September 24, 2017

Dear Animal Lovers, Advocates, Rescuers & Activists:

I think we could all use a little hopeful piece on world citizenship:


Owners who abandoned pets during Hurricane Irwa will face prosecution - AMEN! intervenes with province once again... 
Province not properly protecting endangered species, rights group argues...


Seriously. I couldn't choke down bacon, or beef, or a bird, or a fish, if I tried. imho, it would be the most horrible betrayal of all things I hold dear (read: life. any life. all lives.) I mean, you wouldn't eat your pet dog, right?

So why love one and eat the other? ...Doesn't make sense.

Plant based diets are LIFE-SAVING. Meats are full of drugs, pesticides, and horrible, horrible karma. You ARE what you eat. I didn't invent that. You know that meat products are bad for you, bad for the planet, and horrific for the animals concerned.. Make the conscious choice for more compassionate living: more compassion for your own individual body; more compassion with respect to the animals who are forced to surrender their lives up FOR YOU; more compassion for the planet. 

Just sayin'. 


Only slightly off topic...this rescuer absolutely NEEDS black a/o red salt.
Next time you are in your local specialty shop(s), could you keep an eye out for this brand of salt, either red or black? Seriously, I' across Ontario to get some, lol! NEED.MY.SALENERO!


Speaking of Dogs is looking for calendar photos! We need a few more calendar photos everyone! Please get those cameras clicking and send your photos to we have some great summer photos but would love some September photos if possible - perhaps a back drop of mums or pumpkins or black-eyed Susans would be amazing! All photos submitted make the calendar! Thanks all! Get clicking!



I watched this documentary on animal parenting last week "  Animal Super Parents ", when a friend brought it to my attention. It was absolutely fascinating! If you've got 52 minutes to spare, you will LOVE IT! 

By Brian Bethune. Awesome read..." To me this notion of nature's rights has the potential to spur a transformation of our ethics, laws and most importantly our behaviours, in a way that results in a sustainable future not just for humans but for the rest of creation." (thanks Antonia Zerbisias for posting):

The biggest Mistake Pet Owners Make at the End  (thanks Juli Kaiss for posting): 

Six reasons NOT to clean up the yard this Fall -- bees, butterflies, birds, ladybugs, insects and peeps! 


Here's a lovely update from Denise Angus, rescuer extraordinaire,, on her trip to the South to help with Houston animals...

A team of 7 - Shawn Witzell, Rob Greig, Alex McKay,   Tim Alamenciak, Curtis Cluett, F rankie Waite and Denise Angus took the 5000 km trip to Houston, Texas to help aid the overwhelm of local rescues in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. They were supported back in Toronto by Katherine Wellman, Jenna Walker and Nicole Simone who managed all the logistics required to ensure the dogs had a safe place to land when their journey was complete.

Houston covers 600 square miles, and though it can be challenged, it's said there are between 500,000 and 1 million stray pets on the streets. Whatever the number, there's a lot of pets without homes and Houstonians are always working towards lowering the stray pet population. Then Hurricane Harvey roared though Houston amplifying the amount of pets without homes, with even fewer Houstonians in a position to adopt.  

In order to make room for displaced dogs in Houston to have a safe place to land until being reunited with their families, Redemption Paws, a Toronto based registered not for profit corporation, returned to Toronto September 11, after a 5 day round trip journey with 39 dogs that were already in shelter/rescue long term. Some deemed unadoptable in Texas due to special needs.  Redemption Dogs worked with Houston based rescue,  Hot Mess Pooches to coordinate the dogs that would be returning to Toronto. 

Redemption Paws through incredibly generous donations from the public and organizations such as  Toronto Humane  Society, was also able to fill their 4 vans before leaving Toronto full of humanitarian aid and pet supplies that was delivered to Houston residents in need.

Through partnership with Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Welland Humane Society, and Tri-County Humane Society, all dogs received routine medical care, which included spays/neuters. Though not legally required, all dogs were placed into quarantine for 10 days as mandated by Redemption Paws Board of Directors, to allow the dogs to decompress from their hurricane experience and journey - allow for an opportunity to observe their personalities - and ensure any illnesses are treated before they join our Toronto dog population with their new families.

Applications for  adoption are now being accepted and the dogs are slowly being added to the  Redemption Paws websiteRedemption Paws, founded by Nicole Simone, hopes to aid more dogs in the future in the   face of natural disasters in Canada or if once again needed in the US.

(Ed note: talk about teamwork! Holy smokes! Well done to all!)

Please, everyone, join in the universal vibe for good. Really, truly, seriously, fervently. We all need to adjust our mindsets to more positive, compassionate living, on ALL fronts, 24/7. 

Let's channel all that horrifying 45 energy radically differently, yeah?