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The University is now offering grants for projects that promote the emotional, physical, social, financial, professional, environmental or spiritual wellness of the UCSF community. Apply with your idea by Sept. 30 »

The implantable bioartificial kidney could one day free patients from dialysis machines and transplant waiting lists.

The pandemic has accelerated the retirement of older nurses and delayed the hiring of less experienced ones.

Despite an increase in square footage, UCSF buildings reduced annual carbon emissions by two metric tons of CO2 equivalent.

Just Married at UCSFFatima and Jeff were married in a beautiful ceremony at UCSF Medical Center. Fatima was seven months pregnant and was hospitalized after her water broke early. The couple have been together for 12 years and planned to get married last year, but COVID-19 interfered with their wedding plans. On Aug. 10, the Antepartum Unit staff decorated the courtyard, served cake and apple cider and even threw confetti for the happy couple, as family and friends watched over video from Nicaragua, Mexico, Miami and California. See more photos »  
Crowdfund for Afghan scholars: UCSF is helping to secure safe passage for two Afghan scholars and support them with a successful transition to UCSF. Our community is raising funds for their tuition, room and board, and legal expenses. Learn about how you can join this effort »

Celebrate Constitution Day: On Sept. 17, the United States pauses to commemorate the drafting of its Constitution. We invite all members of the University community to join us in making, or renewing, your acquaintance with this extraordinary document. Take time to reflect on our nation’s history »
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Turn on that playlist. Music is a great tool for keeping your brain engaged through the aging process. Listening to music can reduce blood pressure, pain, and anxiety and improve mental alertness, memory, sleep quality, and mood. Visit for more wellbeing tips and resources.
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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, its more important than ever to get your flu shot.