March 4, 2018

Hello rescue friends and colleagues!  I've missed you!  How've you all been?

I've gotten a fair few messages from you all these past weeks, and just wanted you to know that I appreciate your kindnesses more than I can say. Many have told me that you miss the newsletter (I hear you, and I do too...) but holy smokes, has it opened up TIME for me!

For the last 3 months, I honestly have been nothing but  research, research, and research, and  writing, writing, and more writing (on top of my two day jobs, of course, lol...) What's  cramping my style at the moment  is, I'm trying to finish my first (and only) business book, focused the media side of my life. It's about 2/3 done and I'm just itching to finish it and get it out there so that a) it can create some passive income to fund...b) my first animal book. Stay tuned. I seem to have hellfire within me right now, so really it's just a matter of time, and I don't think too far into the future! For those of you with X Y Z Gen kids/grand-kids, please note it's all about the future of employment, dealing with the gig economy, and finding out where the jobs of the future will be...I'll announce it's release through this network when the time comes.

Meanwhile, I don't know if you're all aware of the MULTITUDE of new health documentary series flooding the web. I've referenced a few of them in previous newsletters. They are all centered around the health of the human biome, the development of human illness(es), and the prevention and reversal of chronic disease. For those of you interested, the series are: 

- The Truth About Cancer (can't say enough good things about this work)

- The Truth About Pet Cancer (read it and weep)

- The Broken Brain

- IThrive (the truth about obesity and diabetes)

- Healing Miracle (Stem Cells - omg  I cannot WAIT to do stem cell treatment on myself, coming early 2010)

- AutoImmune Secrets (friggin' brilliant)

- Essential Oils (see notes below - be MINDFUL & DILIGENT)

- The Sacred Plant (CBD oils/tinctures) (again, be MINDFUL & DILIGENT)

- The Hormone Project (Jenn Pyke)

Please note: there is an absolute RUN on essential oils right now, for humans and animals. Hear me when I say that there is NOT enough research done (nor even a decent body of anecdotal evidence) on the animal side. I've heard of some animals dying from effects of (certain) essential oils being diffused in homes -- Didn't grab the source at the time to give to you (sorry, remiss on my part), but suffice it to say, people are getting on the Essential Oils bandwagon in droves (myself included). 

There are two important things I want to convey regarding my (relatively limited knowledge of...and believe me, I'm researching...) essential oils: 

a) The first and most critical is, DO NOT take anyone's "word for it" and use essential oils on your pets without doing 100% diligence on the research. Don't be lazy, or half-assed. If you're not prepared to do the research and go deep into it, you're not prepared to administer ANYTHING safely to your pet. This is not something to play around with, and you don't want to learn the hard way (on the backs of your pets). 

b) There's a Canadian supplier that is promoting the use of/selling CBD tincture for pets, and many advocates are actually promoting it, and that's fine. But the company concerned did not bother to respond to my inquiries regarding safety protocols, extraction processes, and individual batch testing (A "MUST"). If they're not prepared (or ABLE TO) address these topics, a person cannot use their product with 100% certainty. No package inserts, and $100 a bottle. You tell me... God(s) bless us all, we're all looking for miracle cures (myself included). But (wait for it...) as Mother would say, "don't be REAL stupid". The health spectrum "pendulum" has been, and is swinging, away from western practices into holistic practices. That's good news. The bad news is, it's early days. The pendulum is swinging hard into holistic, but that same pendulum needs time to balance and swing towards centre. Basically, imho, we're about 5-10 years away from really knowing what we're doing with holistics, esp essential oils. So keep learning, do your research, and ... be patient and exercise temperance. The truth is coming out. Like a fine bottle of (organic) wine (too much alc being the root cause of dementia AKA Diabetes Type 3...), the topic needs to "breathe". It's an evolving science, and we all need to be respectful and mindful of this growing science...

Now, here's why I'm publishing today... There's a series of special events coming up in Toronto  this coming season, that I wanted to make you aware of in case you're looking for new markets to extend your pet care products/services is holding a series of local, neighbourhood-friendly events that will be showcasing Pet Care Services and Pet Product Suppliers. Attendance is free for visitors; the neighbourhoods chosen are vibrant, pet friendly and affluentIt's a fun, market-style experience for vendors and guests; lots of food for pets and humans, tons of samples, giveaways/prizes, and, expert Speakers.

The Park and Bark events are  different to the usual pet "street events" : they are local in nature, more intimate, and offer closer engagement with customers. The reason C4P will be participating is because the organizers assure me they are focused on showcasing innovations for pets, and, in particular, holistic practitioners/suppliers. I also plan to participate as a speaker - with a focus on special needs pets, of course!  

Lyle Goodis is Executive Producer of the Park & Bark Dog Shows.   Cell: 416 471 8368  Email:    He is offering the C4P Animal Rescue Network practitioners and suppliers a 10% discount until March 14th . Let him know you are a member of the C4P Advocacy Network (and be sure to copy me to let me know your organization is participating!) MY intent here, is to build and showcase the latest in pet innovations and pet resources... 

Any questions, don't hesitate to call! I'm psyched about this. I think it's going to be a truly qualitative event.

Good essay and story here. James Cromwell suggests what's needed is community activism. Vive la r√©sistance! 

The right to walk the earth in peace and dignity...Thanks Cameron O'Steen for sharing... 

Come find me at Park and Bark! Keep the faith! Do your research! 

mitch avec stella.