July 30, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

3 lions, 2 bears, 2 hyenas, 2 tigers SAVED by Four Paws International! Then they go back, and get the last 2 lions (a male and a pregnant female) and 2 remaining dogs at the Aleppo zoo. Amazing photos of medical interventions performed. Dear souls. I should be there. Rehab's my "thing". Oh, do I wish I could be there to document these animals' recovery stories! (Thanks Dana Margolis for sharing!)

If you can, send $5 here:

Victory: (Monday, July 24) the Parliament of the Balearic Islands voted to eliminate bullfighting! The torture of bulls for public entertainment is now [starting to become] history. Read more:  http://bit.ly/2tu7DlN

Amazing news on the 21 Tilbury Dogs -- congratulations Dog Tales & Animal Justice! Awesome work! Precedent setting in its own way, getting independent assessments done...   

Thousands support Banff She-Bear 138 (sic) -- c'mon media, she's not a "Grizzly" -- she's a Brown Bear. Get it straight. Stop the demonizing... 

South Korean President adopts a meat farm rescue dog! Another precedent setting move, especially for Korea! Well done! 

Canadian Pet-friendly airports...because it's 2017!:


Ya know?  Don't be shy to repurpose this image for the benefit of other animals being hunted. Sometimes visuals work WAY more effectively than words. ...for the visual learners in the crowd...


All Creatures Rescue  URGENT HAMSTER FOSTERS NEEDED!!!   Toronto, KW, Hamilton, St Catherine's, GTA.  Remember the big summer rescue we started back in May? We told you there would be a  part 2 of that rescue. Well...Here it is!!!   We are working on getting more hammies from the original rescue, plus we have been contacted about some hams that have been severely abused and neglected and urgently need our help.  We need at least 20 fosters. If you can't foster we urgently need bin donations such as the IKEA one pictured here. We also could use "Bin Maker" Helpers, and if you can't foster or donate a bin PLEASE spread the word. We currently have over 25 amazing hamsters up for adoption. And we need to help at least 20 more. For info on fostering or how you can help please email us at allcreaturesrescue@outlook.com If you would like to help us with vetting please email us, or check out our PayPal at:  https://www.paypal.me/allcreaturesrescue  
T hank you for your continuous support!

Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge This sad looking coyote pup is one of last nights arrivals. He was hit by a car and also has sarcoptic mange. We will treat both his injuries and his mange and he will hopefully join our gang of rambunctious coyote pups as soon as he clears quarantine. Thanks to the  KW Humane Society and the  Preston Animal Clinic for helping to get this fellow to us.  We are in need of additional chainlink dog kennels (either panels or a full kennel). If anyone wants to donate a kennel they have sitting around and are not using that would be much appreciated. Monetary donations towards the purchase of kennel panels is also much appreciated. http://www.hobbitstee.com

Our search for a forever-in-foster home for Roxanne continues.  Please help us find her a kind, caring and loving home!   This most beautiful foxy-looking lady is Roxanne, a shepherd/collie mix who is approx 5 years old and 45 pounds of affection, antics and adventure! She came into a GTA shelter as a "stray".  Upon examination and a routine spay, veterinarians found mammary masses.  During her spay, the masses were removed and sent to the laboratory for analysis and, to the shock of everyone, the mass came back malignant. We have more information about the type of cancer should you be interested in giving Roxanne a forever-in-foster home but sadly, it has been classed as an aggressive form. Roxanne is a lovely dog and Speaking of Dogs Rescue will sponsor her for the remainder of her days. She is good with other dogs, housetrained, not symptomatic at all -- is in fact running like a silly pup -- some startle response with new people (short-lived if you offer her a piece of hot dog or cheese), crate-trained, and she is good in the car. We are looking for a loving forever-in-foster for her and hope that a kind and caring family can be found. Ideally, a home without small children is preferred (as their fast movements may make her a bit uneasy and trigger startle barking) and a house with a fenced yard and perhaps a dog buddy (although not mandatory as she loves her people) would be so nice for her to enjoy! She loves going for walks but can be reactive on leash.  She is attentive, fun and loves to snuggle up at movie or Netflix time! If you are able to open your heart and home please email  lorraine@speakingofdogs.com  with many thanks for any and all consideration...      


Stand with HSI and prevent Xandu's murderer from bringing home his remains/"trophy":

Sign the petition to save Banff She-Bear "#138" (Ed note: numbering animals has got to stop...):

Plants are adapting to global warming, and are picking up some of the "human slack": 
Beware: Hemlock is poisonous to dogs! Check it out:
Canuck Crow and his person: stumbled on this this week. SO moving! 
Exercise and Dog Reactivity -- interesting study -- amagonna try this!

C4P-ers, please remember: Stella and I RELY on special needs pet-sitting to cover the mortgage and expenses now, more than ever. ... If you or someone you know has a special needs pet, PLS SHARE this attachment with them. My man Django...SUCH a dude! Django and his little sister Chelsea (regulars, here) can come and go freely from my office's patio doors ...But Dj  regularly decides to "forego" the patio doors, and stands  resolutely at the "deck door" waiting for me to "find him" and let him in. He works it like a pro! He goes to side door, and grins his Django grin, and waits to be let in the side door. Every time I let him in thru side door, he RADIATES pride and happiness. Because he's "special". He has special "access". And it means the world to him. Bless his heart! 

... Joke's on ME... who's kiddin' who, here... Isn't Django precious?!?!?!

Note to readers: Correction:  Big Sky Ranch is not in Cornwall, it's in Kemptville . (Ed note: mother would say, right church, wrong pew...)  And Big Sky ROCKS. Go visit Andy, Pauline, Andy's wonderful son (who's name I cannot recall at this moment, but love and respect him dearly...)  Tell them mitch & stella sent you! (more Ed notes: I visited last summer, or summer before. They have a bunch of hens -- you know, the all-white chickens that have all "plumes" on their heads. I love that they call ALL the chickens with plumes "Phyllis Diller" ... so hilarious!)


THIS is the (intensely beautiful) Four Paws International team that rescued the Aleppo zoo animals. May (the) god(s) bless them all, for their foresight, fortitude, commitment and contributions. Honestly. 

It struck me this week, it's JUST a matter of time until I join one of these crews, on the ground. As mother would say "let time work it's magic"... Karma's gonna see me through. Picture me here..or die trying, says I. 

For all the PRECIOUS, precious animals, keep.the.faith.