April 2019, Issue 20
Blooming in the Andes...
Sacred Flower of the Incas
& National Flower of Peru
Travel to Peru with CABE!
An International Educational Group Tour
—July 11-23, 2019—
  • Learn about the Peruvian Education System
  • Develop Your Spanish at a High Academic Level
  • Enjoy the Cultural, Linguistic, Historical, and Current Views of Peru

Lima • Ica • Cusco • Trujillo • Machu Pichu
Deadline to sign-up & apply:
•••April 30, 2019•••
Legislative Update
Get updated on the latest legislative news from Sacramento by
CABE's Legislative Lobbyist,
Martha Zaragoza Díaz.
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An Announcement from CABE Partner,
Dual Language Education of New Mexico
Does this quote resonate with you?
Why or Why not?
From the poem, "Still I Rise" by Maya Angelo, Art by Kimothy Joy, Source: We Make History, Huffington Post
Comic Corner
From there to here and here to there,
funny things are everywhere. –Dr. Seuss
Source: The Lighter Side of Teaching by Aaron Bacall, © 2003 Corwin Press