February 5, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

The entire community is reeling this week over the loss of Rob Stewart, Director of Sharkwater, and life-long marine activist.  Rest in peace Rob. You did the work of 20 men, in your short 37 years.  Our hearts to out to Rob's human family, his rescue/activism human families, and all his underwater shark families for their incredible loss.

This is Rob, living his best life...swimming with hammerhead sharks...offering us his impression of life inside the sea...  (thanks Juli Kaiss of sharing):


Mexico bans dogfighting, nationwide! (Proving yet again that sometimes the good guys win...)  http://bit.ly/2jv7Dja

Another victory for dogs! Japan Airlines now allowing dogs in flight cabins ... (for a price of course, but this is still progress!..if I had this kind of money, I'd definitely bring Stella along for the ride!)

USDA Purges Animal Welfare information from its website -- truly bad news: (thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting):



Paddington is an (approx) 3 year old male tabby whose adorably grumpy face belies his incredibly sweet nature. He was found living outside in a residential area but he's settled right into being a house cat. He enjoys sitting in the windows and keeping an eye on the world outside, but he's just as happy cuddled up on the couch, begging for head scratches, or climbing onto his foster mom's chest for a nap. He purrs like a motorboat, especially when being brushed.  Paddington recently had to have most of his teeth extracted due to stomatitis (bad inflammation of the mouth), but he's been an amazing little trooper. He enjoys being spoiled with wet food, and will let you know when it's mealtime. Sadly, life on the street took its toll as Paddington is FIV positive, which means he needs to be a strictly indoor cat, but this suits him just fine, as he's very content being the king of the castle. He loves human visitors and will make sure that everyone has an opportunity to admire him before retiring for a nap.  Don't let his FIV status put you off adopting him as a recent announcement by the veterinary medical community makes it official - FIV+ cats can easily live with non-FIV+ cats, and you will be amply rewarded by his affectionate and loving personality!   Paddington is currently living in west end Toronto with his awesome foster Mom. Please contact Lynn Kavanagh at  lynnk@rogers.com  if you would like to meet him.

Our Little Noelle is looking for a permanent home. She is UTD on vaccines and spayed. She is one of the 15 cats that were cruelly put outside by the landlord without food or shelter to fend for themselves in this cold winter. She was pregnant at the time and went through a horrible ordeal and her single kitten died. Noelle is still a bit shy - her foster home is working with her. She needs a loving home of her own to gain confidence and be a pampered kitty.     Please share Little Noelle:


Pls tell CNN to stop promoting animal cruelty through Anthony Bourdain's program (thanks Cara Melbye for sharing): 

Is Ontario's Animal Protection System working?   Are there deficiencies that need to be addressed?   Zoocheck Canada and Animal Alliance of Canada are compiling a report to examine every aspect of animal protection in Ontario; legislation and bylaws, how laws are enforced - any and all deficiencies in the system - and we need your help.   We are compiling a report that will gather the experiences of people across Ontario who know of cases  where animals - any animals of any species - were failed by the system. Please share any information you have regarding an event when you believed that animals were not properly protected. Your experience can involve any aspect of the animal welfare system: humane agencies, SPCAs, municipal animal services, governmental agencies, legislation and by-laws, and any level of government. Your name will not be shared. Our report will help the government to fully understand that there are deficiencies in the system, and that they need to take action. Our target date for release is March 2017, but we need your stories soon to complete the work on time. 
For more info call Zoocheck 416-285-1744 or Animal Alliance 416-462-9541. 
Please share widely. Share your stories at: awreport@gmail.com 


Here's a question for the network: are there any drone hobbyists out there who would know how to set up drones for lost pet searches? If so, please contact me... c4p@mediaintelligence.ca ... 

C4P Amber Alert for Lost Pets -  you can save these documents to your desk top and send along via email or post on social media when you see notices for lost pets. 
C4P Amber Alert for Lost Pets  (English):
C4P Amber Alert for Lost Pets  (French):  
COMMUNITY EVENTS - mark your calendars! 


We've all been there ... a lost pet is one of the worst experiences you can ever go through. Kevin McCormick from Trackers' Edge helps pet owners/guardians by debunking some of the myths surrounding a pet gone missing.

These are some of the items I keep in my "go-bag" in my truck, for animal emergencies: c ollars (S-M-L), leashes (M-L), extra heavy duty gloves & hat, muzzles (M-L), bird-box & towel, blankets, binoculars, flashlight, staple gun, scissors, tape/duct tape, reflective safety jacket and/or "animal rescue hoodie", knee-high rubber boots, premium dog/cat treats... 

Any additional comments/suggestions? Tell us what you keep in your vehicle, for animal emergencies:  c4p@mediaintelligence.ca 

I encourage everyone to take the time to view Sharkwater, and post below link on social media, encouraging your social networks to explore Rob's amazing work. Many shark populations are threatened by human activities.  It is up to us, now, to ensure Rob's incredible body of work gets recognized and shared more widely, to help educate and conserve these precious mammals, and keep his memory alive.  

For our brother in arms, Rob Stewart, with great love and eternal admiration. m.