November 26, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Apologies, folks! It appears I've begun my holiday sabbatical a few weeks early this year! 

Special Kudos to Kathy Asling & team at The Animal Guardian Society (TAGS) for a fabulous two-days at "The Holistic Animal Care Conference" in Durham! T he speakers were absolutely outstanding, and it was incredibly well attended by such a diversity of animal practitioners/service/product providers -- we were all in such great company! The organizers didn't miss a detail (bless them for their innovation -- there's a rumour they're going to do it again next year!). Dr. Carolyn Benson, Dr. Rona Sherebrin, Dr. Paul McCutcheon, Dr. Cindy Kneebone, and the intensely learned Dr. Jean Dodds -- are all ones to follow as we all attempt to take our advocacy and rescue efforts to new levels! Like their Facebook pages! Buy their books! You will be astounded at how much you will learn about your pet and s/he's wellbeing! I learned a ton!

Next up: had the incredible pleasure of FINALLY getting to All Creatures Great and Small in Cobourg this week. It was so lovely to see its proprietor, Theresa Rickerby (of Annex Pet Store fame), rocking her holistic pet store, some 20 years later (Ed note: Theresa, Misha sends her love and thanks for saving her life, back in 1995...) Picked up some excellent product and foods for my Stella, and great info on pet diets and holistic practices...

Mlle. Misha AKA Ma Mishe: she spoke only French; she lived with me 17 yrs; she used to love to stroke my face with her right paw; she was incredibly interactive and responsive; truly "mignone" little soul, with a blue eye and a green eye, and everything else was pink and white... She was perfection. Parfait, ma mishe, PARFAIT!

...As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I am in the process of winding down the C4P Animal Rescue Newsletter. I plan to put out couple over next week or 2 or 3, then the C4P Newsletter will retire. Retire "real tired", as mother would say, lol!

Then I'll be taking the time I spend on the weekly newsletter, and use it to delve much more deeply into holistics, homeopathy, nutrition, pathology, rehabilitation, cognition and communication ... indeed, Dr. Dodds and Dr. Benson both referred me to ... excellent certification and non-certification programs... 

I have a couple of books that I want to write re: animals. One, which is written but as yet unedited (again, retiring newsletter will make room for this), on the work I've done to date in rescue with all the rehab animals I've fostered dating back to 2003, and what I learned in terms of best practices from each of their individual physical and emotional conditions, the trajectories of their illnesses (read: congestive heart v. spleen v. brain v. chest tumours v. pyometra v. structural damage -- you name it, I've done it...) and what I've learned about intervention/non-intervention, not to mention palliative care... The second book I want to write is about the special needs animals I've been working with for the last 7 years, here in Aurora (yes, it's been that long) -- It really is amazing that I've got all day every day, to house and observe so many (different types of) animals, in so many varying physical and emotional conditions, let alone histories, and document the progress the various owner/guardians see as they learn about new protocols and employ new modalities in the care of their animals...

So lots more to come, just different. The C4P Animal Rescue Facebook page, of course, will be maintained, for emergent issues -- so if you're on Facebook and want to follow my new work, join the 1,300 who currently like our page, and help us spread the good news (there is LOTS of it) and help educate laypeople... 
I'm SO totally digging this retreat and retrench thing...As Mary would say, "adios, amigo..." 


The City of Denver joins England, Scotland, France, Germany, Spain, Australia and New Zealand to name just a few, who have banned de-clawing! (Thanks Twyla Francois for posting!):

First ever animal rights lawsuit moving forward in Connecticut! 



Meet all the new arrivals this week!!!   Please welcome Sonar and Echo!   These amazing girls came in a few months ago and have stolen their foster mom's heart.   These shy girls are very skittish. Degus are not typically best choice if you are looking for a pet to pick up and snuggle, and these angels are no exception. We suspect they have never been handled by a trusting human prior to coming into the rescue, which has made them extra leery of being picked up, held, or petted. They do however love to talk to each other, and they will even talk to you too. While they came in very depressed and terrified, with the help of their amazing foster mom they have become very happy. They love their hammocks, wheel, and sand bathing.  For more info on Sonar and Echo please click on the link below:
(Ed note: aren't they precious?!?!? BTW, All Creatures, YOU DO AWESOME WORK!)


