January 29, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

"BTW I was reading your C4P Newsletter today and you know what? It was so amazing ... I felt so proud and lucky to be affiliated with you and all the groups. Reading the newsletter made me feel that if we work together we can accomplish anything. Thank you for that..." 
In an attempt to woo a publisher re: my RescueDiaries - Tails from the Road book pitch this week, I had occasion to revisit some of the testimonials I've received throughout time re: C4P's Animal Rescue Newsletter. The message above was sent December, 2011 (woah!) from a dear friend and rescue colleague, who rightfully characterized our network as amazing -- like-minded activists, working 24/7 for the wellbeing of every furred and feathered soul presenting themselves in our lives. We should all be intensely proud of the work that we do. And, when faced with demoralization or low spirits re: same, we should draw strength from EACH and ALL the others who are working concertedly for animals with us ... because we are all in this together. And we're all drawn together, through this incredible network.

Spread the word. Encourage animal-loving friends and colleagues to sign up here for the newsletter: http://bit.ly/2kfYWde


Watch Mary Tyler Moore's message for Farm Sanctuary "Life Behind Bars":

Hey Mary, we're DOWN. Thanks for ALL that you did. Hoping C4P network shares this image as your final message, sister....

Follow up from the Producer of  A Dog's Purpose

3 Abruzzo puppies found in Italian Hotel 5 days after the avalanche:

Prayers for two Bald-Eagles:


Lost Dogs Illinois posted this this week -- sound advice! 

Oh this face! Hi all, I'm Lion King!  
I am a sweet and gentle cat however my time on the streets was very rough for me.
As a result, I contacted Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. There are still many myths about this virus and many are afraid to bring an FIV positive cat into their home. We can live a very long and healthy live, we can also live with other cats. This virus is transmitted through deep bite wounds which usually occur outdoors during aggressive fights. There is a possibility that because my immune system is compromised that I may not be able to fight off an infection, like a healthy cat can. What I can tell you is that I will enjoy living in a loving and warm home and letting you know how much I appreciate you by curling up with you and purring and purring and purring. FIV+ cats need love too!  Come meet me at the HBSPCA  Hamilton-Burlington SPCA

Ladybird Animal Sanctuary We rescued Fiona from Hamilton Animal Control this week!  She came into HAC as a stray.    Fiona is such a sweetheart! Lots of head bonks and purrs for everyone she m eets. We took her to the vet for a much needed dental cleaning, and she did very well. We are awaiting blood work, but the vet thought she was pretty healthy for a senior girl. Fiona will be available for adoption soon!  http://www.ladybirdanimalsanctuary.com/las748/

URGENT! - Needs a home by February 14th!  Beautiful Leeloo is a 3 yr old female spayed and UTD on vaccines. She is sweet, very sociable and loves to  cuddle. She is great with children and other animals. Leeloo is soft and always wants kisses. She will greet you at the door and your visitors. She really is the best cat you could want or dream of.  Her owner is allergic and was planning to take her to the SPCA. No rescues please, as we wish her to go from her current home directly to her forever home. While there is no adoption fee we are asking for a donation. Please contact me (Susan Mackasey/PetitsPawz) through FB or
smackasey@gmail.com. Please share! 


Eggnog the goat and her 4 sheep friends have found a great new home on a rescue farm! 
This is fantastic, but there's one problem. None of their rescuers have access to a suitable vehicle to transport them in. We've made it this far but are now stuck, with no way to make the move happen. We're looking for kind hearted folk who could offer a hand with transport. They need to move from Richmond Hill to just north of Kingston. We can supply the gas but are hoping for a donation of time and or a loan of a horse trailer or other safe means of moving them.   If you can help get these guys to their new home on the farm please contact us at

Please help stop the Montreal rodeo!
(Thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting)

National Anti-Fur Day:  Friday, February 10, 4-5PM, 315 Queen St. West, Toronto  ... Please come and stand up for Asian Raccoon Dogs.

Please sign the petition to bring Kingston's Prison Farm animals home to sanctuary, not slaughter! -- This is a wonderful initiative that I hope our readers will get behind!  http://bit.ly/2jmX3r5

Please sign petition e-718 for better animal welfare laws!


6 amazing things President Obama did for animals:

Rescuer offering Hills Kidney care x 9 cans + half bag of kibble...contact C4P if these would be helpful to a pet you know...


Senior Dog Appreciation! (I would LOVE to go to this!)  Sunday March 19th  10:00 am -  4:00 pm; dogs over 7 years; Canine Wellness Centre, Toronto   Cost: $229  (class limited to 6 dogs & unlimited owners). This program is for dogs entering into their senior years who may have conditions like arthritis, hind-end weakness or just slowing down. Class will incorporate lecture and hands on practice giving a proactive approach to your dogs' body and mind. (Note: not mandatory to bring a dog but if you do, make sure s/he is comfortable with other dogs...)


Lost Pet?

At one point in your life, you or your loved ones will suffer a pet gone missing. It very often happens during fireworks night, thunder storms, or, could simply be an inadvertent gate or door left open and WHAM! ...your life is turned upside down. In this video, Kevin McCormick from Trackers Edge, takes us through some critical information and best practices on how to set the owner (as well as his/her missing pet) up for a successful reunion.

Thanks everyone! Have an idea for a new product or service that you feel would work for animal welfare/wellbeing? Keep that feedback coming. This year, we're going to be focusing hard on innovations for animals.

Have a great week! Best always, mitch.