March 19, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Just a quick note this week to thank everyone in our community who have recently helped me by posting my "special needs petsitting" flyers (see below) to their networks. So grateful for your support -- new clients calling! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Kennels are fine for some dogs, but special needs pets really benefit from home environment. Happy to oblige -- we love them all! 


China approves a HUGE national park for cats: 

Board lends unanimous vote against keeping cetaceans at Vancouver Aquarium! YES!

Serious food for thought. What are the whales doing? Why? Thanks Jules Kaiss for posting:

Guatamala leads the way with game-changing animal cruelty laws!


(Ed Note:  Altho named "Rampage", this young boy is actually a real sweetheart/Teddy Bear kind of dog -- owner is young and receiving qualitative mentoring from experienced rescuer  in the community. Vet bills are horrific. So is the story of how he came about such bills. He's a beautiful young dog who has been through quite  the ordeal  in his first year and more trouble to come... Read on, and see if you might be able to lend some dollars towards his medical care... you can see in photos  below, just how sick he was and just how much of a sweetheart he is... )

At less than a year old, my Rottweiler was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Anti-inflammatories were prescribed and within a few day of his first vet appointment, he was rushed to emergency where he underwent exploratory gastro-intestinal surgery. Doctors performed life-saving surgery repairing an ulcer that went  sideways --  that made him deathly ill. Hospital stay and emergency care resulted in fees in excess of of $10K in addition to the original vet bills of $1.5K for two prior appointments. I owe over $12K and Rampage still requires hip replacement surgery which will be an additional  $7K.  I work in retail and funds are limited. Rampage is my world; he made me whole helping me recover from the loss of my first Rottie's passing. If you could a) help Rampage and I with any donation towards his medical bills or b) if you could post on social media and spread the word about his go fund me account, we would be grateful and appreciate all that you can do to help.

Precious soul! Just a year old... so many trials and tribulations! let's get him out of the woods, and on his way to a full and happy life! 

Roxy is now ready for her next chapter of life - her forever home! Roxy is an amazing 10 year old German Shepherd whose owner passed away in January. She is a brilliant dog, social, housetrained, great house manners, good in the car, loves people and all-around beautiful soul inside and outside. If you are interested in giving Roxy her forever home please email LOVE THIS GIRL! PLEASE SHARE!


Please support HSI's petition for A Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act:

Please help demand justice for Grace Chimp:

Lend your voice to this petition for Toronto anti-tethering law:


One day. One slaughterhouse. 11 thousand. Please consider reducing your meat consumption  in honour of these dear animals' lives ...

Read up on canned dog food here (thanks James MacLean for posting):


Remember to email us a JPG image or text copy of your event (including who, what, when, where, why) a week or two prior to event. We are happy to promote animal events and encourage everyone to participate as much as possible. Bring your kids, neighbours and their kids, support your broader rescue community, and help educate the next generation...

Video of the Week
Heads up, small business owners! , lead by highly experienced Canadian television producers Liz West and Laura DBattista (former Citytv gals), create video content that provides informative, relevant and entertaining stories for entrepreneurs stories that people will want to share about your business!  is a great way to get the news out about your organization, product or service.  Invest in your business and in video content...powerful marketing pieces that make your story resonate with your unique audience!   M. Michelle Nadon

I had the pleasure of working with two weeks ago, and they came to do a video shoot at my house, to do a feature story on my "special needs petsitting services". Please bear in mind I seldom have that many dogs in my home at once... it was a special day, and I'm so grateful to
Tammie Di Pietro for bringing all-stars Princess and Valentino, and also Nancy and Marc Brouillard, for bringing precious Lexis to visit, so that we could showcase a variety of medical cases that enjoy vacations and home boarding stays "chez Mitch et Stella". Django and Chelsea were on their regular once monthly stay here. Princess is a little frantic in the last frame...only cause mom had arrived to pick her up and at that point, I was redundant! Below frame is me and my man Django. He's SUCH a special guy! 


Off to an all-day seminar today on geriatric dogs, at Special thanks to for facilitating my attendance, and making it possible for me to draft up "best practices" for the day, for the betterment of our entire community. Anyone interested in my notes on the session, contact me via email and I'll be happy to shoot you a copy! 

For Teddy Bear Rampage, we've got you boy. Thanks to any and all for supporting, even with the smallest amount. $12K+ is a TON of money to pay. I won't comment on why or how these bills are so high; suffice to say, we do what we have to do, for them all, but especially the youngsters who can brave the intervention...

Have a good week all; keep the faith! m.