August 2021

  • PD/GWSS Advisory Task Force Welcomes New Members
  • PD/GWSS Board Spring Newsletter Now Online
  • California Establishes Quarantine to Keep Out Spotted Lanternfly
PD/GWSS Advisory Task Force Welcomes New Members

The Pierce’s Disease Advisory Task Force is composed of County Agricultural Commissioners, scientists, and agricultural experts. The purpose of the Task Force is to provide guidance to the PD/GWSS Board and CDFA Secretary on the control and management of Pierce’s disease.

New members include:
  • Tracy Cleveland, Napa County Agricultural Commissioner
  • Glenn Fankhauser, Kern County Agricultural Commissioner
  • Alyssa Houtby, California Citrus Mutual
  • Martin Mochizuki, Mochizuki and Associates, Inc.
  • Dr. Neil McRoberts, University of California, Davis
PD/GWSS Board Summer Newsletter Now Online

  • PD/GWSS Board Funds 12 New and Seven Continuing Research Projects (page 1)

  • On the Research Front (page 3):

  • Virus-based Delivery of Interfering RNAs Targeting Grapevine Leafroll-Associated Virus(es) and Associated Mealybugs

  • Improving Extension Outcomes: Identifying Drivers and Barriers to Adoption of Management Practices Using Leafroll and Red Blotch Disease as Model Systems

  • Characterization of the Lipopolysaccharide-mediated Response to Xylella fastidiosa (Xf) Infection in Grapevine

  • Practical Tips for Managing Grapevine Red Blotch Virus (page 4)
A state exterior quarantine has been declared to prohibit the introduction of the spotted lanternfly (SLF) into California. The quarantine prohibits the entry into California of SLF, its host plants, and a variety of articles, including conveyances, originating from any area where an SLF infestation exists. Click to read more about the quarantine.

Spotted lanternfly is a threat to many important commercial crops and affects our enjoyment of the outdoors. The pest feeds on a wide range of plants and trees, with damage seen in vineyards, nurseries, and urban and rural environments. Learn more about the pest and what it looks like in this English video and this Spanish video from the PD/GWSS Board.

Spot the Spotted Lanternfly? Snag it. Snap it. Report it.
CDFA Pest Hotline: 1-800-491-1899
Report online: