February 12, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Just a quick note to anyone who's worked with C4P on various animals through the years... I am trying to get the word out to the 416/905 vet community regarding my "special needs" petsitting services... if I've supported you and one of your animals, and you've have been happy with the results, I'd be so appreciative if you could take the time to mention to your veterinarian. Vets are often reticent to refer, but usually if one of their clients mentions something to them, it sticks! Really appreciate the help! Clients outside of York Region are usually quite happy to make the trek to Aurora, to ensure their pets get the qualitative care and enrichment that they need. -- all our 4-legged clients are considered card-carrying members of the family ... you KNOW it! 


Keith Olbermann stands up for animals "...hug your dog for me..." :

Beautiful update on Toka and Thika, 3 years into their retirement: 

Vegan Birkenstocks! YES!

Bison re-introduced to Banff -- fine news. Hard-won victories on both sides:

No, it's NOT all how they are raised...by Trish McMillan Loehr, NC: 


Use of cow's milk is absolutely horrendous, not to mention absolutely gratuitous. Plenty of nut-based milks work just as well. Please consider using them. Imagine having your baby taken away. Just heartless -- esp when there ARE other options! 

URGENT: TRANSPORT NEEDED!!!  We need help getting a bunch of ratties from our main Toronto Foster Center to Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Waterloo and Beansville (Vineland -- near St. Catharines).    Some will be coming with cages/supplies.  Dates are flexible and will depend on the availability of the foster homes and drivers. The Toronto location can make any time/day work.   Thank you for your support. Please spread the word if you can:   allcreaturesrescue@outlook.com 
BUTTERCUP, BUBBLES & BLOSSOM -  Trio of sisters, guinea pigs, 2 yrs old ...
These three girls have been together ever since they can remember and would love to go home together. If you have a single lonely female pig at home we would be willing to let one of these piggies go home to bond with her (usually a pig seperated from a trio is very receptive to bonding with a new piggy). Buttercup and Bubbles  are smooth coat guinea pigs and Blossom is abysinian with her whirly hairdo! They are sweet and kind to each other and have gorgeous colours and personalities.  Adoption fee for all three is $45 in the hopes they can stay together. If you have a lonely lady pig at home then you can apply to adopt one pig out of this trio for $20. Email smallanimals@lchs.ca to apply to adopt. Lincoln County Humane Society

Please meet Benji. He is at the  Alliston & District Humane Society  and looking for a new home.  Nothing breaks our heart more  then to see a senior dog lose their home. All senior dogs should feel safe, loved and secure in the remaining time they have left. Sadly this is not the case for Benji. At 11 years, he is once again searching for a new home. Benji was adopted from us in 2013 as "Bandit" and now he is back. Benji needs a quiet, adult only home as he is a scared and nervous boy. He would prefer to be an only dog. Benji has some special needs as he suffers from severe poultry and grain allergiesl. These are controlled by specific foods, that can be purchased at most pet stores.   He loves regular companionship and heenjoys long walks. If you can offer Benji the type of home he needs and the unconditional love he deserves, please call the shelter (1 hr north of Toronto) at 1-705-458-9038.
Poor dear dog. Look in those eyes and tell me he's not suffering anxiety...


Readers, farm animals really really really REALLY need your help! 
Please comment on Canada's new draft transport regulations before Feb 15th! Proposed changes to transport laws will still allow animals to be transported for up to 36 hours without food, water or rest, in ALL temperatures. Most animals that die on route either freeze to death, or suffer heat exhaustion.  These new regulations will directly impact an estimated 700 MILLION FARM ANIMALS EACH YEAR!   Please email the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA): animaltransportanimaux@inspection.gc.ca

Background on CFIA proposed changes: 

Demand the USDA restore the puppy mill database:   http://bit.ly/2kC7Oua

Toronto Wildlife Centre needs support of Torontonians...Please make the call!

Canadian A
nimal Protection Gov't Petition e-718:
English http://bit.ly/2jlekBV  /  French  http://bit.ly/2jUI1uv
(Be sure to send back the confirmation email!)

...Download and circulate the paper petition for e-718  http://bit.ly/2ki5yIC
English http://bit.ly/2jlekBV /  French http://bit.ly/2jUI1uv


In case you've never witnessed this particular brand of beauty, here is an Albino Cardinal, for your viewing pleasure (and concomitant reverence...) Isn't he breathtaking??? ...living work of art...



Using a combination of herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, therapeutic nutritionals, and a host of other modalities, Dr. Paul McCutcheon, DVM, outlines his integrated approach to optimizing every aspect of your pet's health.  For those looking to learn more about holistic practices, please check out Dr. McCutcheon's book, below.

Well there you have it. We're in mid-February; only 36 days left to Spring! Have a good week all, and thanks for actioning items in our newsletter. Every single set of eyes and hands on keyboards continues to have a significant impact on the lives of animals. Their fates really ARE in our hands.

For the animals, mitch & stella-luella