with medical fosters. Another wave of animals in anticipated...
I know you'll join me in sending the BEST of intentions to all the animals affected by Hurricane Harvey...oh, and if there's anyone willing to get serious about a serious animal disaster relief plan for Canada, for heaven's sakes, please talk to me. It's already happened in Canada, and there will be more to come. It's up to us to prepare, properly, and seriously. Be my guest, read between the lines. m.