January 15, 2017 Newsletter

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Re: US inauguration --  We can be heroes, just for one day!  Pls leave your TVs on, on the 20th, even if not at home. The networks monitor what audiences are watching through ratings ...but not through what audiences are NOT watching... so don't turn your TVs off!  On January 20th, set your TV on a science channel, sports channel, or The Weather Channel ... and leave it there all day. If millions (even in Canada) do this, the ratings for the inauguration will plummet. Pls share with ALL friends; doesn't matter which party they belong to, if you oppose a Drumpf administration...For heaven's sakes, steal yourselves and do NOT support / participate in ANY network or cable news on the January 20th  ...'Enuf said...

I have been so impressed by the amount of feedback this network has given me, and the outreach I've received in the last month. Your support is invaluable... The new ideas I've been hearing are priceless! It seems the dire nature of the environment, the world, politics, and the realities of animals are ever more pressing in everyone's minds. I've taken calls from so many of you this last while and I have to say I am SO impressed with the ideas coming forward for advocacy in 2017... it's been so cool hearing from so many of you!  Don't be even remotely shy -- keep those calls coming!  ...Really exciting stuff, that I'll be assisting on, and blogging about, in 2017. Not only are we at a critical point, but I'm also witnessing us join together, and forming a critical mass. Which is EXACTLY what we need to succeed.

So, keep those ideas coming.  Let's keep the momentum going. All ideas are good ideas. Don't EVER be shy to pick up the phone to C4P and reach out. Advocates and activists are primed to act. More than ever, this network is showing itself to be sophisticated, pro-active, responsive, and determined to learn.

Let's keep it there! 


Have you all met our latest Canadian Dog-Star, Angus? 

Indi and Poldi:  wow! 

Love gone wrong... Wish there was more qualitative information on the roots of hoarding...

Frances passes historic Bill to put cameras in ALL slaughterhouses! (thanks Juli Kaiss for posting): 


Domestic animals require a lifetime commitment.  Farm animals need empathy and understanding. Wildlife needs to be respected and protected. Marine mammals deserve their freedom.  Please practice compassion for all animals.

Hi, my name is Homer. I'm a 2 year-old short-haired double dapple dachshund. I have hearing and sight impairments but I'm not sure what that means because I don 't think there is anything different about me. I am available for adoption and looking forward to settling in with my forever family. Find out all about me at: http://www.canadiandachshundrescue.com/.../available-d.../homer/   To request an application to adopt me, please email adopt@wienerdogrescue.com

4 Icelandic sheep - Two moms, each with one young.   Mom # 1 is Daisy - No horns and about 4 or 5 years old. Her baby is Lily Shawn, a boy. He's 3 now, was neutered at one and is a puppy dog. Very, very sweet and affectionate.  Mom # 2 is Rosebud - No horns and about 4 or 5 years old. Her baby is Patches Cookie Dough. She's a brown and white 3 year old with horns and is sweet. She follows Lily Shawn around and follows his lead.   Eggnog is a white Alpine goat. She turned 6 in December. Her horns have been cut at the tips because she was using them on the sheep a lot.  All are very healthy.The woman who's been caring for them for two years now and considers them pets is overwhelmed in trying to find a good home for them so I'm doing what I can to help.   I wanted to ask you if you have contacts for anyone you know who might be willing to shelter 4 sheep and a goat. Owner is hoping to have them return to the school in a years time but that is by no means definite so anyone who takes them needs to be prepared to have them permanently.  She would like them to stay together and be cared for as pets, not simply farm animals.  She's also hoping for somewhere within striking distance of Toronto so she can visit.   Any leads would be appreciated. A lot to ask, I realize.  Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think should see it and include my contact.  Anyone who calls should leave a voicemail since I don't usually answer unknown numbers. Thank you,  Marcia Garel  416-938-4169

Rattie update! GTA, St Catherines, Hamilton, K/W, Niagara Falls.  HOUSING URGENTLY NEEDED.  The ratties have started arriving, and we've had our first set of babies born yesterday.  While we were really hoping that there would be no babies, as our focus are the adults/seniors discarded on the other end, it is a guilty pleasure to see babies in the rescue for the first time!   Our main foster home reported back that they are aVERYchatty group.  We need foster homes (or better, forever families...) for all the ratties coming in, as the numbers are surely expanding.  What we urgently need is housing, housing and more housing! Much of our funds go to vetting the sick and abused animals that we deal with --  housing donations are a life saver.   If you are a foster on the fence and you can provide your own housing we would love to hear from you!  Thank you for your support and please keep spreading the word. Our little abused rattie moms need you all now more than ever.  Thank you all from the mom rats at ACR:   www.allcreaturesrescue.ca
Maggie and Duke are available for adoption. They need a quiet home with a fenced yard where there are no children or other dogs. They love each other  very much, so we're asking they be adopted as a pair. Please share this post to help sweet Maggie and Duke find their forever home soon!   Visit their profile pages to apply to adopt:   http://www.ladybirdanimalsanctuary.com/las705/ and 


The latest on horse-sense! OF COURSE they're giving us cues! 


Baby-talk for dogs -- what do YOU think? (Ed Note: me, not-so-much ... see comments section below article...) 

Important. Attend if you can.


An animal rescuer walked into a mall one day, and saw puppies and kittens for sale... and the rest is history!  Kasey Dunn, Nancy Penrose, and other board and volunteer members of the Social Petwork mobilized for action, to bring the concept of banning the retail sale of pets alive in Ontario!  Five municipalities later, collectively, they've successfully changed the reality for hundreds and hundreds of small pets by encouraging municipalities to look at collaborating with reputable rescues, rather than sourcing animals from puppy, kitten and bunny mills! They've developed a model and resources to share with others -- contact The Social Network here if you're interested in helping ban the retail sale of pets your municipality too!   thesocialpetwork.wixsite.com/thesocialpetwork

Rest in peace Darling Denzel: http://bit.ly/2j1N5wN

Met a beautiful Pitty today, at East York Animal Clinic (while doing a RescueDiaries taping with Dr. Paul McCutcheon,) named Mocca.  An obvious, pure-bred Pit, 14 yrs; has been with her owner since she was 8 weeks old. Gorgeous girl, in for her annual wellness check, with her guardian. Happy to report, she's in good health and good spirits. Yes! Wonderful to spend time with Dr. McCutcheon -- 50 yrs of integrative practice! Watch for upcoming interview w/ Dr. McCutcheon regarding integrative holistic practices, looking at the "whole" of our pets and the "whole" of our practices with them. 

For all the precious animals, m.