May/June 2019, Issue 21
CABE Congratulates New and Returning Members of the Executive Board of Directors!

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CABE's lobbyist reports on bills co-sponsored by CABE and its partners...
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Project BEST Update: First Administrator Cohort Yields Impressive Results!
One of the goals of CABE's grant, Bilingual Educator Strategic Training (BEST) is to develop administrative leadership for dual language immersion programs.

Dr. Ivannia Soto, Project BEST Coordinator, reports that 63 of 64 participants in Administrator Cohort 1 completed the BEST training, a 98.4% retention rate. Data analyses show statistically significant improvement related to the administrators' familiarity with the English Learner Roadmap and the language needs of students in Dual Immersion programs.
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Could you or someone you know be suffering from Compassion Fatigue?
Medical personnel, social workers, first responders, caregivers and, yes—even educators—can be at high risk for Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder, known as Compassion Fatigue.

—There is help available!—

At these links, you can learn how to recognize the signs of Compassion Fatigue, watch videos, join social media, access resources, and find assistance.

You might also inquire about employee assistance programs provided by your employer.
How to Manage Compassion Fatigue in Caregiving | Patricia Smith, Founder of CFAP | TEDx San Juan Island
"I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent.
Caring for myself is an act of survival."
—Audre Lorde
"Compassion Fatigue is a state experienced by those helping people or animals in distress; it is an extreme state of tension and preoccupation with the suffering of those being helped to the degree that it can create a secondary traumatic stress for the helper." Dr. Charles Figley
Director, Tulane Traumatology Institute
Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project

Search for and request to join closed group: Compassion Fatigue & Resiliency in Professionals

Drowning in Empathy: The Cost of Vicarious Trauma | Amy Cunningham | TEDx San Antonio
Sharing the news, events, conferences, celebrations, and accomplishments
of local CABE Chapters statewide.
As our Chapter Highlight for this issue of CABE Corner, we'd like to share the 4th Quarter Report received from the Chapter 3—CABE of Pepperdine in Region 3, submitted by Chapter President, James De Leo.

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well!

The following is what CABE of Pepperdine has to report for March, April, and May 2019. 

In  March , we held our annual CABE Visionary Alumnus Award Reception at the 2019 CABE Conference in Long Beach, CA. [ Editor's note: See photos below report. ] We honored  Dr. Christopher Arellano , Executive Director of the Teachers Association of Norwalk-La Mirada for all of his accomplishments and had a successful turnout.

In  April , CABE of Pepperdine and CABE Mandarin continued planning for
a Mini-Conference in Fall 2019 . We secured a location and a keynote speaker for the conference, and are in the process of securing workshop presenters. We will continue to hold monthly meetings to discuss logistics, additional planning, and procurement.

CABE of Pepperdine is now in the process of recruiting for a new Chapter Secretary and later in the Fall will start recruiting for a new Chapter President.
We will continue to provide updates, accordingly.

James De Leo
We congratulate CABE of Pepperdine on a successful reception at CABE 2019 and look forward to the mini-conference this Fall! Let us know the conference details when confirmed and we'll be happy to help spread the word! Thank you, James, for sharing your chapter's activities with the CABE Community.
Chapter Leaders: We want to highlight your chapter, too!
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The California Education for a Global Economy Initiative (Proposition 58)

The Unholy Majority

by Tom Atlee

In the red light of sunset, 
few people see 
In our majoritarian system 
the majority don't rule.

In the falling dusk, 
we need to observe more closely 
and keep peeling away the layers 
of this thing we call democracy 
to see inside.

On the first layer of "majority rules" 
we find that 
whoever controls the majority 
(at any given time, on any given issue) 
Success in that game involves 
strategy, manipulation, attack, mobilization, noise...

Meanwhile, there is a deeper layer, 
where there is far less noise 
and less light. 
At that level, 
Those who control the "majority rule" game 
They cultivate majorities and minorities for their own ends 
and reap a bountiful harvest, 
whoever wins the wars.

Deeper yet we find 
the "majority rule" game, itself, 
shapes what is possible and what is not, 
for everyone. 
At this level, 
even those who control the game 
are trapped.

This is where things are stuck. 
This is where change will make a difference. 
The "majority rule" game, itself, 
shapes what is possible and what is not.

Getting unstuck means changing the game. 
Changing the game means understanding the game 
from the outside in.

