February 26, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Now, this is interesting, and I think I'm being only slightly sarcastic saying so. (Once heard it said that sarcasm is "pain wrapped in a bow...but I digress...)  I certainly have my opinion of this, which I've stated fairly clearly in my comments under the the HuffPo article. I also posted it on C4P Facebook page, and got even more comments, many of which shocked the hell out of me. I encourage everyone to read the article, and draw their own conclusions, and hopefully post more opinions.  I know what mine are. Here's hoping the article and comments (dialogue) serve as the "education" purported to be what motivated the zoo in the first place to "broadcast " this birth. I could say more, and I might yet, but right now I'm more interested in what readers have to say... Anthropomorphism? Anthropodenial? (...yes, that's real, ask Frans De Waal...) You decide.  Read here.



Germany's environment ministry bans meat at official functions! The pendulum is swinging, folks! 


...and then I take it one step further... I usually call out and wave to them from the car, and if I have time, I stop and visit. I praise their young, their beauty, invite them to know a human who is non-harmful, who is genuinely interested in their individuality, and wants nothing more in life than their protection, and to give them affection. ...Speaking of darling cows, we have 5 gorgeous girls looking for homes...read on...


LOOKING FOR HOMES -- 5 WONDERFUL COWS These five older girls are looking for a retirement home where they can live out their days in peace without fear of being bred or worse, consumed. They can go in pairs, groups, or together, and if you have a pet cow we can send just one.    The girls range in age from 16 years to 18 years, and are Hereford Xs and one Holstein X. 
The girls found a home who backed out at the last minute. Their placement is time sensitive. Please get in touch via pm or email at ralphysretreat@gmail.com if you have a hobby farm or sanctuary that the girls can call home .
Please note, only vegetarian homes or homes not breeding animals for consumption will be considered. They are pets only.  Thank you!    Located: Ontario, Canada. Contact: Ralphy's Retreat and Farm Sanctuary: 

V eal calves need your attention and your protection. Veal meat is a by-product of the dairy industry, bolstering dairy profits, causing terrible bereavement for the loss of their mothers, deprivation/isolation, emotional and physical distress, cruelty, and ultimately death. Is veal worth all of that? I say NO.



No new dolphins, no new whales for Vancouver Aquarium -- Petition here:

Signatures needed here to rescind licence of vet videotaped being cruel to animals in his practice -- pls share:

Please sign the petition to stop the Montreal rodeo:


Dogs are born with ears and tails. They should get to keep them:

I was reminded this week that Speaking of Dogs offers lovely "bereavement baskets" to pet owner/guardians who have lost a pet. It's a great way to acknowledge and honour our friends/families/colleagues' (pet) losses.  


Vegetarian/Vegan event! YAY Woodlands Wildlife! 

Well, that's enough for this week. Got home to a panic about a dog I know, who's had one of the roughest rides I've witnessed yet. I love this boy. I knew him at 2 yrs of age, and he was just lovely. No manners, but lovely temperament. Have to spring him from a shelter next week, and will be desperate for safe placement for him, with a strong, experienced handler, who can provide safety for this dog so that he might realize SOME happiness after his ultra-shitty first 8 years. More on him next week, after I (hopefully) secure his safety.

Lots more brewing in advocacy folks. LOTS. Some very good stuff afoot. I think we're going to see a lot of resistance against government re: animals in the very near future. Qualitative resistance. Organized resistance. You heard it here first. Stay tuned, and join in!

Just watch me, Justin, et al.

Bonsoir Jacques. Je m'en viens mon gars. Sois patient. J'te quitterai jamais. m.