May 2019 E-Newsletter
May is National Older American’s Month.
Today, we have technologies such as PERs and mPERS to help older persons live healthy independent lives longer.
Join Us next week at the CAA Palm Springs Convention!
Join Us Next Week at the CAA Palm Springs Convention as a FREE GUEST of GMS! Are you a Dealer or Integrator but not a member of a Local, State, or National Industry Association or Organization? No Problem! Come as our guest and learn why industry involvement is vital to your business and its success.
Are you a GMS Dealer and planning on heading to the CAA Convention? Act now to RSVP to the entire Convention as well as get your First Night’s Hotel Stay* (1 Room) for free! *Compliments of GMS.
Contact GMS for Details (855) 299-1845
GMS is not responsible for any additional accrued fees.
Make sure to contact both CAA and GMS
To Register for the Convention, Call the CAA office at 800-437-7658 or fill out the following Dealer Registration Form
VIDEO MONITORING - GMS and SureView Systems Immix®   CS
Immix® CS is designed to help us, help you, delivering new and existing video based services to your customers utilizing advanced features and options providing you unsurpassed tools and services to assist you in increasing your recurring revenue, offering you next generation video monitoring services.

Video Verification
Verify traditional alarm events with associated video to ensure a speedy response while reducing costly false dispatches

Guard Tours
Provide scheduled virtual guard tours, that step operators through each of the relevant onsite cameras. Like all Immix events everything the operator saw, said and did on the tour is audited in the Immix multimedia audit trail

Interactive Video Monitoring
Using intelligent onsite video to proactively detect threats providing operators with the situational awareness to respond appropriately

Remote Access
Provide remote access for employees and authorized personnel to the customer facilities, verified with video and audited in the multimedia audit trail.

Contact GMS Business Development at 800-839-7212 or  to find out more about this value added service from GMS.
Are You Doing All You Can to Prepare for the 3G Sunset?
Are you preparing for the 3G Sunset? If not, we at GMS highly recommend that you start now. Why? For the 2G Sunset, many waited until the last possible moment to make necessary changes which ended up being unnecessarily costly and time consuming to their business...
GMS Tip of the Month - DMP Virtual Keypad App.
A great way to make sure your DMP customers are taking full advantage of their smart home capabilities is by programming their devices to work on a schedule. Encourage users to download the Virtual Keypad App. Share with them the simple process; start with creating a new Favorite, create a Schedule, and assign that Favorite to the Schedule. Just like that, they can automate their smart home system! 
Referral Program
Current and Active Dealer Partners will receive up to $1,000.00 in the form of a credit towards your monitoring invoicing for referring a new dealer to GMS for Monitoring Service Solutions that is not currently a GMS dealer.