A friend showed me a key: 
Of all the interests battling in the "majority rule" game, 
the least well served is the general interest, the common good, 
We the People, 
the whole US. 
In fact, lost in vast deep sadness, 
We the People is nothing but a ghost. 
And I don't mean We the Common People. 
I mean We the Everyone, the Whole.

But Why? I said.

Because the majoritarian system is intrinsically adversarial, 
divisive, corrosive of the Whole:

In the competition to control or become a majority, 
each viewpoint and voice can only be heard as a special interest. 
And any general interest 
–health, prudence, compassion, clean air– 
must become a warrior 
and strive noisily for victory against The Dark Side, the Other -- 
or be rendered invisible, 
a dream...

The system demands 
that the whole become parts, 
and that the parts masquerade as the whole -- 
that each special interest act like it is The General Interest.

And the system demands, as well, 
that when a part wins, when it is a majority, 
we acknowledge it as the Whole, as US.

It is all fantasm, 
all a lie, I tell you — 
The Emperor's New Clothes — 
a loudly proclaimed virtual nothing 
that drains into part-isanship 
all the energies and gifts we could use 
to co-discover our wisdom together 
as whole communities, 
as a healed and healthy world.

So the majoritarian system consumes and digests 
the righteous passions of our well-divided interests, 
motivating and shape-shifting and battling 
in its search for majority support 
and thus victory 
and thus the dominance and resources 
of concentrated power controlled by the victor, 
forcing other interests into loser status 
of "minority" 
so they will fight to win back the reins.

And thus the battle rages back and forth.

Or at least seems to.

Meanwhile those who own and benefit from the game itself 
(who support both sides to maintain access to 
the public treasury, 
the natural wealth of The Commons, 
and the game-shaping activity 
of deciding public policy) 
continue to design the game to be losable 
only by the players, 
not the owners, 
and in the process lose their own access to heaven 
for the eye of the needle is far too small 
to admit their heavily laden camels.
Meanwhile the general interest, the common good, not only loses 
but is not even part of the game, part of the conversation, 
except insofar as all sides claim it as theirs.

With "God on our side" 
the partisan parts abscond with the holy whole.

God only knows, 
this won't change 
until the players stop playing the game 
and change it.

And if the Whole could speak, it might well say 
that changing the game is not confined to 
changing the rules of majoritarianism 
so that 
the Rule of the Biggest Part 
is more legitimately seen as 
the Rule of The Whole. 

Changing the game is about enabling the Rule of the Whole.

Changing the game may require helping majoritarianism 
work fairly for real majorities, yes, 
but only as a stepping stone —
because it IS only a stepping stone.

Ultimately, changing the game is not about the majority. 
It is about the real Whole, 
about the wisdom that arises from turning 
towards each other 
instead of against each other 
or away. 
It is about striving 
towards the rule of, by and for The Whole, 
a whole which includes Them 
and Us 

The Rule of the Whole 
is a horizon, an invitation, an adventure. 
We will never reach it, it is not a place to stop. 
It is so deep, so wide, 
so ever-changing into newness 
that we can only live it as a journey 
or a conversation. 
When we seek it, when we travel it, 
when we accept that we are pioneers of life's emergent wisdom, 
we meet each Other 
and we hear 
and are heard 
and new things become possible 
that were never possible before. 
Because when our differences are heard 
our diverse parts discover their kinship 
and their power to dance creatively together.

Then the Whole can find its voice 
and its will.

And it will —
if it is given a form to manifest in, 
if it is given a wiser democratic system, 
one that brings us together 
and taps the font of our buried co-creativity.

The system that holds us in thrall 
is built on not hearing each other 
so that we will remain a 
The system that frees us 
will be built on hearing each other 
so that we can expand 
through each other's eyes and lives 
to see more and become 
ever more truly whole 

So the sacred secret strategy is this: 
The game of the whole 
cannot be won by any part 
but only by the Whole. 
That is the only game.

our hearts, minds and spirits 
dedicate themselves together to create 
not just a world that works for all, 
but the means by which the world can create 
a world that works for all, 
over and over again, 
born from the gifts of all, 
evolving forever from the lives of all 
toward the dreams of all, 
knowing that 
It is All that Matters.

For the sake of the sunrise 
we are called:

We are All. 
In this. 
Reprinted with the author's permission.
Images added by editor.
Tom Atlee, The Co-Intelligence Institute
Wise Democracy Project:
"Evoking and engaging the wisdom and resourcefulness of the whole on behalf of the whole"
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