October 1, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

I had a chance to catch up with  Kathy Asling from The Animal Guardian Society (TAGS) this week to talk about the upcoming Holistic Animal Care Conference being held in Durham, November 11-12 weekend.

Kathy, of course, is an awesome, long-time rescuer and advocate, who noticed a real uptick in cancer rates in domestic pets through the years. So she and her team decided to put on this über cool conference (no small feat!), and invite some of the finest minds in alternative practices, to help educate and empower pet owner/ guardians and animal practitioners.

This is a wonderful opportunity to open up dialogue amongst the vet/vet tech communities and pet guardians alike, regarding wellness and wellbeing for animals, and put a super keen focus on prevention of chronic disease in our pets. 

Topics covered through the weekend include: homeopathy for animals; introduction to holistic approach and philosophy; acupuncture; nutrition; massage; herbal medicine;  the role of stress in chronic disease (I could write a book about this alone!); how to choose a holistic practitioner; over-the-counter products; and using nutrition as the first line of defence against disease... 

I'm really stoked about this conference. I consider it the highlight of my Fall season. C4P will definitely be attending and will be hosting a table for Special Needs Petsitting. Please share this information with other progressive/innovative animal suppliers and rescues...

If you're planning on participating,  take advantage of the early bird rate now to October 15th. And let me know if you're going - there are so many newsletter readers I have yet to meet in person, and so many others I'd love to see again! Come be with your tribe, and let's take pet caregiving to a whole new level! 

Register here: 


People racing to save cows and monkeys in Bali - 10K down, and 20K to go:


Meaghan Michaud, RVT, now offering in-home pet pedis -- cool idea! 


There's a situation with a rescuer and Orangeville City Council, where a permit is being denied, and the rescuer is going to be forced, as a result, to put about 30 feral cats back onto the street. Help is needed to re-home these cats in rural barns  and/or families able to take on former feral cats...Please check out this article, and if you're in a position to help, would be greatly appreciated... Sharon Morden contact info (519) 278-0707   www.feralcatrescue.ca 

Evolve Our Prison Farms has launched a Facebook page! Now you can follow us and keep up to date with our efforts to restore Canada's prison farm program as plant-based agriculture and farmed animal sanctuary instead of the old model of dairy, egg and meat production. We must show the government that this is what the public wants - innovation, environmental consciousness, and compassion-based rehabilitative programming. Please Like & Share Share Share! The more supporters we gain, the more the government is likely to pay attention (and we already have their attention - yes, the government is listening). Help us make real change in Canada! Calvin Neufeld, EOFP Co-Founder  https://www.facebook.com/EvolveOurPrisonFarms/

More than 35 dogs were recently taken from a commercial breeder...Montreal-based  Animatch kept 26 and Rosie Animal Adoption assisted by taking 8. In the next few days and weeks you will see many appear on our website. Read more about these dogs on the Animatch blog:   


We need to keep up the fight for Lucy Elephant in Edmonton: 

Please help these wonderful people bring Kingston's Prison Farm animals home to Sanctuary, NOT slaughter -- sign and share, please! 

Help stop the exploitation of captive bred lions:


At current rate of poaching -- 96 elephants/A DAY  - EXTINCT IN 8 YEARS
At current rate of poaching -- 3 Rhinos/8 HOURS - EXTINCT IN 3 YEARS
March with the World! (Raise voices against poaching and abuse!)
Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. 
Trinity Square (behind Eaton Centre)


While I object outright to these (any) types of experiments, I think it's still important to share, as many people still think that fish are not sentient beings -- yet,
fish are, clearly, sentient beings. Lots of people still eating fish out there, depleting our oceans, and denying the food to other mammals in the aquatic food chain(s). So please, read this. Think on it. Consider reducing or giving up your fish consumption. They're full of toxic chemicals anyway, so you'll be doing yourself a favour, while you do them and the oceans proud:
Death by "cow manure traumatic asphyxiation" a/o, "cow manure drowning".
OK, maybe you don't care about cows and still eat meat. Might you care about the immigrant workers who work these high risk jobs?

Are dog collars dangerous? ...they sure can be! ...read on:

Is everyone aware of Twyla Francois' stunningly beautiful artwork? She has some majorly gorgeous work here -- check it out:  http://www.twylafrancois.com


After all the (negative) human intervention, surviving being relocated to a remote environment she had no knowledge of, and with the potential for the BC Bear hunt ban looming like a pot of gold on the horizon just a month away, some hunter took down (Ms). Brown Bear #148I am horrified and revolted. Won't you please, in her sweet tragic name, share her story with friends/family -- especially people who buy into camping and hiking their environmentally unfriendly way through the animals' territory...  http://www.rmoutlook.com/article/20170927/RMO0801/170929995/-1/rmo

What's it going to take for the people of this world to get their shit together regarding spay/neuter, let alone every-frickin-other-thing else wrong with our lifestyles, consumerism and denial of CLIMATE CRISIS? Honestly. There is so much more we can all do. Yet, we're not doing it. 

For all the dear, defenceless Puerto Rican beach dogs, who perished egregiously during Hurricane Maria, with the greatest love, and the greatest sadness. m.