July 23, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

As many of you are painfully aware, Cecil Lion's oldest male cub Xanda, was killed this week by a (another) trophy hunter. 
Please stand with Humane Society International, and sign the pledge against trophy hunting. I hope readers don't give in to fatigue on this subject -- the lions need us more than ever as their numbers keep dwindling, and the killing goes on. Help stop it now: lend your name and your voice and stand with HSI, for Xanda, for Cecil, for their entire tribe... 


Toronto waterfronts are hotbeds of e-coli this year -- pls keep your dogs out of the water! 

Historic agreement to close bear bile farms in Vietnam, signed on July 19th:

Even more good news...  Four Paws International does it again -- 9 remaining animals transferred safely to Turkey this week! 

Have you heard about the  upcoming changes to Canada's Food Guide? Check out the article and listen to www.animaljustice.ca Anna Pippus interview -- so heartening! 


All Creatures Rescue ( www.allcreaturesrescue.net) urgently needs help placing a beautiful pair of  bonded bunnies, Penny & Leonard!  One of their foster families is being evicted by a horrible landlord and they need to find a forever or foster home for these amazing rabbits. These two were rescued from two separate areas in ON from extreme abuse and neglect.They fell in love at the vet office, and have been inseparable ever since. There have been no inquires for them after almost a year, even though they are the most amazing rabbits ever. They are very confused about why no one wants them and so is their foster family. A special 2 for 1 adoption fee is in place. They will come with a month's supply of food. They are fully vetted and spayed/neutered, and  are currently in Toronto. To find out more please email  allcreaturesrescue@outlook.com   If you don't have room for this beautiful bonded pair , please take a moment to share them with your networks...

All Creatures Rescue ( www.allcreaturesrescue.net) urgently needs help finding an adoptive permanent or foster home for 3 beautiful cats by Aug 15th. One of their amazing foster families is being evicted by a horrible landlord. These guys came in terrified and neglected, and have come such a long way. Though they are still scared of strangers, they are the cuddliest of cats around "their people". A year of living with dogs hasn't gotten rid of their fear so unfortunately they will need a dog free home. Two of them (Cassie and Spencer) need to go together. Harper (the most abused of the three) can go on her own but will need a nice cat companion. The adoption fee is waived in lieu of a small donation. Harper will be also coming with her favourite cat tree, and all three will come with a month's worth of food. These lovely souls have come such a long way, and wonder why no one has given them the second chance they deserve. They are currently in Toronto and are waiting for a small miracle.  For more info please email ACR at   allcreaturesrescue@outlook.com

Timmie is a great boy who came into foster care with some old spinal injuries that made it hard for him to walk without falling over. He is a special boy who has had a rough start in life (came to us with a tail that looks to have been broken at least once). He has responded well and quickly to his physio exercises, and now runs and plays with just a bit of altered gait. His new home will need to continue to do his physio exercises for the rest of his life - but he loves to do them and it only takes a few minutes a day!  Timmie is a Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix, about 5 years old. He gets along well with other dogs, sleeps in his crate, and is housetrained.  Please contact Rat Terrier Rescue Canada to inquire about adopting little Timmie. 


Disasters & your pets -- are you ready?
Cruelty-Cutter  is cruelty-free shopping made simple -- so cool! (Thanks to Lorraine Houston from Speaking of Dogs for sending!)   http://cruelty-cutter.org/

How your diet can save the planet! 


Remember, if you're hosting an animal rescue event , get the details over to C4P so that we can help you promote it in advance!  ...More and more people are choosing compassionate options, as opposed to traditional ones like formal zoos, marine parks, etc. 

We  have many sanctuaries in Ontario -- most of them host regular tours and/or events throughout the summer and fall seasons -- give them a call, set up a visit, and help educate the new generation about compassionate living: 
Big Sky Ranch, Cornwall, ON
Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary, Lakeside, ON
Donkey Sanctuary, Guelph, ON
Esther The Wonder Pig Sanctuary, Campbellville, ON
Frog Hollow Farm, Princeton, ON
Home Free Farm, Harrowsmith, ON
Painted Rock Sanctuary, Tottenham, ON
Ralphy's Retreat and Farm Sanctuary, St. Williams ON
Ruby Ranch Pig & Farm Animal Sanctuary, Arthur, ON
Wishing Well Sanctuary, West Gwilimbury

This list is not definitive, nor exhaustive ... but it does give you some solid options all over the province, where you can learn about farm animals, and contribute to their wellbeing... 


A quick update on Stella progress w/her ACL injury earlier this year ... Girlies is doing so well! If you had the chance to observe her movements up close, you might notice the slightest difference between the functioning of her left and right back legs -- the left leg now trails the right, by about 1/4 inch. She is, however, putting full weight on left limb, and using it all the time. So while we cannot definitively say that the limb is technically fully stable, if it IS unstable, it's only marginal, at this point. Which tells us that the injury is healing/improving. Vet has discontinued stem cell treatments at this point, but we're continuing nutriceuticals and LED  therapy. I'm optimistic about a full recovery. We'll continue to be cautious with any exercise and see how the Fall rolls out...

Sidebar: Stella and I had to say goodbye to our darling little rescue "truck" this week. We discovered this summer that the entire undercarriage was rusted out and indeed, she died very loudly, on Yonge Street, some 3 weeks ago. Quite the scene, lol! 

This vehicle brought Stella and Mary Anycat, home. Tedman was also a regular co-pilot. She rescued and/or transported countless birds and wildlife in our years together. By virtue of it's "Animal Rescue Transport Vehicle" and "Adopt-don't-shop" stickers, she quietly messaged for animals everywhere she went. 

And speaking of where we went... you saw the list above of farm sanctuaries in Ontario? This little truck has journeyed to all but one of them. It hauled countless supplies, and animals, to farms and domestic rescues...attended so many advocacy events...blocked traffic so many times in intersections and on roadways when there's been an animal in need...

Best news, if there is any here: one of our network contacts, Ashley, from Adopt a Dog/Save a Life, told me about an Ontario program where you fill out a quick online form, to get a "bid" from a reputable wrecker, and a decent offer for scrap metal and parts.They were here within 48 hours, towed her away for free, and best news ever ... are ensuring she is 100% recycled, right down to the fluids. That's SO cool! There had to come an end, and this is a fitting one. Everyone, please note and promote www.retireyourride.ca -- incredible service, I was totally unaware of, but so grateful to find via Ash, and leverage.

As for our little truck, such gratitude, honestly, and such reverence for our time together. I took out all our personal possessions, and put a few "heart stickers" on the steering column, before she was towed away. I loved that damned truck. Seriously. 

Onward... It's high summer! Enjoy, and don't blink! mitch and stella.