March 26, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Presented my first talk on animal advocacy to LUSH Cosmetics employees this week... It was so bittersweet to throw up a slide-show that opened/closed with photos of my best-ever-goon, Cyril. He was born July '91 at my younger sister's farmhouse.  We lived together 14 years, 2 months and 10 days. 

My greatest concern in adopting my first dog at 31 yrs of age, was that I might not be a good-enuf mother. One of my older sisters, at the time, made a comment that Cyril would be "under the wheels of streetcar in no time, in downtown Toronto". Hardly charitable, but that comment galvanized me into ensuring he'd be the best-trained dog ever.  Cyril did not disappoint. In fact, he excelled. He rivalled Skidboot -- the only dog I have ever known who was more developed /self-actualized:  

What was the magic? First, we were oh-so-bonded. Second, I simply talked to Cyril all of the time. He had an extensive vocabulary. In fact, when he went largely deaf as a senior, he'd been so habituated to hand signals, that he took easily to American Sign Language - not the singular A-B-C alphabet, mind, but all the hand signals, for car, house, walk, treat, "come find me" -- all of it. Used a book called "Signing for Toddlers"...

Cyril died in my arms in September, 2005, while Hurricane Katrina ravaged Toronto news services. A simple email at the time to 50 friends put out a call to support Katrina animals. The response was astounding. In the ensuing weeks, I organized 3 trips/teams to the deep south, to bring home as many dogs as we could to Canada.

Long-time C4P advocates will remember that email updates from those road trips, became today's C4P Animal Rescue Newsletter. 11-12 years later, we have a monster mailing list, with each newsletter ensuring that dozens, hundreds, and ultimately thousands of animals have received support through our network, year over year. All in Cyril's name. He was the catalyst for the C4P Animal Rescue Network; the network is his legacy, and it's my labour of love. 

I am so grateful for all the life-lessons my darling Goon gave me, and so intensely grateful to this network for responding to our story.   All the animals, read: thousands upon thousands, have Cyril, as well as and our supporters, to thank.

Cyrilito. My Goon. Kindest, sweetest, smartest, darling-est doggie-do. Awesome job. Thanks to Wendy Watts for this beautiful, cherished drawing. 


I mentioned earlier this year that C4P's 2017 focus will be on innovations in rescue. Below, is one initiative, of many, that I feel is the future of advocacy. I urge all readers to sign up, get involved, promote and support:

..."I am so pleased to announce the launch of our exciting new Evolve Our Prison Farms website: Our initiative "Evolve Our Prison Farms" is taking next steps towards making the sanctuary vision a reality. Representatives of EOPF met with Mark Gerretsen on February 28th, to present an "evolved farm" proposal (plant-based agriculture enhanced by sanctuary) in the hope that this model will be included in parliamentary discussions this year. EOPF has sent copies of its proposal to Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and opposition party critics, as well as a number of individual MPs who are attuned to animal concerns.  Please visit and share on social media.  The site includes clear suggestions for taking political action so that when the parliamentary discussion takes place within the next few months, sanctuary will receive a fair hearing. Also, w e recommend that you take a look at the "Public Support" section of the EOPF website - it's a collection of comments you provided along with your petition signatures. Wow, what an incredible job you all did at communicating support for sanctuary!   For sanctuary,  SAVE THE HERD"


Great article here on inter-dog aggression here:


Oh my... guess who got neutered?? He is so cute...I wanted to stick him in my pocket....a little tiny dwarf.......xoxo...Then I thought, wow you deserve a great home....If you're looking for the most amazing dwarf bunny boy... (thanks James McLean for posting) contact:   Toronto Animal Services 146 The East Mall, Toronto! 

Sky is a two year old female Bull Terrier/Cattle Dog mix and is a real blue-eyed beauty! She has a full surrender sheet at the front desk. Her only issue she does not like to be alone, and has quite the voice when she is. She lived with a toddler and 5 year old and was amazing with both. She likes other dogs as well. Cats are unknown as she didn't have any kitty house mates. Her stunning light blue eyes will cause instant love, as well as her friendly loving attitude. Quinte Humane Society 613-968-4673. 

Chance is a spayed female one-year-old Bullmastiff mix who is looking for a new home due to his current owner experiencing health challenges. During her growth phase Chance's bones grew very fast and a small bone in her elbow broke and a bone fragment needs to be removed. Speaking of Dogs Rescue has already had her for an orthopedic consultation and will be covering the cost of the elbow surgery. We are looking for a foster-to-adopt home for sweet young Chance so that she doesn't need to be bounced around from home to home. Her orthopedic surgeon is in Caledon (foster-to-adopt home will need to get her to and from the clinic at least twice perhaps three times) and we hope to book her surgery in mid-April. For more information on Chance can you please visit site or email please share and post for all to see so we can get her into a loving home before surgery time, with thanks!


Please help stop these people from bludgeoning squirrels to death:


A nice article on Charlie Russell and his fabulous bear studies:


Opening hearts and minds! Meet a Mercy for Animals Investigator, Tuesday, March 28th 5-8PM Cosmic Treats, 207 Augusta Avenue, Toronto!

The Animal Guardian Society (TAGS) Celebrates 30 years with the Howlywood Walk of Fame Gala...  May 6th, 2017 at Tosca Banquet Hall in Oshawa Cocktails 5:00 pm, followed by dinner and dancing with professional DJ and radio host Brian Cox.   The night will include a silent auction with a variety of items you won't want to miss. TAGS invites animal lovers   to attend and supporting this amazing milestone.  Founded in 1987, TAGS has achieved its success through the hard work of dedicated volunteers.  Our ability to continue our work depends solely on donations, and fundraising events.   Tickets can be purchased online at / or go to  for more information.


Heads up, small (rescue) business owners! , lead by highly experienced Canadian television producers Liz West and Laura Di Battista, create video content that provides informative, relevant and entertaining stories for entrepreneurs stories that people will want to share about your business/rescue/sanctuary!  is a great way to get the news out about your organization, product or service.  Invest in yourself and in video content...powerful marketing pieces that make your story resonate with your unique audience! Please share!

For my Goon, with the greatest love. m.