Last Thursday, the California Department of Housing and Community Development released a new Statewide Housing Plan that finds that California needs to build 2.5 million new homes by the end of the decade to meet its housing needs. Of the total, one million need to be targeted to lower-income households. 
The plan, which was developed after a series of listening sessions and public surveys, lays out three strategies:
  • Keep Californians in their homes by preserving existing affordable homes
  • Produce more affordable and climate-smart housing without displacing existing residents
  • Continue to act with urgency to address homelessness and housing needs
What is really unique about the plan is that it is virtual and includes a data strategy and a data dashboard to help users dig into housing conditions and costs, housing needs, and housing production. Check it out here:

Statewide Housing Plan Landing Page (contains links to all other documents and resources associated with this plan)