May 21 , 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

I saw this image circulated on Facebook this week, and while I'd personally write it up a bit differently, I nevertheless think it important... and I wanted to preface with a few comments. Regular readers will possibly remember that I've blogged about "cruelty porn" before. Posting images of abused or dead animals, does not serve anyone UNLESS there is an accompanying "action item" that helps people actually DO SOMETHING about the situation. Simply posting the images with expressions of despair and/or anger, might help (the person posting) temporarily, but at the end of the day, it does not serve, or indeed honour, the animal concerned. Posting these images also contributes to generalized trauma, and I think we can all agree that in animal rescue, we have plenty o'trauma already. So please do think seriously about posting cruelty images. Not intending to censure anyone here, just encouraging/reminding you to think seriously about writing up a petition to add to image, or, add a link to an existing petition, or, do a bit of additional research to provide contact info, or, provide info on how to write a letter to local editors re: issue, etc...Without action steps, posting images of animal cruelty falls into the not-so-cool "slacktivism" category... just sayin'.


BC moving in the right direction...and not a moment too soon... 

Yulin to ban the sale of dog meat at Festival this year! "... The ban is believed to have been initiated by Mr. Mo Gong Ming, Yulin's new Party Secretary and will come into effect on the June 15, 2017 - one week prior to the festival start date on June 21st. The ban will be strictly enforced with fines up to 100,000 yuan and risk of arrest for violations." (thanks Twyla Francois for posting):

Sacramento becomes the next city to ban the commercial sale of pets (thanks Juli Kaiss for posting, and YAY Sacramento!)  


Would be wonderful if as many of you as possible could pls repost this image on your social media profiles this weekend, or, take a few minutes to send to friends/family via email.  Every year the phone rings off the hook with lost pets due to fireworks on May 24 weekend... Please help us "get ahead of it" ... Prevention is key... for all the dear animals who will be, literally, "frightened out of their wits" by fireworks...

All Creatures Rescue is dedicated to the ongoing rescue and rehabilitation of animals that have been neglected, abused or have special needs.   Our resources have been stretched really thin with recent urgent cases, and we desperately need your help.    We recently rescued Charlie cat , from a high-kill shelter, who needed dental surgery to treat painful, broken teeth.   Unfortunately Charlie's vet bills have depleted our limited resources and sadly there is never an end to animals needing our help. Please visit out fundraising campaign:
Last month we also rescued over a dozen hairless rats from deplorable conditions. Shortly after their arrival we lost mom due to severe neglect and abuse. She was starving, injured and in pain; what little fight she had left in her was used up to keep her little ones alive. She gave her life for her babies! We were too late to save Momma but we were able to provide her with pain relief and make her feel safe and loved on her last day on earth. She died peacefully in the arms of her foster family; she wasn't alone and we believe she knew her babies were safe. Her kids are recovering well and learning to trust humans. Contact:;

Foster or forever home needed -- Bella, 7-8 years old.  Bella is a gorgeous, red-brindle shepherd/collie mix. She as always had the same owners, but, due to new baby, she is in need of a new home. She is a gentle and sweet dog, but has been de-stabilized by baby.  She is best suited to a calm, quiet home without small children. We seek a kind, patient adopter who will make time to transition her to a new home and build her coping skills. Bella is best as an only pet. We feel she would do well in a quiet 'hood where she can go for walks without meeting up with lots of other dogs. A safely fenced back yard would be ideal. She needs leash training, as she is strong and she pulls. She does not enjoy off-leash dog parks. She is housetrained; has basic commands. She takes treats SO gently, and LOVES to snuggle. Bella is 55-60 pounds (small enough to feed, big enough to take seriously!) She is healthy, UTD on vaccines and spayed. If you feel you can give this deserving girl a safe and loving home, please see the adoption/foster information/application here:  or call us for more information 416.787.3862. (Ed note: I had the pleasure of meeting Bella and doing an assessment on her recently. She is just the loveliest girl. She is so gentle, so unsure, very loving, has the softest coat...) PLS SHARE  this beautiful girl on social media,  and help us find the right family for her. She's heartbreakingly sweet, not to mention gorgeous...

