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Cities should join the League in opposing changes that would place new liability on cities and make it harder for local governments to recover from wildfire disasters.
Cities have until Aug. 27 to review and comment on the new cannabis regulation proposed by the Bureau of Cannabis Control.
This milestone energizes the League’s work, reflecting on past successes and looking forward to new opportunities that will serve member cities.
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Proposals Due Aug. 20

The League is soliciting session proposals and speakers for the 2019 Planning Commissioner’s Academy, which is scheduled for March 6-8 in Long Beach. 
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Oct. 4
Central Valley Division CitiPAC Golf Tournament, Diablo Grande

Oct. 8

Nov. 7–10
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Are you interested in making a difference for cities by serving in a national leadership position? Request an endorsement from the League board for a position on the National League of Cities board.

The California Statewide Communities Development Authority announced the issuance of $5,000,000 in tax-exempt bonds for Monte Vista Christian School located in Watsonville.