June 18, 2017

Dear animal lovers, animal advocates, animal rescuers and animal activists:

If I've said it a thousand times, I'll say it again: what an incredible tribe you are! To know you, is to love you, truly...

Special shout out to Marnee & Diego Buckles... awesome help today with C4P Animal Rescue garage sale. What a STAR! We raised some serious cash, but also raised some serious attention to animal rescue... Thanks Marnee ... awesome support, and some damned good laughs too! 


WOW! California could become the first STATE to ban the retail sale of animals! 

Indiana passes "Good Samaritan Law":


Honestly, you only need to screw this up once, and then you TOTALLY understand: 

LOL! (thanks James McLean for posting)...See a professional. Your dog will thank you! 

Hi everyone! It's me, Jacques (but all my new friends call me Jocky)! 
...I'm 9 years old, and I'm a real dog's dog!

I can't believe I have to say this, but through no fault of my own, I'm needing a new home ...I really just want to put my feet up and be a family dog. Do you know where my forever family is? I need to find them...To be honest, I'd really like a calm home, with mature people, and no kids under 12. I wouldn't mind sharing with another dog (an older girl-dog would be perfect) and I'm willing to learn to live with a cat (I saw one at the vet's last week. Cats think they're so special, but me, I wasn't really that impressed!) So, If the cat's ok with it, I think I can be too!)

The last few years have not been easy. My human mom Catherine died at Christmas time, 2011. She was such a nice lady -- I loved her! Mitch and Stella lived next door to me...Then I went to live Catherine's family for a while, but they were too busy with new kids to really take care of me. One day a few months ago, I went for a run, and holy smokes... I ended up in a shelter! I didn't mean to... and didn't know it was such a dangerous place! Thankfully my friend Mitch (and her friends) made sure I got the heck out of there. She sent me to Dalton's kennel and that's where I'm living right now, with a bunch of cool dogs!  I've been here for about 3 months and Dalton and I have really gotten to know and like each other!  He's a great guy! 

I have a new lease on life now. Dalton will tell you that I'm real friendly with people; I'm active and I love to play outdoors! A fenced home would be real nice. I was just at the Vet this week. I let her take some blood (I got GOOD blood!) and she checked my teeth and ears and everything!  I'm up-to-date on vaccines, and neutered. I'm a good listener, I come when I'm called, and I know my basic commands. 

I'm real happy and smiling all the time, and I like to play with other dogs. But I'm not just good lookin', I'm SMART too! I shake both paws, and I really like paying attention to my humans! I'm good on leash -- if I could go for more walks, I'd be even better! I don't pull, but I want to sniff the entire world! 

C4P Animal Rescue and Adopt a Dog/Save a Life are working together to find my forever home. If you feel you can give me a safe and loving home, please write them about me SOONEST! All you have to do is fill out an online application. Then, my homie Mary Anne will call you for a phone interview, a home visit and (oh, say it's so...)  a meet and greet! I'm in the Belleville area, but I'll travel to the ends of the earth to find my forever family...

I'm a special, handsome dude! I have good manners! I just want a soft place to fall. I will love you, take care of you, and I will make you smile and laugh! I want to lay my head down, each night, knowing I'm safe, that I'm loved, and that I will never have to change families again... cause I'm a family kinda guy. Could you please be my forever family? Contact Mary-Anne, at  www.adoptadogsavealife.com, or my BFFs Mitch and Stella, at c4p@mediaintelligence.ca .

Please come find me, love, Jocky.



I'm sure you've all heard about the egregious chicken cruelty at Lilydale Chicken Suppliers that Mercy for Animals Canada recently exposed... Please sign the petition to tell LOBLAWS not to tolerate cruelty to animals in their supply chain:   http://bit.ly/2sq56eE

Further... "Wicker says a  far more effective strategy is to support the non-profit groups that expose these abuses and lobby government representatives to make broader changes..."

Sign the petition to tell Atlas Air to stop shipping horses to slaughter:

And another petition to help protect Ontario's black bears from being shot by police:   http://bit.ly/2sBXTsU


Had these "word clouds" designed for "C4P's special needs petsitting services". Please download the image to your desktop, and keep handy for the next time someone's looking for truly qualitative pet boarding -- especially for the fragile, needy ones ... Would so appreciate anyone who might post on Facebook too, and help me spread the word... Special needs petsitting is our (me & Stell's) major source of income, and facilitates this newsletter, amongst so many other rescue activities... 

Did you know about the potential for water intoxication for dogs?

Regarding "rescue burn-out" (once more, with feeling...)

I think I've posted this before, at least, I've seen it before, and I find it FASCINATING! Do you know your giraffes??? What's your favourite? 

Masai Giraffe is my favourite! 


People, get out and support local farm sanctuaries! It's a wonderful thing to spend a day on a farm, actively contributing to, and interacting with, the animals (not to mention other humanimals in your rescue tribe...) Esther's and Ralphy's are only two of several Ontario sanctuaries who truly cannot exist without help from our community...


RIP my darling little friend Lexis Brouillard, who passed away last Saturday at 14+ yrs.  Lexis was one of my first official "special needs" clients, when I decided to formalize the work I was doing with geriatric animals. It was always really special to host her, and it  was a special challenge to bring "enrichment" to her visits here. She had tremendous needs as a result of spine damage from a freak accident yrs ago... She was always so stalwart, and cheerful, and totally engaged with the world around her. When she was happy, she had the best.smile.ever.  Her parents, Nancy and Marc did a yeoman's job caring for her since her accident. It could not have been easy, but everything they did was absolutely FILLED with love for her. It was a privilege to care for her, and also a privilege to witness all that her humans did to make her life brighter. We will all miss you little one, and we'll never forget you Lexis. 

For all the precious animas, m&s.