Rocky is a beautiful German Shepherd, one year old.  He was rescued by a wonderful family but they are not to able to keep him -- abandoned by previous owner, and these kind folks took him in. Rocky is friendly with people and loves to go for walks (go figure!) He is very affectionate, and loves to play. An active adopter who can give him daily exercise is a must. He is very smart (shepherd, don'tcha know), house trained, and knows basic commands...but he is still very much  a puppy! He requires an adopter who is willing to build on his initial training. He needs leash training and, when excited, jumps on people. For this reason, he is best suited to a home without small children. Experience with GSD breed would be an asset. Rocky does not get along well with the dogs in his current home, and is best suited where he is the only dog (did we mention German Shepherd???) We don't know about cats. His adopter should be prepared to properly socialize him with other dogs. He is 75 lbs, neutered, and UTD on vaccines. If you could give Rocky a chance at a new life, please see his info on our website:  
(Ed note: look at the hope in Rocky's eyes...he's pleading for stability, needs his simple dog needs "met"... he's looking for leadership/direction...)



I was contacted recently by " The Simple Dollar" from Seattle, WA, who have gone to some pains to put together information on the  costs of pet ownership  . Check it out -- there's quite an extensive menu (...and share -- people need to know):
What to do if you encounter a coyote while walking your dog:

5 Signs Your Dog Has Heatstroke (thanks Dianne Aldan for posting):
Animal escape ramp for pools! How clever is this? If you have a pool, check it out! (Thanks Daria Richards you beautiful human you, for posting):

In the rescue community, we cannot stress this "best practice" enough!:


C4P Animal Rescue's Garage Sale is coming up June 4th! If you have any items to donate, by all means, call 905.726.2011 We're having a neighourhood festival on my street that day, and there's going to be tons of traffic. I can't wait to hang the C4P Animal Rescue banner, and educate/expose as many people as possible to rescue!   ... Also, we need volunteers! Anyone available and interested in promoting the rescue message to the masses?  Call me! 
Ed note: Special thanks to Monica Yearwood (sorry I missed you honey--very kind of you); Auntie Dar and Uncle Paul Pellman, Catherine and John, Linda Jessen, and Lillian Szilagy for super cool contributions! 

The Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank is looking for folks to take part in their 30-hour #Fast4Hunger to help continue providing cruelty-free and healthy plant-based groceries to those living in poverty. There are amazing vegan prize packs for top #Fast4Hunger fundraisers:
The Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank is an initiative that addresses both human and animal suffering. Food banks are used by people who are already incredibly down on their luck and feeling desperate...TVFB's belief is that they shouldn't also have to compromise their ethics and health when they are already in such a vulnerable place. (Ed note: damn straight! ... and good work Toronto Veg Food Bank!)


Hi, I just wanted to give you an update on Henry Cat, you had him in your newsletter not too long ago, and I thought you might like to see where he's at now. He's had his eye removed and is doing much better...That eye was really bothering him, poor guy. Once it was removed, they said he was a different cat. He's in foster care waiting for his adoptive family to get settled after a move so they can take him in. Here is a pic, and thanks so very much for all you do, great job, thanks for helping him!!!   Angel  (Ed note: thanks for the update Angel! Great news! Is it my imagination, or is Henry actually smiling here? He looks SO much happier and healthier! 1000% delighted he has a real forever home awaiting him...I think he's über beautiful...)

...Good news, bad news... friggin' day after day rollercoaster! So grateful to rescue colleagues for support; so happy to help them market animals in need!  ...So grateful to (new) agencies working things in new ways. 

If I could just encourage everyone to take that extra minute to send out messages re: cruelty porn, OR, "market" our latest animals in need, or, post warning about fireworks! Just put them up on your timeline, and let time work its magic ( mother would say). 

Thanks all, for going the extra mile. We cannot get these precious, deserving animals into new, deserving homes, without YOU.

Happy May 24 weekend. May you NOT receive calls re: bolted animals...sigh... m&s.