June 11, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Shout out this week to Marcia Garel, Sandy & Sam Alexander Sokol, Mary Ann Super-Star fricken' Marcuz, and dearest Ariel Lang and dearest Jane Weslowski for being such super-fine humans. Honestly...you do the human race proud!

C4P Animal Rescue Garage Sale (part one) went well ...but we did get a ton of rain at the top and the bottom ends of the day, so we're doing a repeat June 17th! (...that will give you an idea of just how MUCH was donated!...) Such sincere thanks to everyone, for your support and contributions!

BTW, we got a TON of fabulous animal supplies - leashes, collars, harnesses, bandanas, cat beds, dog beds, TOYS! Would love to donate to rescues... any takers? email me... 


Vegan shoe industry to reach $85 Billion by 2025! YES! 


Stella McCartney commits to cleaner oceans and greater recycling (Turn the acid back NOW folks, before it's too late for the world's waters and marine life...)

Have you heard about TelehealthPets? I fortunately/unfortunately had occasion to try the service this week...Super cool to pick up the phone in the middle of the evening with a serious pet crisis, and talk directly to a vet! TelehealthPets is a service run by Ontario Veterinary Telehealth Services that offers pet owners access to a veterinarian every day of the year from 7 AM till 10 PM. The 800-number connects you directly with a veterinarian to talk about concerns or questions you may have regarding your pet, and the Facebook page provides daily health and wellness updates to make your pet experience even better. Check them out @TelehealthPets or 1-800-670-9605.


Please consider erasing the dividing line... Please reduce consumption of meat and animal products...Every action/effort helps...


Fluffy  is a long haired, 3 year old cat with black face and boots, brown body and taupe/gray backside. He is extremely affectionate, calm, curious, friendly and loving. He loves to rub his face in my face and give kisses. Fluffy will let you do just about anything to him as long as he gets your attention and love.
Diego came about a year ago from "Catch & Release" feral cat program. The caregiver from "Catch & Release" realized how friendly and gentle he is, and brought him back to my care instead of releasing him outside my backyard where he came from. He is about 3-4 year old, black, smooth, short hair cat with a bit of "salt & pepper".  Although he is a little on a timid side, he will jump on my bed to get some rubs or just to "chill". He will seek me out wherever I am for belly rubs and affection. He follows Fluffy everywhere and they sleep together most of the time.  I would like Fluffy and Diego to go to a new home together as each one relies on the other for companionship.  I would be more than happy to help them to transition to a new, loving home, and maybe get an update from time to time and photos of how they are doing. 

Shachar  is 4 year old black, short haired feral cat that came to my house one winter to keep warm, and just never left.  Although she doesn't like to be picked up, Shachar  loves to rub herself around your legs and loves to get rubs and treats. Her fur is short and silky like a plush toy. Shachar needs a home with a humane person that love cats, no matter what, and wants them to be warm and safe.  If you are interested in adopting, please email sonya3@rogers.com or call 416.873.4485. (Ed note: love that ear-tip!)


Sign the petition for an Animal Rights Bill in San Francisco:


New tracking device for (lost) pets:

Cats and "whisker fatigue" ... who knew? (Thanks Juli Kaiss for posting):

Does your pet have issues with thunderstorms?
People, please please please leash your dogs in wooded urban areas and prevent a run-in with coyotes.  As the wonderful Mr. Frank Klees once stated in an editorial he wrote... "Coyotes: learn to live with them!

C4P Special Needs Pet Boarding... Please  share, and help us support more "special needs"  animals! 



Well, I was all excited to receive an update on my friend Jacques Montpetit this last week. Regrettably, the photo files were too high res, so I'll have to adjust and will send out update next week. He's doing amazingly... 

Stella Nadon continues to heal her ACL injuries, and do well with her holistic treatments. She's majorly pissed with LED red lazer light treatments... Gotta keep her on lock down, but I'm darned proud of her (and me!) for staying the course, and having faith in alternative treatments...

Thanks to everyone for their support and good wishes this week with our "special needs" Princess Di Pietro. So happy to say she is home from emerg and doing extremely well...bright, EATING (thanks gods)... Some of you may "know her" from the blogging I've done about her. I have to say, she is the MOST precious soul. She's intuitive, speaks human English fluently, tells time, care-gives other animals ALWAYS, is stalwart, determined as s***, and loves her momma Tammie FIERCELY. And Tammie loves her back, FIERCELY. It's a beautiful thing to witness! At 13 yrs, and physiology totally complicated by diabetes, I'm so happy to say she is doing fine right now. Amen! Love my Prin... 

Wow. What a week! June 11th... I resent this time of year, in that, each week (week over week) time just escapes. It's early May, then it's mid-May (how did that happen?) then it's early June, and mid-June (C'MON slow this train down for gods' sakes..) Why is it that June is only ever 3 days long, yet January is 3 months long?

So grateful for the good weather; so grateful Princess is alive and thriving tonight. So grateful to my "rescue tribe". Grateful my darling Stella is continuing to heal. 

It's all good. Saw this, this week. Made über sense.

Adios amigos, until next week, mitch and stella.