November, 2018

Hellooooo everyone!  

Quite a few things have been happening Chez C4P, that I wanted to update you on. Cancelling the newsletter last year was like jumping off a cliff. I so appreciate everyone's kind comments, as well as your understanding of my need to move on to other projects.

The best result from no longer publishing the newsletter, is that I was able to convert that time into writing my first book. It's a business self-help book, called Careers AF!   I converted all of mediaINTELLIGENCE's career coaching product into millennial speak (that was fun!). It's due out later this year, through Friesen Press. By writing the book, I can finally remove myself from career coaching, let the book replace me, and free myself up to write my next book... That being said, most readers on this list won't need Careers AF! But ... your kids and grandkids might well use the help with their careers! I'll send out a notice when it's available online...

In January 2019, I will move onto my first non-fiction animal book. It will be devoted to best practices in domestic animal rescue. It's already written, but will take months to edit and publish. Planned release late 2019.  Stay tuned; lots going on over here, animal-wise! 


Speaking of ...


Am super happy to announce that I've partnered with EduCanine and am giving a "Special Needs Webinar" next's info:
Taking care of a dog with special needs can be a daunting task! Join EduCanine in a webinar with M. Michelle Nadon from C4P Animal Rescue, where we will discuss how pet professionals can assist dogs who need special physical, mental and/or emotional caregiving due to old age and/or medical issues. Learn how to enrich fragile do gs' lives, and provide qualitative support for special needs pets!
Webinar takes place Wednesday, November 14th, at 7:00 PM. 
Reserve your spot today!

It was an awesome exercise, not to mention an honour,  to put this webinar together. I truly  hope you'll sign up and participate!

Quality of Life: Stella et al...

Girlie had a fine, fine summer, filled with activities, dog and cat friends, adventures, and her favourite peeps. Last winter was quite harsh with her arthritis/degenerative joint disease. I made a conscious decision to increase her veterinary care this year and get ahead of her geriatric needs. Stella is now also under the care of Midtown Mobile Veterinary Hospice Services:  MMVHS  (awesome team! awesome supports!) Stell is truly getting the best of care. And she's doing well! Am planning a Huffington Post editorial on hospice services sooner than later... soon as the book is off my desk and I have time to devote to finalizing that particular editorial...Will also shoot you out a hotlink when the time comes... 

BTW, have you all heard about Dr. Alice Villalobos' awesome "Quality of Life Scale"? Honestly, check out this article, and download the PDF and share liberally with anyone you know who has a geriatric pet--it's a real education!  

C4P Special Needs Pet Boarding

We had a truly wonderful summer season, hosting special needs animals here. 

Photo Credit: Kate McG Photography

Stella and I took care of Marley and Hero Chihuahuas for a number of weeks this summer. Bestill my heart! They weren't really "special needs animals" (for once) in that they are both young and healthy. But they were in dire need of a place to stay due to a family upset. I have to tell you, they are the most fun I've had in years. Hero is the little b/w one. Just a lovey. Would "moon" at me all day, everyday. Marley is the little red one. He's more of an action guy, as in: SQUIRREL! He'd fly across the yard just like a rabbit. It was truly wonderful to witness the boys chasing each other endlessly and playing together in the yard. It absolutely broke my heart to hand them back over to their family, when the time came, but hopefully I'll see them again for boarding over a vacation or something. I promised them that we would be best.friends.forever. 

Please download this flyer on your desktops, and have my coordinates at hand if you know of a special needs pet that may benefit from qualitative in-home boarding.


Really hoping some of you will be interested in attending next week's  webinar on "special needs pets".  

Get in touch anytime, with any animal issues. Our community is absolutely astounding ... specialists on every topic, on all things animal. 

Stay well! mitch & stella