October 22, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

All together now:  The Truth About Pet Cancer!

OK, unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years, and/or, unless you haven't had the dysphoria of having to research cancer's origins, history and recent treatment trajectories, you've probably not heard of the insanely awesome documentary series called The Truth About Cancer. If you haven't, you need to. Period. Forego the Facebook page, and get the documentaries. They are life-saving.

Now, the same wonderful Ty Bollinger team, et al, have produced The Truth About Pet Cancer... I'm following it, and it's wonderful. So many thought leaders are involved, lending their expertise, speaking their truth, and are helping us all make much better informed decisions...  Cancer is at insanely high levels with animals. But the parallels between cancer in humans, and cancer in animals, are undeniable. Inform yourselves! 

In November, be sure to attend "The Holistic Animal Care Conference". You want to work effectively in animal advocacy? Then this is a must attend! Register here:   http://www.animalguardian.org/holistic-animal-care-conference/


Experts gather in Vancouver to brainstorm on killer whale recovery. It is estimated the Vancouver pod only has 77 whales left!  ..."T here are 3 key areas to focus on, for the whale recovery: their prey, chemical contaminants and vessel disturbances." (Thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting):

Beijing philanthropist gives $2bn for conservation! China does indeed seem to be leading the way...and not a moment too soon, China... 

Vietnam agrees to end bear bile farming -- check out what's got to happen next! It's a hell of a long list...but at least they've got a list!  

Hey, right on New York State! More positive change for elephants! 

I love Leo and his "big-picture-itis"... 


Seriously, people...share! 


Get your order in for your animal rescue hoodies! Unisex style, zip up front, red and black only, with white ANIMAL RESCUE lettering on top left. Sizes S, M, L, XL! Email: c4p@mediaintelligence.ca -- order is being placed beginning of second week of November, for holiday gift giving... 

Animal Angel Rescue Foundatio n   URGENT!! We're looking for a miracle. Can we please ask you to SHARE as we need to network hard to find this very bonded pair of magnificent Germ an shepherds a foster home. 
Simba and Nala are absolutely beautiful and they have such wonderful temperaments.They are super sweet and absolutely lovely dogs. Their story is a sad one, found as strays with no one coming to claim them.They were filthy and Nala who is the longer haired one had so many matts behind her ears and her tail. We had to shave her tail as it was so matted it was ripping the skin.   We are looking for a home that has a fully secure fenced in yard. As well, if there are children they should be over 13 years. As we have no history on them we need to ensure everyones' safety.  They met two small dogs and did initially bark as well the other dogs were barking but with a verbal "leave it" they stopped. They didn't seem to mind cats when we introduced them to the cats in cages but would still need to be cautious.  Simba is 114 pounds and Nala is 80 pounds. We approximate their ages 3 to 5 years old.  If you are interested in fostering or in our foster to adopt program please email deannaaarfrescue@yahoo.ca  or send us a private message.  We are looking for a foster home local to the Hamilton area. The vet we use is  in Hamilton so travelling to vet appointments will be required.

Leslie, I know what you're thinking, and stop it right now, lol! 
Lawrence, I know what you're thinking too...





Help birds this winter by resisting the urge to clear out flowerbeds in preparation for spring... I don't know about you, but I love this reason to get off the hook with fall gardening...  http://bit.ly/2l1oaOq

And please don't trash your pumpkins. (Ed note: pls don't paint them either) There's a TON of waste each year with pumpkins. If you can't drive them to a local sanctuary, call a sanctuary and find out if they've got drivers in your area who are picking up on the streets. Failing that, leave the pumpkin for local wildlife. Someone's going to eat it, rest assured. Just don't throw them away. There is no "away". (Thanks Andrea Vannater for posting)

Help us save the Henderson Forest -- thanks Nancy Brouillard for posting! 


An interesting essay on bi-directional communication between dogs and humans:

Tips and tricks for pet vendors at open markets - check it out! 
For the holiday reading list:  The Inner Life of Animals by Peter Wohlleben:


RIP Sunny. Sunny was a beautiful little dog in deep, deep trouble, when she came into my life. LOL, one of my sibs brought her to my attention. The same sibling that would put me on the most un-rideable horse at 12 yrs of age; the same sib who challenged me over my first euthanization; the same sib who insisted I take a cat I did not want, dropping her off on Queen Street West back in 93?... The one sibling I can say shares the pre-ponderence of my mother's DNA... 

I wrote the following to her adoptors tonight:  Sunny lived a long, beautiful life, thanks to your family, and two rescuers' and a few "laypeople"'s efforts -- her "rescue army".   If I recall correctly, she was just over 2 yrs when she came into rescue. I remember every detail of that rescue vividly. It was hell on wheels: a nxiety provoking; high risk; complex; dysfunction abounded. 
Thankfully, I didn't know any better at the time... Me and a cherished rescue colleague went to the wall to ensure Sunny's safety. I cannot remember the name of the local woman who helped us or her coordinates... But she was so totally cool.  I know today, she would be deeply satisfied about the outcome of her advocacy.

I've asked through the years, of course, via your sister, how Sunny was doing. I knew her to be 1000% safe and happy with you. You gave her what she constantly cried out for, for her first 2 years: companionship, food, comfort, love, warmth, a true identity, a family to call her own. Somewhere, where she would be genuinely welcomed and celebrated, instead of abused and shunned. She used that insistent little voice of hers, to call out, and keep calling out for help. Thankfully, she was heard. 

I was so very grateful to you both for providing her a loving home. I was SO new to rescue at the time. I did not know then, what I know now about rescue: it's a PROCESS; there are judgment calls to be made; there are deep, trusting relationships to be developed; there can be a happy ending if you stay the course, work the relationships and work smart: secure the animal; rest; things will fall into place. That's what Sunny taught me; and the learning has been applied to the benefit of so many others, since.

We all stayed the course. I thank you from the bottom of my black Irish heart, for what you did for Sunny, and for me. We are family. And we always will be. Rest in peace beautiful little one. I'm so very grateful that you got to become the dog you were always meant to be.

For Golden Retriever Rescue, with tremendous respect for all the work you have done all these years, and also for my sibling, who excelled at making me rise to an impossible standard, and make it happen anyway -- for the animals. She told me once, that if she could place an animal with me, it would be one less animal she would have to worry about. That statement remains part of my DNA. You know what Mary would say about this? She'd say "you're NOT going to walk away, are you? Hail Mary! You did so well, in so many ways, chum. Your legacy is alive and well, Ma.