May 28, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Extra special thanks this week to C4P network members: Lucie Lauzon, Audrey McClure, Bill Howes (you sweetheart, you), Linda Jessen, Karin Piercey and Irene Denver, for your oh-so-kind contributions to C4P garage sale... Speaking of, will not be publishing next week... a much needed weekend "off"  (right? LOL!)

Tremendous thanks to Dr. Sasan Haghighat,, for his supervision and care of Stella... We had our 6 week check-up this week, and Dr. was really quite happy with our progress. I was hoping he'd confirm what I thought (and was hoping it was not just my "positive bias" -- which, to my mind, had me believing Stella has been using her back left much more strongly...) Dr. Sasan concurs, and cautions... now is the time when owner/guardians get "complacent" because while seeing progress, we tend to let our guards down... He stated he feels Stella is about "70% there"... maybe a bit more. We're looking at another 6-12 months of healing, strengthening ligaments... über monitoring, and most important, no accidents (Stella MUST stay "on leash") ... but it really is looking good for a solid recovery, SANS surgery.  I am SO grateful! Close friends know that I suffer from tremendous insecurity re: Stella. Yes, I'm a good dog-parent, but want SO much more for her, that I can't provide. Yet I do feel happy that I trusted my instincts, knowledge and judgement on this one (plus the good counsel of any/everyone who has experience in this and was willing to share) ...foregoing surgery was probably one of my best decisions to date...certainly one of the greatest kindnesses I could afford my precious girlie...She's still hilariously "right-wired" and testing me daily... RRRRRrrrrr! ... insert sideways dash... We're both "dealing" and we are very, very, grateful, CAUTIOUS puppies...


Have you seen the guidelines for Facebook for monitoring posts? ...Animals fall to the bottom of the pile of priorities, AGAIN...: 
Just in, Germany ends fur farming! YAY! GREAT NEWS! 

And the pet food issues seemingly never end...

Wonders of the world:  Hadoram Shirihai/Tubenoses project:   A rare Mascarene petrel with an egg-shaped bulge in its middle. Photographed in 2012 by researchers near Reunion, an island off the coast of Madagascar, it was said to be the first to show a bird flying with a visible "baby bump."


URGENT FOSTER HOMES NEEDED!  ... All Creatures Rescue:  Toronto, Hamilton, K/W, Niagara, Guelph, London and surrounding areas. We are currently in the middle of two urgent rescues, a nd we need all the help we can get. We're trying to rescue two groups of hamsters. Our extended rescue family at The Pipsqueakery is getting up to 175 hammies, we are looking to help ease their load and take in 50 of them. Plus we are hoping to help 25 hamsters from out of province that have been abused and will need a lot of love and care. If we don't help the young group of 25 they will be euthanized in a week. Our rescue family over at  is stepping up and helping us help hammies.  Hamster bin caging will be provided for those who need it. We are hoping to help with a group of 70+ abused rats. We need to find as many foster homes as we can in the next 2 weeks. We need decent size cages and/or fosters homes that can provide their own housing. To help us with the medical needs please share our fundraiser:    Please email us at  if you have any questions or would like to help.  We can not do it without your help & these little hammies and ratties are counting on you!  Thank you for all your shares and support...


MISSION CRITICAL:  Please sign and share this petition to CNN,
to get Anthony Bourdain to stop promoting barbaric animal killing on his program:

Have you heard? ... Canada passed a New National Day Celebrating Seal Slaughter.
Pls sign petition here (Thanks Marie Paige for sharing):

City of Oshawa looking for community consultations re: Trap Neuter Return program. Please comment...

