November 5, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

And now, for something not altogether unexpected...

Sometime between now and the end of this year, the C4P Animal Rescue Newsletter is going to come to an end, my friends. This has been percolating for some time --the work I am doing with animals is taking me in new directions. Incid, that direction will maintain a tight focus on best practices, (esp wholistic) but will have a much more concerted "direct action" slant (Ed note: betcha saw that coming!) I will continue publishing of course (it's not like I can stop writing or anything), so don't be too surprised as my blogging morphs into something entirely new -- and sooner than later.  Keep y'all posted. Let the count-down to January 5th, 2020 begin! 

Also, heads up for new year, I will be taking down my personal Facebook page, though I will maintain the C4P Animal Rescue posts. While I love all my friends very dearly, far, far too much time is spent on Facebook -- time that could be spent more qualitative content/endeavours, and working hard(er) on things that are really important to me. Also, as of this week's reporting re: Twitter, Facebook, et al, I'll be shutting my account down because I don't want my life, my interests, my friends, to serve as "data" for these companies to leverage and exploit. Further, I want my news to be real. I'm going to do it the old-fashioned way: buy subscriptions to ethical news services I respect and love, whose media reporting I genuinely want to support.

Your thoughts, ideas, questions are always welcome! I invite you ALL to continue to reach out, and to stay in touch. Now, and in the future. Here's to taking new directions! I will be here, and engageable, just in new, more pro-active ways... 


One of the BEST articles I've read to date. I'm signing up for this certification!:

 Our whales are dying! Perhaps we should take a look at what companies are driving these vessels and then out them publicly on the internet, oui? Sailing competitions? (Ed note: lmp??)

Canada's Caribou are in trouble. Governments and territories have had 5 full years to come up with a plan...and they couldn't...

Our wolves were taken off the endangered list and are now being hunted into extinction (thanks Cara Melbye for posting): 

Four years later, two young lives, another year to wait...Oh, Canada! You are SO spineless when it comes to animal protection... 

Keep your eyes out for unauthorized, residential animal traps! 
Dr. Jean Dodds on animal nutrition - cannot wait for her presentation at the Holistic Animal Care Conference, Nov.11-12... 

Info on Holistic Animal Care Conference here: 


Yes you ARE! 

...Photo taken at Marshall Homesense; by Sue Wright


Oscar Donkey needs your help! 
Oscar is a lovely donkey, new to our sanctuary that needs your help to pay for a growth on his gum that is to be removed. He is at our wonderful veterinarians today, since the growth started to bleed and needed to be looked after immediately. We are a non-for-profit registered Canadian charity that relies entirely on donations. Tax receipts are available. Donations are accepted through cheque, PayPal or e transfer to password 'Oscar' please. Cash is very much welcomed on our open to visitors days on Thursdays and Sundays 1-4 pm. Every donation is very much appreciated! Oscar says thanks to everyone! Please click here to donate -- PLEASE SHARE!  online: 

Time to get your orders in for your  animal rescue hoodies ! ...Canadian made, awesome quality! ... Unisex style, zip up front, red and/or black, with white ANIMAL RESCUE lettering on top left. Sizes S, M, L, XL! Email: -- order is being placed later this week, for holiday gift giving... I may order an extra blue ... it's really a lovely colour! 



Petition to stop exporting live horses to slaughter:

Elizabeth May petition calling for protection of Canadian laboratory animals: 

Please sign the petition to the Mayor of Sault Ste. Marie to close down this small zoo:

By now you will have heard about Rekhi (I refuse to call him "Dr.") - the vet from St. Catharines who was caught on video abusing animals in his care. If you wish to voice your concerns to the Crown (AND PLEASE DO!) you can contact the Ministry of the Attorney General by: 
Telephone Toll Free: 1.800.518.7901 
Telephone Toronto area: 416.326.2220  


"When you're going through hell, keep going..." Winston Churchill.  So, this:

Fish depression is not a joke! 

Algonquin wolves under threat:

Whales and dolphins have "human-like cultures" - no surprises here! 
A great image to remind people not to get too comfortable living in close proximity to coyotes... 

Here's some reader feedback on the "chocolate list" I published two weeks ago... "
"I heard a piece on the CBC by a scientist on the conditions for cocoa farming in West Africa. It's not good. I tried to find supporting material online: 
I'm sure there's more. So it goes beyond palm oil. All of this combined with the suffering of cows for milk, has me giving up my most favourite treat: chocolate. As you say, for the animals!"  Rachelle Chevalier (Thanks Rachelle!)

Ed note: If you're following "The Truth About Pet Cancer Series" ... ALL of the foods we eat and ALL of the foods our animals eat are HUGELY suspect. Some kibbles are over 45% sugar! I'm on a mission ... 

Did you know this about horses...?

Orphaned elephants' social lives substantially altered by poaching -- lifelong effects! 

People, please get rid of plastic in your lives! Make the largest effort! 

Dearest Ronan had to take his leave two weeks ago, at 24 yrs of age. Ronan was the pack leader at Home Free Farm. He was so majestic! His human momma had him buried under his favourite apple tree. To know you was to love you, Ronan, and everyone who knew you, did love you... oh-so-much! RIP beautiful boy.

RIP Sawyer... Our hearts go out to the Montgomery family and their young children, for the recent loss of Sawyer...He was just a beautiful boy -- a member of my extended family. Marney Montgomery and I go back all the way to when Cyril was a youngster in Toronto. For a time, Marney was his dog-walker -- and I wouldn't trust just anyone with my precious Goon! Marney was SO good to him! Then all these years later, Marney turns up again, looking for special needs petsitting. It was wonderful to reconnect, and wonderful to see the tables turned, with me taking care of her precious boy! Sawyer had a wonderful life. I'm so glad I got to know him and care for him, earlier this year...

For our dear friend Lawrence, this day, with great love, mitch avec stella!