March 12, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Good morning and happy daylight savings time to everyone! It's almost Spring!

This week's update on my friend Jacques Montpetit -- handler advises Jacques is doing really well socializing with other dogs.  He's getting lots of play/engagement time at the kennel ... several hours a day of much needed exercise, fresh air, exploring and socialization.  He seems quite happy and definitely has his basic commands.  His kennel costs to date have been paid for, and we're now building a small kitty for his upcoming veterinary exam (in about a month). He has not been vetted in years, so the exam will have to be a comprehensive (read: expensive) one.

One of our readers was concerned last week at my characterization of "Jacques will need a strong male (handler)". Jacques appears to bond quite well with men. And he's also a big boy, with (as yet) not great leash manners. So yes, he will need a physically strong male -- but not a dominant male, if that's the interpretation I put out there...If Stella, at 60lbs, spent three years pulling me off my feet while teaching her to leash walk, we do think it's best if Jacques (closer to 75 lbs) has someone physically strong to handle him while he works on his leash manners...

Jacques is coming along terrifically. His handler had no qualms this week stating that Jacques was going to re-home successfully. So awesome news on the Jacques front!  Stay tuned and please keep your ear to the ground for a new home for this boy... Extra special thanks to the Pellman and Montpetit families for sponsoring Jacques' rehab by helping with costs! 


Canada attempts to enter the 21st century...not voted on yet, but promoted...:

RCMP Officer removed from Musical Ride for horse abuse (Ed note: grrrrr.)
BC targets irresponsible pet breeders with actual legislation! Go figure! 


Please share these images on your emails and social media... images are powerful educational devices...


Readers, please share: These five older (Ontario) girls are looking for a retirement home where they can live out their days in peace without fear of being bred or worse, consumed.   They can go in pairs, groups, or together, and if you have a pet cow we can send just one.  The girls range in age from 16 years to 18 years, and are Hereford Xs and one Holstein X. The girls found a home who backed out at the last minute. Their placement is time sensitive. Please get in touch by email: if you have a hobby farm or sanctuary that the girls can call home.  
Please note, only vegetarian homes or homes not breeding animals for consumption will be considered. They are pets only. Thank you! 


Please help keep this bonded pair of polar bears together:

Meet the 5 Canadian lawyers who are changing the world for animals (Ed note: I think I've published this before, but came across it again and truly feel every advocate in Canada should know what these women are up to, because they are doing some serious heavy lifting...):

Please help put a stop to the PEI "pig scramble". Advocates were successful last year in getting Nfld to stop, so let's make sure PEI hears our dissenting vote, loud and clear!


Bunch o'good reasons for NOT feeding your pet rawhide products:
Is your dog showing guilt for bad behaviours, or is it actually fear?

Posted this week by Moby, who incid, offered to pay any fines Anita Krajnc might be dealt in May...
If tomorrow everyone in the world went vegan: 250,000,000,000 animals would be saved every year; rainforest deforestation would be reduced by 90%;  antibiotic resistance would be reduced by 75%;  climate change would be reduced by 45%;  heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and most cancers would be reduced by over 50%.  W e can keep using animals for food and destroy our health, our environment, our climate, and the lives  of 250 billion animals per year.  OR,  we can wake the f*** up.  the choice is ours.

Video of the Week

Trump's wall is BAD NEWS FOR ANIMALS:

For Ingrid Newkirk ... I am grateful to you for standing so strong for Anita Krajnc and the Save Movement this week. Everyone keep your fingers and toes crossed for a (hopefully) PRECEDENT SETTING RULING from a (hopefully) COMPASSIONATE JUDGE.  m.