May 7, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Here's what  had to say about results of #pigtrial this week... " The next time someone offers water to panting pigs, let's hope prosecutors pursue those responsible for causing those pigs to suffer in the first place":

I didn't have time to complete the blog I want to write this week, regarding the outcome of Anita's trial. But I will say this: if any of you are looking for a shot of hope (you and who else's army, right?) please take a few minutes to go to Toronto Pig Save's Facebook page, and scroll down to the video interviews done outside the courthouse, after the charges were dismissed. Therein, you will meet the MOST beautiful young lady, McKenna Grace. She's a hollywood starlet (good for her) who FLEW into Toronto from LA with her mother, to attend the trial. She is the most articulate woman-child I've EVER had the pleasure of listening to. She is 1000% dead-on with her messaging for animals, and drives it home like no other. She will be a future president/leader, I can assure you. Meanwhile, she's the strongest young advocate I've ever had the pleasure of being exposed to (and most of you know I really really really don't have much regard for kids, lol).  She handled the cameras and questions as capably as anyone. She's clearly an empath.
Scroll down to May 4th, Jane Valez's video, at 5:36 PM. 
Seriously. Do it. You will feel so much better about the future of OUR world.

As for Anita, well done woman. Huge love to you, and high praise for your most excellent lawyers. Anita started the Save Movement 5-6 years ago, all by herself on Toronto's lakeshore ...Today, there are more than 150 Save Groups worldwide, and growing. It's an international movement, the time is now; more and more are getting onboard. High praise to all who got out there to support. Such gratitude to traditional media for ongoing coverage of the story. Even more gratitude to those who are choosing to keep meat off their plates. 

Anita is back in the court system facing obstruction charges on May 17th. She crossed a police line, trying to help a distressed pig in the aftermath of the truck rollover in Burlington that we are all still reeling from. I'd do the same; I know most of you would too. 

Stay tuned, but better still, SHOW UP. Change won't happen if you just sit behind your computer and wish it so. Burlington Courthouse, May 17th. See you there. 

Anita, Mckenna, deep breath. There aren't words.  Me and the Lakeshore livestock. Huge history. So much trauma and pain...


The 5 most dangerous dogs -- now THIS is worth sharing! 

Bird mortality and glass. Read this:

It's Baby Season Again... Toronto Wildlife Centre is rockin'... here's how to help:

Please keep your dogs out of Lake Ontario, it has super high levels of e-coli
(thanks Antonia Zerbisias for posting):


Such a beautiful young woman, with such an important message. Bless her.


Foster or forever home needed -- Bella, 7-8 year old.  Bella is a gorgeous, red-brindle shepherd/collie mix. She as always had the same owners. Due to a new baby, Bella is in need of a new home. She is a gentle and sweet dog, but the baby makes her uneasy and nervous. She is best suited to a calm, quiet home without small children. We seek a kind, patient adopter who will give Bella time to transition to a new home and build her confidence and coping skills. Bella has never shared her home with another dog or cat - she is best as an only pet. We feel she would do well in a quiet 'hood where she can go for walks without meeting up with lots of other dogs. A house with a safely fenced back yard would be ideal. She needs leash training, as she is strong and she pulls. She does not enjoy off-leash dog parks. She is housetrained and knows basic commands. She takes treats very gently and loves to snuggle on the couch. Bella weighs approx 55-60 pounds (small enough to feed, big enough to take seriously!) She is healthy, UTD on vaccines and spayed. If you feel you can give this very deserving girl a safe and loving home, please see the adoption/foster information/application our website: 
or call us for more information 416-787-3862. 
Mary Anne  (Ed note: I had the pleasure of meeting Bella and doing an assessment on her today. She is just the loveliest girl. She is so gentle, so unsure, very loving, has the softest coat!  I swear if I had room, I'd take her in in a nano second, and make her my dog. She is just lovely. PLS SHARE  this beautiful girl on social media,  and help us find the right forever family for her. She's heartbreakingly sweet, not to mention gorgeous...

I got a call from this young woman Kristen, a couple of weeks ago, about 3 abandoned dogs on a property, 2 of whom needed serious medical, and none of whom were being fed. With some help, she managed to get the landlord to support her, and ultimately got custody of the dogs, and they have since been brought to safety. The vet bills are large; she could use some help. Honestly, she pulled off a miracle here. She went to the wall to secure these dogs. If anyone can help, she/the dogs certainly deserve the support. Pretty graphic content in some of the photos. No accidents in the universe, folks... Let's support next gen rescuers...


City of Toronto is holding consultations on exotic pets.   
PLEASE PARTICIPATE!  Zoocheck is encouraging everyone concerned about animal welfare and/or human health and safety to make their opinion known by emailing comments to: You don't need to be an expert! If you just want to say that you support ending mobile live animal programs with prohibited animals in the City of Toronto, a simple email with that message will still have an impact.  Public consultations are complete now, but hopefully they're still accepting feedback via email... (thanks Juli Kaiss for posting):

PLS share this image from any B.C. folk you know ... Politicians need to hear from people before May 9th! 


Recent Speaking of Dogs Newsletter has an excellent article on how to introduce a new pet to your existing pet. Take a few minutes, and by all means, bookmark it for the next person you know who's going to introduce a new dog:
E-cigarettes and pets -- nicotine is highly toxic to dogs; incidents of toxic poisoning are rising:

"...Horses are emotionally highly attuned -- not all that different from the animals they carry on their backs." 


Does the rain in Ontario and Quebec qualify as a community event? Methinks so. The Weather Channel has issued recommendation for people to reduce their waste water this weekend, in an effort to not overload local systems... So please delay laundry, long showers, use of wastewater... Just sayin'.


...We extend our deepest thanks to the kind and generous people who gave us financial, moral and emotional support last week. The seemingly inevitable prospect of being separated was the most frightening thing I've ever experienced and the only reason it didn't turn from prospect to reality is because of YOU. I can never adequately express my gratitude. Please accept my heartfelt thanks and promise that your kindness and generosity will be paid forward. With love,  Kim, Willow, River, Buster, Grace and Megs (Ed note: I too, personally thank everyone who stepped up to support Kim and her pets in their time of need. This network is just freakin' stellar. Love and respect you all!) 

The three Banff bear cubs are safe at Aspen Valley Wildlife Centre in Rosseau, ON. They'll be there a year, then re-patriated to Alberta...

Stella's hilarious. She's like, f*** off with the foreign object man...I'm not impressed! 
(for those interested, that's an LED 2 x daily LED laser treatment ...)

Deep breath, m&s.