January 22, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Hello friends! Just a quick programming note... will not be publishing next week; taking long-weekend off for a little break...

Read this article this week:

I often jokingly refer (in online comments) to "revenge of the animals", when I read articles like above. We're so far still, from really understanding all animals' capabilities; their use of individual language and messaging systems, let alone intention ... but one cannot dispute events like this, where whales seemingly "push back" ... or, like the recent elephant who used his weight/power to crush the man hunting him... Examples of "revenge of the animals" are being documented more and more...Perhaps it's better stated as "revolt of the animals"... in any event, there is MUCH more going on with animals than even the best of us can admit to, let alone articulate. Suffice to say, there is a growing body of anecdotal evidence that shows us quite clearly that animals KNOW what's going on, they are amassing, and are taking leadership and active positions in their own ways ... hopefully in years to come, we will realize what we are witnessing on some levels is the "resistance movement" of the animals themselves... Please universe, let me live long enough to not only witness animals' reactions to certain events, but to be one of the people contributing to the articulation of same ... 

Meanwhile, go, animals, GO! We've got your backs! Show us your true colours! Teach us something more about life and death, right and wrong. I don't know about you, but I'm VERY busy listening and learning, praising, and appreciating...noting...sharing...


City of Toronto cracking down on off leash dogs! $350 fine! 

New York City votes to ban wild animal performances from circuses!

Increasing number of autoimmune diseases in dogs:

American Brown Bear (AKA "Grizzlies") to lose endangered status
(sob) (thanks Lawrence Pinski and Juli Kaiss for posting):

Folks, if you could download this image and post to your Facebook pages, it would really go a long ways to raising awareness of the devastation of fireworks on other animals...

Another great image to keep on your desktop: 24 hour veterinary hotline! 


This is another GREAT image to add to your email signature during the coming months, to help educate friends/family members ... you've heard it before, if it's too hot/cold for you, it's too hot/cold for the animals... 


Sherlock, Mycroft, and Watson are three brother rats who came into the rescue incredibly shy, skittish, and under-socialized. Over the last few months, it has been a pleasure to work with them; see their personalities develop; and to watch them learn to love humans and seek affection. These are three active, friendly, curious, smart boys who love to interact, play, and explore. Sherlock is the boldest - he was the first to take a treat from his foster mom and was the first to crawl into her hand for cuddles. Watson is slightly more reserved, but learns to trust quickly and then will enjoy out of cage playtime with his foster mom and brothers. Mycroft can't help but make you laugh as he has his own way of doing things, whether it's carrying toys into his hammock or rearranging the entire cage. Each is sweet, loving, and incredibly unique. They have so much to offer their human companions. Favourite treats include pasta, frozen peas, and strawberries...

(Ed note:  waiting and counting down to Jan.5th, 2020, 9:00 AM. Next trajectory for yours truly, is RATS! ... and I cannot wait...) 

Petition to replace Montreal Caleche Horses with electric carriages:


Beautiful read here on elephants (thanks Karen Piercey for posting):
For the activists in our tribe:  Authoritarianism is making a comeback -- Here's how to defeat it..."    
The best gauge of the health of a resistance movement, then, is whether the size and repr esentativeness  of active participation (read local, decentralized) are growing."


Animal activist and Body/Mind/Spirit Coach Kimberly Carroll is leading a " Soul Journey to Egypt" in January 2018 in benefit of  Canada's Animal Justice and the  Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals
This 10-day growth odyssey in the land of the Pharaohs will be a rare, small group journey for women and men of discovery, enlivening, and renewal among the most awe-inspiring ancient sites in the world. From the exotic markets of Cairo to hot-ballooning over the monuments of Luxor to sailing the Nile like Cleopatra, mystical Egypt (with a little help from Kimberly) will awaken your most powerful and alive self.  Go on an adventure of a lifetime, help the animals!   



Our darling little friend Cesare has passed this week, at 13 yrs. Cesare, and his family and I, go back quite a ways. He was a Moosonnee Puppy rescue all those years ago. Ended up in Toronto, with a friend/colleague who was just starting out/charting out her professional path in television production. She, and then boyfriend Gabriel, adopted Cesare, and set about creating a family. Cesare used to visit mediaINTELLIGENCE offices when Stormy lived with us. The two were great buds. Cesare was about 15-20 lbs, to Stormy's 80. They would tussle and tussle every minute they had together. Because Stormy was handicapped, it was really a wonderful event for Cesare to come visit, and play with him. It was so heartening to see Stormy just.be.a.dog. Readers may recall Christmas 2016 "puppy-jam" when Cesare and 4 other dogs stayed with us. I was so grateful and privileged to host him, and enjoyed every second of his stay with us. 


Heather wrote in Thursday evening to advise the sad news. It occurred to me that Heather and Gabe's children are old enough now, to always remember Cesare. And as a result, Cesare will have set the stage and tone and habits for these children's future dogs' happiness, stability and health.  A fine legacy.


To know him was to love him. RIP my dearest-darlingest friend, Cesare.


Unbelievable, what happens, week over week in rescue...I remain solidly indebted to this  community... Can't use the word incredible, because you are ALL so CREDIBLE, but humbled, appreciative, aware, grateful... m&s...