May 14, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Update on our darling Stella...She's doing quite well, methinks. Definitely walking more solidly on her back legs. Still favouring back left; it's clearly not working 100%, but it's better than what it was! She's tentative with use of leg, for sure, but she's definitely using it more, and NOT showing outright signs of pain -- believe me, I'm watching!

Second stem cell treatment is next week with Dr. Sasan Haghighat in Newmarket, then recheck with Dr. Koroknai in Toronto the following week.  Ongoing LED therapy and nutriceuticals. She's been entertained here with various dogs coming and going. She really enjoys hosting visitors while convalescing!  Stella and I are grateful to the community for the many messages you've sent along with notes on the various treatments companion/owners have tried with this injury. It's a brave new world... 

Speaking of... does everyone know about Denise Angus, long-standing rescuer of the truly and majorly fallen (not to mention Digital Media Sorceress), is working with many local vet clinics to help them maximize their social media. We are talking about potentially putting together "cheat sheets" on differing medical issues, which will offer information and outline trajectories on common diagnoses ... You know, like what options do you have when your dog is diagnosed with an ACL injury? Or, what happens when your vet tells you your dog has "congestive heart syndrome"?  What does that look like ... how does that disease roll out, and what can owner/guardians expect? Stay tuned... 

As most of you know, I'm a career coach by day...good work, if you can get it!  I like to say I'm walking my own talk...ergo, am working on succession planning mI over next 2.5 years (to 60, believe it!!!).  Plan is to take this next while to build internet assets and knowledge equity in career management, and make available online, so that I can be freed up to work exclusively with animals and drive passive income for retirement LOL! ...Timeline: 9:00 AM January 5th, 2020...tic, tic, tic... 

Career management resources are available on  website... Please share with anyone you know who is struggling finding a job! Awesome information on how to manage careers for new market entrants, also, great supports for boomers in transition, or, individuals looking to develop or build up small-medium sizes businesses (read: animal rescue):


Toronto Wildlife Centre... I am SUCH a fan!

France bans captive breeding of dolphins and killer whales in captivity -- another victory for animals!

Buying Estee Lauder, Avon or Mary Kay cosmetics?  You'll want to rethink that:

Los Angeles City Council goes NO-KILL!

Sobering thought du jour:   Canadians killed 771 MILLION land animals in 2016, per  Think about that for just a minute. Please.



Ruby Ranch for Pigs recently took on a lot of water, and need $ help:


Please check with  if you're looking to donate to health organizations that do NOT test on animals... 

Help us ban the import of shark fins in Canada -- support Bill S-238! (thanks to Marie Paige from BC for sending!)


Constable Beth Richardson cleared of charges for helping cat:
Check your gardens for these tiny Hummingbird nests and eggs:
10 tips on contacting a rescue organization -- amazing that this actually has to be written! Honestly people... 
Have you ever seen a black fox? Oh my! (Thanks Juli Kaiss for posting):

C4P is gearing up for its HUGE garage sale June 4th! Thanks to all for your calls and offers on goods you no longer want! Anyone else wishing to donate, just give me a call -- am almost always here; also can do pick ups! 

You know, it's funny... my parents used to do this. They were CRAZY recyclers. My father could fix or build anything. And my ma could sell ice to the devil, lol! Guess it's true apples really don't fall far from trees!   ...Oh, and did we hate it! Getting up at 5 AM, our eyes weren't even open (godawful coffee as I remember it too, thick as molasses and stiff as whiskey) and they had us lugging stuff for hours... 

If anyone's local and interested in volunteering, I could sure use some extra hands... Aurora is having a giant street festival ON MY STREET that day, and we're going to have crazy traffic! Yay! 

REDUCE! REUSE! RECYCLE! 905.726.2011 | 63 Victoria Street, Aurora...

You're all so freakin' amazing! My heart goes out to all rescuers on this Mothers' Day... Have said so many times, I never knew there were so many good people on this earth until I got into rescue. Am indebted to you all. May 14th. Such a beautiful thing. 

Hey Ma, cheers, this Mother's Day. Wherever you are, lovely, I miss you and I thank you so very which she'd respond, "cheers to YOU"...

For Mary Dwyer-Nadon, with such love; and also the 771 million animals who lost their precious lives in 2016 to dinner plates .. Please, reduce your meat consumption. For the planet, for your health, FOR THEM. Also, for precious Mary. m&s.