LEGAL UPDATE:  I have just been hit with a cost consequence. It's been 5 years since  Marineland began its legal pursuit a nimal abuse whistleblowers. Marineland has delayed the legal process with hopes it would bankrupt us and silence our advocacy.  Well, it didn't...  In the past 5 years, we've banned orca captivity in Ontario, established standards of care/greater protection for captive marine mammals AND are currently debating a Canada-wide dolphin/whale captivity ban in the Senate! Unfortunately, in our successful legal pursuit to examine Marineland's notorious owner John Holer, Phil Demers was struck with a $3500 cost consequence that risks stalling this pursuit, unless paid within 60 days. Though not an astronomical figure, he simply cannot afford to pay this without your help! Please consider contributing to help continue his advocacy, and to put an end to Marineland's vengeful punishment of animal abuse whistleblowers. We don't need a lot from you, but we do need a lot of you. Examining  John Holer in court to get to the TRUTH, has long been our goal. We're fast approaching the finish line - please help us cross it at this most crucial junction.  Thank you all and STAY TUNED!  (Ed note:  while Phil has met his fundraising needs for the moment, there are ongoing legal fees...pls consider sending even the smallest amount...and sincere thanks Phil, for putting yourself on the line...)


Good info here for seniors and pets  (Thanks Dora Sesler for sharing):    

Cows want to be outside as much as they want food  
(thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting):

Message from long-standing friend and animal advocate Tanya Ahier, this week -- awesome advocacy! ... Toronto's annual Respect Animals Week...  Along with a weekly raising empathy and awareness program "Pause4Paws" that gives students the chance to meet and bond with a rescued domestic animals, General Crerar School just finished its 16th annual Respect Animals Week! We had a vegan bake sale, a huge interactive / multi-media assembly, vegetarian lunch challenges, a talent show, teachers v. students sports tourneys, and curriculum-connected rescue bunny visits, all to raise awareness f or animals! This year, we are splitting donations between Toronto Cat Rescue, Toronto Wildlife Centre, PETA, & the Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals. We also had an "Adopt-A-Heart" campaign for Toronto Animal Services - Students purchased a paper heart for .$0.25 and wrote messages on the heart that were then given to TAS. TAS staff puts the hearts on pets' cages in their care, to draw attention to the pets to help them get adopted! Any school or childcare centre can hold similar "Respect Animals" events! Whether it's a week, a day, seasonal, yearly, or any variation, all it takes is one caring adult to realize that small activities can be organized to help teach children about humane education! Adults interested in planning their own events to raise awareness and donations in school settings, or interested in tending to compassion in kids of any age are welcome to contact for help!  The Toronto Vegetarian Association York Region Families Group now organizes meet ups about once a month for potlucks, sanctuary visits, hikes, picnics, vegan restaurant visits and playdates. We welcome and offer our support to families who are transitioning to a meat-free diet. For info or to join our group, please contact 


Toronto Humane Society Open House Sat'dy June 3rd.. 11-5PM, 11 River Street at Queen, Toronto... (Ed note: sorry could not publish png file, need jpeg(s) for newsletter...but folks, please note, attend and SHARE if you can!) 

C4P Animal Rescue Inaugural Garage Sale June 4th... Will be at Sisca's Auto at 490 Dupont Street, tomorrow, Monday, from 9:30 AM to noon?... for much-needed truck repairs! Anyone wanting drop off garage sale goods, don't be shy... Will be in 'hood for 3-4 hours.. Vince is my mechanic, if I happen to not be there, drop off goods in lobby, and I'll bring them home... Vince is a total animal lover... 


Peace. Love. Paw... Thunder Cockwell, rest in peace darling dog. You chose well, friend! We wish your darling momma Leslie, peace. We hope she takes comfort in having done so right by you. This video is just beautiful -- shows a life so well lived, so full of love, so much enrichment...Doggie 649. Just imagine...

Has anyone seen where I put the month of May? Cannot find her, for the life of me! This time of year is absolutely delicious, but damn, if it doesn't just escape me every year... no matter how much I try to stay present ...and I do!   June is on the doorstep. Thanks universe, for giving us another June. How lovely is that? So grateful the kinder months are here... Let us all make hay, while the sun shines. m&s.