September 10, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

Please don't just read (or worse, skim) this disaster-preparedness list. Print it up and execute on it! Every last one of us puts this off. Yet, CLIMATE CRISIS has clearly become dire. Qualified rescuers are stretched thin in Canada as it is. Please be responsible, and do everything you can to set your pets up for success:

Redemption Dogs (Toronto)  landed in Texas Friday.  They're on a mission to help the Houston dogs, gods bless 'em! As with Hurricane Katrina (you may remember the C4P Newsletter was spawned by my journey to the south in December, 2005), the disaster relief efforts of all animal groups, like the wonderful folk at Best Friends (.org) and Humane Society of the United States, will be going on for months , post Hurricane Harvey.  And now we've got Hurricane Irma to worry about too. I've witnessed it first-hand: the pet over-population in the States is staggering! I will never forget driving through Mississippi, and seeing a beautiful chocolate lab in a field. S/he was wearing a blue collar, I remember so vividly. I thought at the time, "isn't that lovely, doggie's having a nap in the field in the sun..." NOPE!  As we drove further and further into the State, more and more doggies were laying out in the sun on the sides of the roads, not napping... they were dead. When I inquired at a local gas station when we re-fueled, a person laughed outright at me, stating, those dogs are sport here -- we run them over cause there's just too many of them!  (Read: ever heard of neutering, folk? Read: compassion, much? Read: consumerism, rearing its ugliest, most desensitized head...) 

Moral of the story: Canadians can and will help as "second responders". And we'll all do what we can to clean up after the disaster, work hands-on in relief situations, and probably import another wave of animals to Canada, heartworm and other risks notwithstanding. The lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina, as regards animal disaster relief, are working! US shelters nation-wide are urging people to adopt and empty the shelters everywhere, to make room for the Hurricane Harvey pets, who are being evacuated from Texas to other locales and states, en masse. So that's the good news. The bad news is, the pet over-population message has not really sunk in. You want that new, fancy breed? You don't want to neuter your dog or cat? CONSUMER-ISM ... Each of these, is causing the over-population. 

We simply have to do better. To support Redemption Dogs and Houston pets, click here:

...and for gods' sakes, PLEASE don't just pay lip-service to spay/neuter. You want to help these animals? Get on a mission to advocate for spay-neuter initiatives. NOW. Big time. Be relentless. (I need all the help I can get, getting the message across...)

Lebanon President signs first animal welfare Bill into law:


Share this image, please...


Holly's Hope: Walk for Farm Animals' Fundraiser is happening now! 
This annual walk for farm animals provides vital support for seven Ontario sanctuaries, including:

Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary
Frog Hollow Farm Sanctuary
Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary
Home Free Farm
Ralphy's Retreat & Farm Sanctuary
Ruby Ranch Pig Sanctuary
Wishing Well Sanctuary

Please help support our Ontario farm sanctuaries -- these people are doing yeomans' work... let's give them a solid hand up! 


Petition for immediate moratorium on hunting and trapping in BC fire zones:

Want to help more animals? Print this up and discuss it at dinner with the family:


C-246 a year later:  Nathaniel Erskine-Smith weighs back in:

Three misconceptions that cause harm to horses:
Ambam Gorilla has learned to walk upright. Good one, Ambam! 
Do you know your dog bite levels?
Best practices webinar on training your staff to deal successfully with dogs:

Dog Harnesses: what works and what doesn't for dogs that pull on leash:

Orcas are miscarrying at alarming rates because they are starving -- humans are eating all their food:

A few reminders about how to deal with service dogs, as in, not!


Registration is now open for the Holistic Animal Care Conference coming up in November:
Early bird to mid-October $199 - then $250. Solid price for two day, one-time event! 

Separation Anxiety Workshop, Sept. 19th 7-9 PM Toronto:


RIP Caesar Hiddema-Osborne. Nigel and Krista have a wonderful message to send, on the passing of their beautiful boy Caesar.

Ten extraordinary Harvey rescues here:

We have lost little Hajar. He only lived a few weeks, but in that time, he charmed people across the entire world. Rest in peace, darling little one. Giant hugs to Momma-Dana, on the loss of her dearest baby boy.

Harsh week. I am no longer going to use the words "climate change". Let's call it what it is: CLIMATE CRISIS.  Irma is twice the size of Andrew; and there's been 3 epic hurricanes, in what, 3 weeks? I invite every last one of you to think of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint. Just as with animal advocacy, we cannot count on governments to do it all (not that they're doing much re: environment, but I digress...) We must step up too, individually, as families, as communities. We have to find ways to reduce our consumption -- scientists agree: air and road travel, beef consumption, and (too many) children. Really, the planet just can't take it. And make no mistake about it:  planet will win, not the humans. And don't even get me started on fresh water... 

So please do think on it ... and talk to your families and friends. The issues and needs are dire. m.