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CA4Health created this podcast to talk with leaders that are advancing Health, Justice, and Racial Equity. CA4Health understands that social movements should be inclusive, authentic and brave, and that no single person or entity can do it alone. Throughout the series we will feature partners working on upstream issues impacting communities and discuss how inequities intersect, connections to health, and the value of expanding community and equity centered approaches across multiple sectors. Listeners will learn from others working to build agency, inclusiveness, and power to drive change and create more just and equitable outcomes.  
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Participatory Budgeting
with Kristania De Leon
Co-Executive Director, Participatory Budgeting Project 
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Episode 2 on Reproductive Health and Justice coming August 10th
CA4Health launched another 21-Day Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenge in June 2022. A total of 344 individuals registered, reaching an additional 407 individuals through group discussions including those facilitated by CA4Health or individual leaders. Over 60 different entities were represented with the largest portion being local public health departments, followed by local and state nonprofits, and staff working in local or state government across California and other states. All individuals who participated in the challenge and completed the evaluation reported an increase in confidence to discuss racial equity and social justice issues. 
To date, CA4Health has reached 3000+ individuals through hosting the 21-Day Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenge and facilitating interactive discussions.  
Here are a few takeaways we heard from recent Challenge participants: 

  • “Taking time regularly to consider equity issues helps to create an equity lens that I can more consistently apply to my work and my life”.  
  • “Racial inequity is everywhere even in the things we never stopped to pay attention to”. 
  • “I learned the difference between non-racist and anti-racist and the important distinction between the two. It was eye-opening, shocking, and heartbreaking to see all of the information presented this way. Racism is like a stubborn weed rooted in so many different aspects of our society - healthcare, education, housing, the "justice" system, etc. So quiet but so blatant if you look for it. I started with a base understanding of the historically broken institutional structures in the US and leave feeling both, more discouraged about it, and with a better understanding of how I can personally take action to help change it”.  
ENACT DAY 2022 Follow Up
ENACT Day 2022 Planning Committee
On April 27 and April 28, partners celebrated the 18th Annual ENACT Advocacy Day. Over 100+ individuals came together virtually from all over California to share their lived experiences and advocate on ENACT priorities. Participants met with offices whose members serve on various committees in which ENACT bills go through. There were a total of 20 successful legislative advocacy meetings this year focused around 10 bill proposals/budget requests. Throughout our time together we heard stories from local/state advocates, leaders in the community, public health and community-based organizations, and speakers that shared how issues intersect and provided additional context for the policy agenda. 

HERE are updates from proposals we focused on during ENACT Day 2022.

Resources for Collaboration and Power Sharing Between Government Agencies and Community Power-Building Organizations
This suite of resources is intended to guide health departments and other government agencies and CPBOs through the why and how to collaborate and share power. We offer activities to build internal capacity and lay the groundwork for partnership, tips for establishing trusting relationships with CPBO partners, and tools and practices for sharing power.

Learn more HERE.
New Report Highlights Importance of Supporting Community-Based Organizations and Public Health Departments During COVID and Beyond

Supporting Communities and Local Public Health Departments During COVID-19 and Beyond: A Roadmap for Equitable and Transformative Change, a report released by the Public Health Alliance of Southern California in July 2022, offers policy, program, and resource recommendations and best practice examples to ensure that local public health departments are adequately prepared to protect communities most vulnerable to the health and socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19 as well as future public health emergencies. 
Read the report HERE.
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