April 22, 2020
Executive Director's Message
League News

With businesses shut down throughout the state, taxes and fees are coming in well below what cities were counting on, leaving city leaders with fewer dollars to pay for police officers, firefighters, and other basic services. At the same time, cities are still finding ways to deliver not only the traditional core services to residents, but also necessary COVID-19 response efforts. 

The League submitted comments to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regarding their staff proposal for Rule 20 Program Reform and Enhancements. The CPUC Rule 20 Program lays out guidelines and procedures for undergrounding overhead electric facilities. Notably, Rule 20A provides cities with work credit allocations that can be used to fund undergrounding projects that meet certain criteria.

The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery released its revised draft of the SB 1383 regulatory text, and the final identified list of documents it relied upon for the rulemaking, for a 30-day public review and comment period. Cities are encouraged to comment by May 20.

Opportunities for Cities

Affordable apartments for low-income families and seniors in Fremont, Huntington Beach, Palm Springs, Riverside, Salinas, and San Jose are getting a facelift and funding with tax-exempt multi-family affordable housing bonds issued by the California Statewide Communities Development Authority.

More News and Events
Serving on the League board of directors is an opportunity for you to be a statewide leader shaping state policy and the actions of the organization. The League is currently accepting applications from city officials interested in serving on the board in one of six at-large positions or as second vice president.

The city partnered with a private company to develop an innovative, convenient, and inexpensive ride-share service that improves access to critical daily amenities for residents, especially youths and seniors who rely on transit. 

League in the News

Cities have varying levels of technological capabilities and access to efficient broadband, said Kayla Woods of the League of California Cities. "Basically overnight, to protect the health and safety of city staff and residents, they transformed traditional public meetings at city hall into virtual conferences," Woods said.

“While these resources are much needed and will help the six California cities eligible to receive this direct aid, Covid-19 is not just a crisis for big cities, it is an every city problem,” Coleman said in an email. “All of our cities are experiencing revenue shortfalls and increases in costs due to Covid-19, and we cannot afford for any of our cities to be left behind.”

An interview with League Executive Director Carolyn Coleman was featured in this podcast.