Terrace Block D. Rafanelli Vineyard, Dry Creek
2013 William Knuttel Cabernet Sauvignon, Terrace Block D. Rafanelli Vineyard, Dry Creek
275 Cases Produced, $47.50 per 10% off 6 
( we received a five case allocation, be patient it is coming from Ca.  R )
A 100% varietal wine from the hillsides of the appellation, this dances in crisp, upfront acidity and soft texture, showcasing a wealth of juicy blackberry, cranberry and mocha dust flavor. It's robust yet balanced, with a seam of firm tannins that lends both structure and grace.  93 Points Wine Enthusiast
William Knuttel is an award winning winemaker to say the least. He was Winemaker and Vice President at Chalk Hill Winery from 1996 until 2003, a period during which their point scores were off the charts. He was Winemaker at Tria producing Pinot Noir and Zinfandel, again critical acclaim was off the charts. He established the ultra- premium program for single vineyard Pinot Noir and Chardonnay at Saintsbury where the point scores are off the charts. William was kind enough to drop by yesterday and share with us a few of his beautiful single vineyard wines which we will be offering over the next few weeks.
Dry Creek is a tricky place. The soil is gravely and the vines get stressed. When a winemaker knows what he is doing in these conditions, the outcome is usually that of wines with incredible character, complexity and charisma. The 2013 William Knuttel Cabernet Sauvignon, Terrace Block D. Rafanelli Vineyard, Dry Creek is all of that. The front palate is filled with plums, both red and black. The back palate is wild blackberry and boysenberry components. This Cab is big but elegant. We had a variety of cheeses on the table and I could have spent the evening enjoying this Cab with just bits of  cheese, ecstatically (R).  The nuance part is intriguing. Exotic Asian spices usually found in good Burgundy dance though this Cabs long blackberry finish. We do not generally see Cabernet of this quality anywhere near in this price point.
All of the VERY BEST,
Rex and Michele
From Michele:  This is a wine I think all our clients should experience and purchase; the industry calls it a 'must have' or 'outstanding wine'.  It is really that good...we also intend to have him come and do a tasting in early fall...all his wines are phenominal!!  
The Terraces Block of Cabernet Sauvignon was hand harvested, after a spectacularly warm and uneventful growing season yielded modest crops with excellent balance.  As the biggest crop in this vineyard in years, it was harvested later than normal.  For this bottling, areas of the vineyard were isolated and separately crushed into one-ton fermenters.  After 3 days of cold soak, a native fermentation began with wild yeasts.  The cap was punched down three times per day through to the end of fermentation, and then pressed off immediately.  The free run was racked to French oak for 20 months of aging, at which time 12 barrels (six new and six 2-year old) were selected for this single vineyard bottling.  The wine was bottled unfined.
Tasting Notes
This 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon features aromos of blackberry, plum and ripe blueberry, and hints of dry earth and bramble.  Oak and toast mesh completely into the flavors.  The wine's color is dense, and flavors of ripe berry and cherry ride a wave of firm but resolved tannins.  While built for aging, this wine can be enjoyed now with heartier meals.  Alcohol 14.8%
YIELD:     1.7 tons/acre
AGING:  19 months in French oak, 50% new, 50% 2-year-old
COOPERAGE:  Tonnelleries O, Kadar (Taransaud)
TA/pH: 5.6 g/L & 3.78  R.S.:0.08 g/100ml
CASES:  275 (12 x 750,l)
PRESS: 93 Wine Enthusiast

About the label art: 
Designer Jeffrey Caldewey captured William Knuttel's kinetic wine world with Etienne-Jules Marey's 1890 "chrono-photograph," in which multiple exposures are superimposed to show the complete motion of "le coup d'epee."  The image metaphorially highlights the balance, finesse, power and poise valued by the winemaker. 

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