July 16, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Joe Howlett died recently, saving one of (so many) whales in his time/prime. Bloody godawful response from Americans, suspending whale rescue as a result thereof. I'm sure Joe would roll over in his grave, knowing this is the ensuing action taken...As to Mr. Howlett, may the universe bless you, SIR, for your incredible, heroic efforts and the intense courage, not to mention commitment,  it took for you to "do what you do". We love you Joe. We see you. We are sorry....



The Calgary Stampede ends today, and not a minute too soon. Please inform yourselves, however painful it may be, regarding the outcome of horses that don't "make it" with the bloody godawful Calgary Stampede. No different to Marineland, please ensure your friends and family are AWARE of the horrible back-story on these "commoditized animals" (bless their beautiful hearts....) If you're horrified, or continue to be horrified at this usury of animals, I implore you to stay on it, sign petitions, register your vote with local media outlets who are "polling" the issue, and redouble your efforts, whatever they may be/however they may, to SAY NO TO RODEOS. None of this is going to change, unless you make it happen. So, make it happen! 

Just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions. What does this have to do with animal rescue you ask? EVERYTHING. The more I read, the more I see animal rescue/world rescue intertwined. http://bit.ly/2u6NQwi


Bear & Wolf(ves) become "unlikely" best friends. Not only that, but the female wolf is actually accepted into local bear pack! Photographer speculates perhaps the animals bonded while experiencing something together while young??? I say, trust your instincts, let alone theirs...

How the Vick pitfalls changed animal rescue forever. "...The case "was a tidal shift" in the animal rescue and law-enforcement communities, said Francis Battista of Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, which took in 22 of the Vicktory Dogs, as they came to be known." I met Francis Battista while I was in Mississippi, in the aftermath of Katrina, bringing home Katrina's lost dogs to Canada. I will never forget how privileged I felt to be working alongside him. Through the years, Francis and I have corresponded intermittently; he stepped up to help when one of our Katrina dogs "Joe", who ended up taking an aggressive turn (Joe is at Best Friends' in Utah to this day...) Also, hard-core C4P-ers will remember my little Katrina rescue Francis, who was named after Francis Battista... In any event, Francis is right, the Victory Dogs turned the tides for the perception of pit bulls in rescue... and their impact is alive and well today... 

Another fine example of global animal advocacy!  This is a fascinating read. I did not know that elephants can swim. I'm very grateful to the local conservation crews that brought him to safety...  https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jul/13/swimming-trunk-elephant-rescued-from-ocean-10-miles-off-sri-lanka-coast

More good news on the Canadian "pig scramble" front. Advocates WINNING! 



HELP needed:   Georgina Feral Cat Committee is being inundated with calls for help and we need more volunteers to help us. It needn't be a long term commitment - whenever you can help would be greatly appreciated . We need help trapping cats and driving cats to and from fosters and vet appointments. Training provided. Helping cats in our community is very rewarding and saves lives.  Please contact georginaferals@gmail.com or call 2892317230 ... a nd please share this post ...

Shop local. Support local businesses and local rescues. 

Please network Benji -- MONTHS later, he is still at the shelter...  He is at the  Alliston & District Humane Society   and looking for a new home.  Nothing breaks our heart more  then to see a senior dog lose their home. All senior dogs should feel safe, loved and secure in the remaining time they have left.  Sadly this is not the case for Benji. At 11 years, he is once again searching for a new home. Benji was adopted from Alliston & District Humane in 2013 as "Bandit" and now he is back. Benji needs a quiet, adult only home as he is a scared and nervous boy. He would prefer to be an only dog.  Benji has some special needs as he suffers from severe poultry and grain allergies. These are controlled by specific foods, that can be purchased at most pet stores. He loves regular companionship and he enjoys long walks.  If you can offer Benji the type of home he needs and the unconditional love he deserves, please call the shelter (1 hr north of Toronto) at 1-705-458-9038.  Poor dear dog. Look in those eyes and tell me he's not suffering anxiety...OR, email info@allistonhumane.com as it appears they haven't returned at least 3 calls they've received about Benji. C'mon Aliston! Market/work this boy a little harder! Do him proud for heavens' sakes, he's a senior! (Ed note: people, if you could pls post him out there ... he really deserves to be in a safe, secure home...)



Fascinating and rare! -- Mother lioness adopts leopard cub:

How to manage coyote conflicts -- great info here! 

21 things you didn't know about cows -- #13 is my favourite, not because I support milking cows, I DO NOT, however, the fact that individual/individualized attention has SUCH an impact! 


Woodgreen Pet Food Bank has been restocked with a huge supply of cat and dog food again today [this was just a small portion of it]. The pet food bank is available each Wednesday from 2 pm - 3 pm [I believe the time is], if you know anyone in need. Contact them direct with any questions: 416-645-6000 They are an amazing resource for those in need in the east end of Toronto.  www.woodgreen.org (Thanks Denise Angus for posting!)


Oh for heavens' sakes, if you want a Sunday feel-good, check this out -- Tracy's Dogs, in the States. People, please bookmark their website, and send a link to it for any posts you get from the States with urgent high kill notices. These people are doing excellent work -- they've re-homed thousands from southern high kills ... share, share, SHARE!  BEAUTIFUL! 

....no end to animals in need! Please network Benji above, he's a senior, stuck in a shelter, shell-shocked his family is gone, at 11 yrs of age.... He's a beautiful boy, and has no-one to depend on but YOU. Please be the one who facilitates his forever home. All you have to do is SHARE. Please share him, and "up his chances" of finding a forever home. Please take the time. He is SO worth it. Meanwhile, Alliston Humane, get your shit together! Answer your voicemails! For heaven's sakes, we all want this boy safe. We are trying -- we need you to action! THIS POOR BOY DESPAIRS IN YOUR KENNEL!C'mon man... Please champion Benji...

For all the precious animals, m&s...