League News
Congress is about to consider legislation that gives the wireless industry authority to install small cell wireless equipment on tax-payer funded property without local input or fair compensation for access.
The League successfully reached an agreement on AB 1912, the bill that would have jeopardized the fiscal stability of cities in Joint Powers Authorities.
Senate President pro Tem Toni Atkins and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon recently convened a joint conference committee to work on the complex issues related to wildfires.  
Education and Conferences

The League City Attorneys’ Department is holding a webinar that will explain the Janus decision, SB 866, and the key steps public employers in California need to take to be in compliance on Aug. 2.

Do you need to complete your state-mandated sexual harassment prevention training?
Join the League and the Institute for Local Government for a webinar training on Aug. 16.    
July 19
Inland Empire/Desert Mountain CitiPAC Gala, Ontario

Aug. 2

Aug. 16

Aug. 19
North Bay Division Bocce Tournament, Yountville
Sept. 12
CitiPAC Leadership Reception, Long Beach

Sep. 1214

Oct. 8
Riverside CitiPAC Golf Tournament, Beaumont

Oct. 11
Central Valley Division CitiPAC, Patterson
News and Events

The League formally adopted its statewide drone policy during its June Board of Directors meeting. The new policy will serve as a roadmap for a drone regulatory structure that works for cities and local law enforcement. 
The Seismic Safety Commission wants city officials to help their local businesses prepare for the next natural disaster. City leaders are in a unique position to help communicate risk to their business communities and encourage them to take action that will help their business as well as the resiliency of the entire community following a natural disaster.
SoCalGas will award grants of $50,000 each to two municipalities to support local planning efforts to prepare for climate-change risks. Applications are due Aug. 15.