Elephants :  It couldn't have been a scarier week for elephant (and lion) news. We have our own Canadian elephant tragedy:  Lucy Elephant, in Edmonton. Juli Kaiss posted this last week... This is the reality for Lucy right now. We have had a decent amount of snow and it's been pretty cold. Is this really okay Edmonton? Everyone should be ashamed that she has suffered like this for 40 years. Keeping a social animal solitary and one that is supposed to live in a tropical climate like this, is unconscionable. Lucy needs sanctuary now before this zoo kills her! 
If you would like to 
join the fight to save Lucy click this link

Please click this link to send an automated letter to our (Edmonton) City Council:


Please download this image and keep on your desktop for friends/family, w/special needs dogs...



This is Dr. Sasan Haghighat, DVM, our holistic vet on Davis Drive in Newmarket. I continue to be completely FASCINATED by his practice and knowledge. If ever there was a case for cloning someone, Dr. Haghighat would be a truly intelligent choice. He and his team sent me this video last week after our latest recheck with Stella, and gave me permission to share the video.

The Truth About Pet Cancer series tells us in no unequivocal terms, that kibble is a death sentence. From "extruded/baked foods" to BPH cans (not to mention 45% sugars -- hello-ooooo cancer), kibble is just NOT an option anymore. I'm not thrilled at having to purchase meat, nor am I thrilled with having to cook it or smell it, and I'm shaking in my boots regarding the cost of it (one of the reasons why cancelling the newsletter will help us - newsletter costs approx. $100 US per month -- I will be taking these funds and devoting them to Stell's ongoing nutritional needs...)

I remember well, when Maxie came home in 2003, spending a full day each week making his food (A.K.A. Harrison, can you hear me my darling friend????)  It was a nightmare, frankly, at the worst end of the continuum, and a hilarious weekly event, at the best end of the continuum. Cyril and Max learned to really enjoy the "dog food making day" (Sundays)... The boys would hang in the kitchen all day, with giant smiles, looking to lick the endless bowls... 

Stella Nadon Update: she continues to do well; her knees are about 75% healed, according to our good doctor. She is suffering from seasonal allergies, poor dear, and worse... Right on time in her 10th year, she has started refusing stairs, refuses to jump in the truck... arthritic hips, dont'cha know. I don't know how my girl turned into a senior overnight, but there we have it. All the more reason to continue to improve her quality of care, assist her physically in any way that I can (including regular rebalancing of energy per Sasan);  provide as much "enrichment" as I can, and move her onto a more wholistic diet...But you know, this darling girl came to me in such a state 7 years ago. It took minimum 3 years (if not more) to get Stella to stabilize, learn to be a regular dog, and master what she had to master to live in our reality...  Stella has SO HONOURED all the work we both put into getting her to be the dog she was always intended to be! Somehow, that trajectory has eaten up 7 years. She is now a senior, with a seriously debilitating osteo-arthritic condition, and it's incumbent on me to do the very best I can for her. So I will. Her home vet, Dr. Jana Kelton and I are currently trying a new cartrophen protocol... 

Stella is my last dog. Once our journey together is over, I will be concentrating on taking care of other people's (special needs) pets, while also freeing myself to go on to another body of work that is near and dear to my heart (read: book #3 - international rescue/rehab best practices/enrichment protocols).  But while my girl is with me, she's going to get the best. 

It's all about taking our lives and our work, to the "next level".   The new work will be marketed on the C4P Animal Rescue Facebook page -- click and like:

I'm really looking forward to the freedom that the next iteration is going to bring to our particular voice and reality... mitch avec stella!