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State and local agencies will begin to see a revenue boost following the signing of AB 147 (Burke), which expands the collection of millions in state sales and use taxes from out-of-state sales via the implementation of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair.
The League has issued a number of action alerts in both opposition and support of the most high priority bills, and needs your help in ensuring the Legislature hears the voices of California cities.
Last week, a number of League hot bills moved through committee hearings. The League has provided a list of bills in the Legislature with important impacts to cities, and the League's position on them.
Opportunities for Cities

The League hosted a SB 2 Planning Grant webinar for cities to learn how they can receive funding and technical assistance to update their general plan, community plan, specific plan or local coastal plan.

Infrastructure Week is a national week of education and advocacy that unites American businesses, workers, elected leaders, and everyday citizens to host events, tour infrastructure projects and raise critical issues in the press and on social media to highlight the state of our nation’s infrastructure — roads, bridges, rail, ports, airports, water and sewer systems, the energy grid, smart cities and more.
Conferences & Education

Attend the Mayors & Council Members Executive Forum in Newport Beach, June 19 – 20 to participate in several educational sessions that highlight effective communication tactics and innovative approaches to challenges facing cities and their leaders.
 June 24

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Oct. 16 – 20
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Some of League's priority bills are being heard in committees this week.

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