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2020 California Economic Summit
The Reinvention of Higher Education:
Rebuilding Our Workforce Amid COVID-19

Before you head out for the holidays, please enjoy these video excerpts of the Dec. 4 California Economic Summit session The Reinvention of Higher Education: Rebuilding Our Workforce Amid COVID-19, co-hosted by Futuro Health’s Van Ton-Quinlivan and Lumos Capital Group’s Victor Hu.

To make it easier to access the information you need, we edited the session recording to create individual videos of each panel participant:

Mikyung Ryu, Ph.D., Director, Research Publications, National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

“The huge gap in community college enrollment is especially troubling, which could drive the risk of greater inequities if we do not find ways to address college access gaps quickly.”

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Dave Clayton, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Consumer Insights, Strada Education Network

“Among aspiring adults who want to enroll [in additional education]… only 18% strongly agree it will be worth the cost.”

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Marc P. Singer, Ed.D., Dean, School of Undergraduate Studies, Golden Gate University

“We’re seeing a definite shift away from people being interested in full degree programs… [now] we’re looking at certificates and shorter-term credentials.”

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Sunita “Sunny” Cooke, Ph.D., President/Superintendent, MiraCosta Community College District

“Community colleges do not serve one goal… [students] come here for a variety of goals, from skills to a degree to a job... It’s important to realize that one size does not fit all when it comes to community colleges….”

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Katie Nielson, Ph.D., Chief Education Officer, Voxy

“If you can unpack the requirements for those [college] degrees and make them stackable and remove the barriers to access, you can increase enrollments….”

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Deborah Nankivell, CEO, Fresno Business Council

“More people today realize if you don’t start at the table as a citizen…you’re a stakeholder. If you want transformation, become a citizen first and figure out how you can help achieve North Star goals.”

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Byron Auguste, CEO and co-founder of Opportunity@Work

“Competency-based education hits a wall without skills-based hiring. You need companies to be willing to hire based on skills and to hire on an inclusionary basis for competency-based education to actually deliver the goods.”

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It was great connecting with you during the Summit. We hope the information shared during the session has been useful to your organization.

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