January 22, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Fern Sinkins, animal activist and animal rescuer extraordinaire passed away this week. I had the pleasure of connecting with Fern quite a few times through the years and knew her to be an incredibly determined, ardent, vocal and savvy activist. She advocated for animals for decades; I suspect her whole life.  Rest in peace dear Fern. You did good, woman. A LOT of good.

Friends of Fern, please note, several of her cats are currently being vetted and will be available for adoption. I'm sure Fern would appreciate her community stepping up and helping out. If you are interested, let me know and I'll put you in touch with rescuer who is handling the re-homings...


Animal Justice has  filed animal cruelty complaints over the treatment of "Hercules" German Shepherd on the set of the film "A Dog's Purpose."

... as noted in Dawnwatch's communique this week, this is a great opportunity to write letters to editors on your thoughts on animal cruelty -- please take the opportunity if you can to extend your concerns for Hercules to all animals used in entertainment, and/or animal cruelty writ large.

Thank you President Obama, for this last, incredible gift:



T.E.A.M. Dog Rescue:  URGENT - FOSTER NEEDED: many of you have seen this dog's photo as it made the rounds on Facebook the last while. Our rescue was tagged numerous times with pleas to help him. So, we reach out to the shelter to see if we can have the opportunity to meet him and determine if we can indeed welcome him into our care...  Parker is a 3-4 year old Dutch Shepherd mix in desperate need of a new venue. He has been at a local animal shelter since October, and it is time for him to move on, but we need your help.  Allow us to state that we are not the only rescue trying to help Parker, but most rescues, like ours, are trying to find the ideal foster home for him. We hope that one of our collective rescues can in fact welcome him, and soon!
In order to really be able to determine Parker's needs, we asked our behaviourist, at  Paws Above to assess him. She praised him for his sweetness and adoration of people, his love and desire to play ball, and his eagerness as well. We also looked at his skin condition. Hard to gage in this photo, but its bad. Our rescue is very knowledgeable with treating skin conditions successfully with the help of Beaches Animal Hospital. We are prepared to financially invest in Parker's health, it will not come cheap, but we will commit to nursing him back to health if we can in fact welcome him into our rescue. But we need to meet his foster needs first! 
Foster Needs:  No condo, a backyard is needed. No other animals ... Parker barks incessantly at, and postures when seeing dogs. Before we can work on his socialization, he has to feel better, so no other dogs/cats in the home. Rome wasn't built in a day. He has not been tested with kids -- until he feels better, we will not have him around any.  A foster parent who is committed to taking him to his appointments at Beaches Animal Hospital. Ideally, you have Shepherd experience, but this is not a prerequisite. If you feel you can foster Parker, satiate his desire to play at will, and meet the criteria above, pls contact our foster manager, Lindsay at: foster@teamdogrescue.ca.  Please share Parker far and wide, in the hope of garnering the interest of a foster parent who can welcome him into their home and give this fine dog a chance! Thank you! 

So sad to say that dear Bear is STILL waiting for that special someone.  Urgent adult only foster/foster-to-adopt home sought!! This handsome hunk is Bear a Rot tweiler who is neutered and 6 years old. Bear has lived with a female dog and children before, however, he showed concern around the children so a home without children would suit him best. Bear loves pets, belly rubs, walks, and rolling in the grass. Bear does exhibit food and toy guarding and requires a home willing to work with him to overcome those tendencies. Please e-mail me at   ltucker@sympatico.ca if you would like more information regarding Bear. He does have a rescue willing to take him into their care if a suitable home can be found.

One of our Beloved Soulmutts is looking for his new furrever home. Meet Duncan! This handsome boy has been with us for some time now and we have nothing but praises to sing for him! He is wonderful with the pack; large and small. He LOVES to play, run, get attention from the pack leaders, is calm when he should be, and gung ho when you want him to be. He's a dog's dog!   His issue is with living in the city. He could be with us all day long; going to the forest park, hopping in and out of the van, running around the daycare, eating well, having fun... but as soon as he goes out onto the street it's like the walls close in around him and he is bombarded by sounds that make him uneasy. Many dogs assimilate to this environment over time, but some just can't get used to it and that is what has happened here.   What he needs is a home outside of the hustle and bustle of downtown; a place with a backyard - a space to run and play away from the honking horns and bangs and booms of dump trucks and construction vehicles. A chill place in the burbs or the cottage life, is Duncan's ideal place to be! Contact us through Facebook or at: alison@soulmuttstoronto.com, if you or someone you know can give Duncan a new forever home! 


Sign the petition for Hercules:


Follow the leaders: Am currently revising the "Follow the Leaders" page on c4panimalrescue.ca's website. Open to all suggestions for other, prominent, proactive and innovative groups to include. 


We welcome your notices on upcoming advocacy and fundraising events. Please send an email to:  c4p@mediaintelligence.ca  and tell us about your event, including who, what, when, where, why? Add your full contact information: first/last name, name/location of rescue, email coordinates & contact numbers. We'll happily promote your event for you!


Fresh from recent successes in Cambridge, Waterloo, Vaughan, Oakville and providing support to Puppy Mill Awareness Working Solutions in Ottawa, Nancy Penrose, Kasey Dunn, Jenny Storey, Angela Cowan and the Social Petwork volunteers have most recently set their sights on the municipality of Richmond Hill, asking its Councillors to consider banning the retail sale of puppies, kittens and bunnies!  With a little time and some determination, these local heroes are presenting to Council for a vote this January! We're hoping for a positive outcome...  Karen Cilevitz, Ward Council 5, encourages York Region residents to check The Social Petwork: thesocialpetwork.wixsite.com  and the Municipality of Richmond Hill: www.richmondhill.ca for details on how to lend your voice! Thanks to everyone for their hard work! Here's to another success!

Colo Guerilla has died at 60. 

Darling Harley Mason passed away this week. We'd only just met him, and so enjoyed hosting him here over the holidays. He was such a lovely boy, with the best smile, and such determination! He knew he was debilitated as an older gent, but he faced each day with joy, doggie dignity, courage and humour!  His humans are devastated, naturally. But they gave him the BEST life possible; met his every need. His time came, and we are all the poorer for it. RIP HarleyMan. It was a privilege to care for you, Sir.

Congrats to all the wonderful, caring citizens who turned out in droves for the world-wide Marches on Washington yesterday. If we're going to build a more caring world, it's going to take every last one of us to show up and be counted. It worked when the republicans tried to disband the ethics committee in the US last week, and it worked world-wide yesterday. The magic lies in the sheer volume of supporters. So I'm urging everyone to get "demonstration friendly" in 2017. Call me, and I'll join you. Let me know about your events, and I'll promote you. We're all in this together. 

For HarleyMan, with love, m.