September 17, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

It was really great to hear from Traci Dawson,, and Denise Angus, this week, upon their return from disaster relief in the US. 

It appears that lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina, were definitely benefiting the latest mass-scale relief efforts in Houston and Florida. Much of the southern US states of course, has a seriously horrendous problem with heartworm positive, un-neutered stray animals (...I'm told ONE MILLION in Houston alone) ... so we can expect the disaster relief efforts to be ongoing for months, with a con-commitant need for additional second responders. Stay tuned! 

Meanwhile, the good news this time around, is that pets were welcomed in emergency shelters, and pets got a lot more air-time (read: empathy) on broadcast news. So heartening not to see people refused rescue because of their pets. Could it be that society has turned a corner on the subject  -- levelling the playing field for animals and humans? Could it be that media is waking up to the fact that people really want much more coverage of animals? Hm? 

The initial call to action to "empty local shelters" everywhere, was a really smart move on the larger agencies' parts... encouraging people to empty local shelters everywhere of adoptable dogs, so that room could be made for the next wave of animals from Houston and Florida.

It's clear that a lot of working relationships have been formed in the last 12 years between shelters, rescuers, and the larger organizations spearheading animal rescue in disaster situations. While we still see many policy differences across and between the myriad stakeholders, there does appear to be more unity and less territorialism when it comes to mass-scale rescue. Hallelujah. Animals first; agenda second.

Of course, partnerships between agencies, shelters, rescuers, are all relationship-driven. Hurricane Katrina gave many animal stakeholder groups the chance to work together, and bond. We are now seeing the benefits of this formative work, and these initial relationships, maturing and developing into a new model where more groups are actively and collaboratively working together, and more animals are getting more qualitative assessments, and benefitting from best (re-homing) practices, as a result!  

How does this apply to Canada? First, let's all be mindful that good working relationships are key to all civic movements. Second, C4P is going to do some research into the best practices and positive results of these latest disaster responses, and will put together a list of best practices for us to use and share.

It's only a matter of time until it happens here. It's been happening in B.C. and Alberta - fires are different from floods, mind, but we really do need new systems in place for mass evacuation (read domestics, farm animals, wildlife) situations. Cause the planet isn't getting any cooler. 

Speaking of... I'd be interested to hear from readers on your own (re-doubled) efforts to mitigate CLIMATE CRISIS, and reduce our individual carbon footprints. Cause we are well beyond "climate change". And we cannot rely on government. We all have a responsibility to effect change. Think on that, for more than a moment...

So, a) what are YOU actively doing at the individual level to mitigate climate crisis, and b) what are you actively doing at the macro/community/educational level to mitigate same? to hear from you...

BREAKING NEWS & Zoocheck allowed to join Vancouver Aquarium lawsuit! Yay them! 

Guadalajara says goodbye to horse-drawn carriages! (Thanks Lawrence Pinsky for posting):

Heads up Canada! "... for species with diminishing populations, the average loss was 83% of their population..."


Last call for Holly's Hope (virtual) Walk for Farm Animals Fundraiser! Founded in May 2012, HOLLY'S HOPE is a registered company whose purpose is to produce events which raise funds for, and awareness of, animals in need. This is our annual event for Ontario's Farm Sanctuaries. Click on this link and take a look at some of the animals' profiles. Many of these are personal friends of mine...the animals, AND the people care-taking them! Please donate a few dollars, if you can!


Here's something you DON'T have to do, re: climate crisis -- serious heads up people, STOP buying stuff you don't need!


Coyote Education evening: Wednesday, September 27th, 6:45 PM, 129 Waverley Road Baptist Church, Toronto ... With the recent increase of coyote sightings and incidents in the Beach(es) community, a free community event will be held with a panel of experts and panel support, to help us better understand Coyote behaviours through an educational format presented by:
Nathalie Karvonen / Toronto Wildlife Centre Education
Lesley Sampson / Coyote Watch Canada
Mary Lou Leiher / Toronto Animal Services
via video: Nathaniel Erskine-Smith / MP Beaches - East-York
Dr. Nigel Skinner / Kew Beach Veterinary Hospital 
Officer Jon Morrice / TPS 55 Division
(more panel members being confirmed)
There will be a short Q&A session open to attendees, so please come prepared with questions.  Though your in-person attendance is preferred, it is intended (though I can't guarantee) to have a Facebook Live stream in  The Beaches, Toronto Facebook group  as well for those in the community not able to attend due to scheduling conflicts. Please confirm your attendance by clicking "going" at the top of the  event page , to help us prepare in advance for handouts and refreshments.


Remember Steve Irwin? His son Robert Irwin is all grown up, and has become an award-winning photographer. These are truly stunning photos...enjoy!

Thanks Andrea Vannater for sharing! Love it! 

C4P Special Needs Petsitting is taking Xmas bookings! Yes, sorry, truly, but it's around the corner, and want to advise we book early! Looking forward to our annual X-mast puppy-jam! 

Speaking of special needs, here's our Darling Pinky, in pyjamas, to help her not focus on a recent lick-granuloma... lightweight material, in consideration of high temperatures...We love our PinkyWinks! Thanks Leslie Cockwell for haute couture outfit!!!! xo!


All together now...DISASTER PREPAREDNESS! What's your plan??? Now's the time to give it MORE THAN serious thought... 

For my brother Noel today, with love. m&s